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Latest Episode: I'm Winning

Apr 10, 2014 Season 10 Episode 19 watch on ABC (Free)

Cristina won't let herself get excited when she is nominated for an award.

Let the Bad Times Roll

May 03, 2012 Season 8 Episode 22

The residents agonize over their upcoming exam results; Arizona's childhood friend needs medical help; the doctors try to help a patient missing one third of his skull; Julia wants to start a family with Mark.
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Grey's Anatomy: Season 8: The Girl with No Name

Apr 19, 2012 Season 8 Episode 20

Richard faces a disturbing realization while visiting Adele.
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Support System

Apr 12, 2012 Season 8 Episode 19

Cristina makes Owen tell her about the intimate details of his affair.
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One Step Too Far

Mar 15, 2012 Season 8 Episode 17

Derek asks Meredith to work with him in neuro again; Catherine Avery (Debbie Allen) comes back to Seattle Grace and takes an interest in Richard; Cristina becomes increasingly suspicious of Owen; Morgan may be falling for Alex.
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Grey's Anatomy: Have You Seen Me Lately?

Feb 16, 2012 Season 8 Episode 15

Amelia arrives at Seattle Grace to beg Derek to help with a case.
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Grey's Anatomy: All You Need Is Love

Feb 09, 2012 Season 8 Episode 14

Callie surprises Arizona with a romantic evening.
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Feb 02, 2012 Season 8 Episode 13

Meredith dreams of what her life would have been.
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Grey's Anatomy: Season 8: Hope for the Hopeless

Jan 19, 2012 Season 8 Episode 12

Richard's 10,000th surgery is a liver transplant for two sisters.
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Grey's Anatomy: Suddenly

Jan 05, 2012 Season 8 Episode 10

Teddy asks Cristina to help with an O.R. patient.
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Dark Was The Night

Nov 10, 2011 Season 8 Episode 9

Teddy is called away on another case, as Henry is brought in for surgery.
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Poker Face

Oct 20, 2011 Season 8 Episode 6

Through Lexie, Meredith tries to get Derek interested in a patient's rare brain tumor; Callie ends up being annoyed when Mark and Arizona finally form a friendship.
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Grey's Anatomy: Loss, Love and Legacy

Oct 13, 2011 Season 8 Episode 5

The residents try to impress Jackson's mother, Catherine Avery.
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Grey's Anatomy: Season 8: What Is It About Men

Oct 06, 2011 Season 8 Episode 4

A stampede at a comic book convention leads to an influx of patients.
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Take the Lead

Sep 29, 2011 Season 8 Episode 3

The chief makes a decision that shocks everyone at Seattle Grace.
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