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Mon May 2 1:00pm
Thriller(Season 10, Episode 7) LIF-E

Eerie patients arrive at the hospital on Halloween, and one of them puts a doctor's welfare at risk. Meanwhile, Derek and Ben team up for a new surgical procedure; and Richard requests that a second-year resident perform his surgery, infuriating Bailey.

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Mon May 2 2:00pm
Two Against One(Season 10, Episode 8) LIF-E

Strife builds between Meredith and Cristina, leading to a shocking betrayal. Elsewhere, Derek advises Jackson to step back and let other doctors tend to his patients; April and Matthew make a big decision; and Ben's return complicates things for Bailey.

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Mon May 2 3:00pm
Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word(Season 10, Episode 9) LIF-E

Callie is stunned to be facing a malpractice suit, so she turns to her dad, who divulges a secret to her. Meanwhile, flashbacks reveal unexpected details about Callie and Arizona's marriage.

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Tue May 3 1:00pm
Somebody That I Used to Know(Season 10, Episode 10) LIF-E

Ben regrets a conversation he had with Derek, fearing it may lead to problems for Bailey. Elsewhere, Cristina finds a friend in Shane; April's wedding plans cause awkwardness for others; and Meredith decides to host Thanksgiving dinner.

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Tue May 3 2:00pm
Man on the Moon(Season 10, Episode 11) LIF-E

April's sister visits and begins to annoy her. Elsewhere, Callie and Arizona put effort into a reconciliation; Matthew and Jackson join forces after they see a devastating accident; and Cristina is urged to live stream video of an operation.

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Tue May 3 3:00pm
Get Up, Stand Up(Season 10, Episode 12) LIF-E

April's wedding day arrives. Meanwhile, Meredith and Cristina continue to clash; Bailey tells Ben how she honestly feels about his return; Shane inserts himself into a perilous situation; and Derek receives a life-changing phone call.

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Tue May 3 4:00pm
Take It Back(Season 10, Episode 13) LIF-E

Alex hears news about his dad and becomes angry. Meanwhile, Derek doesn't keep a promise, leaving Meredith feeling betrayed; Arizona and Callie make a decision about their relationship; and Bailey uncovers the real reason why Ben returned to Seattle.

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Thu May 5 1:00pm
You've Got to Hide Your Love Away(Season 10, Episode 14) LIF-E

A nonfraternization policy is issued to hospital staff in the wake of a complaint, leading the couples to worry about their relationships. Meanwhile, Emma and Owen discuss the future; and Richard asks the residents to research an atypical cancer case.

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Thu May 5 2:00pm
Throwing It All Away(Season 10, Episode 15) LIF-E

Arizona advises a patient who's facing a potential double amputation. Meanwhile, Derek doesn't fulfill a promise to Callie; a baby is abandoned outside of the hospital; and a doctor gets suspended for not adhering to the nonfraternization policy.

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Thu May 5 3:00pm
We Gotta Get Out of This Place(Season 10, Episode 16) LIF-E

Meredith gets an assistant to help with her vein project. Meanwhile, Richard receives a special birthday gift from Bailey when she allows him to scrub in on an extraordinary case; Callie surprises Derek; and a young pregnant mom seeks help from Shane.

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Thu May 5 4:00pm
Do You Know?(Season 10, Episode 17) LIF-E

Cristina envisions two different scenarios for her life based on one crucial decision she faces. Meanwhile, a patient decides whether to live or die.

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Thu May 5 8:00pm
Mama TriedNew(Season 12, Episode 22) ABC

Arizona and Callie clash over Sofia's future. Meanwhile, Alex and April assist a pregnant teenager who's back in the hospital; and Stephanie is unsure about where she stands with Kyle.

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Fri May 6 1:00pm
You Be Illin'(Season 10, Episode 18) LIF-E

The doctors get sick after flu patients flood the hospital. Meanwhile, Derek must deliver an important speech on brain mapping, despite feeling ill; and a new doctor introduces Alex to a different way of practicing medicine.

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Fri May 6 2:00pm
I'm Winning(Season 10, Episode 19) LIF-E

Cristina is nominated for a prestigious award and remains calm amid all of the excitement. Meanwhile, Bailey tries to help a boy who doesn't have an immune system; Derek and Callie use a machine that recognizes emotions; and Richard delivers a pep talk.

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Fri May 6 3:00pm
Go It Alone(Season 10, Episode 20) LIF-E

Pressure mounts for Derek both at work and home. Meanwhile, Meredith helps Cristina write an acceptance speech in case she wins an award; April and Jackson are at odds over big marital issues; and Callie and Arizona attempt to reestablish their bond.

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Fri May 6 4:00pm
Change of Heart(Season 10, Episode 21) LIF-E

The doctors receive bad news from Jackson. Meanwhile, Amelia arrives in Seattle for an unexpected visit; Richard heads to Boston to surprise Catherine; and Bailey makes a bold decision after growing disappointed with the lack of progress in her research.

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Mon May 9 1:00pm
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together(Season 10, Episode 22) LIF-E

Cristina seeks guidance from Meredith as she makes a decision about her future. Meanwhile, Derek and Amelia join forces to operate on conjoined twins; Jo takes on too many cases; and Stephanie uncovers the truth about Bailey's bubble-boy case.

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Mon May 9 2:00pm
Everything I Try to Do, Nothing Seems to Turn Out Right(Season 10, Episode 23) LIF-E

Amelia opens up to Meredith about her time in Seattle. Elsewhere, bad news is delivered to Callie; Bailey faces the consequences of her actions; and the residents are alarmed to hear that one of them will soon be out of a job.

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Mon May 9 3:00pm
Fear (of the Unknown)(Season 10, Episode 24) LIF-E

In the 10th-season finale, Cristina's coworkers give her a fond send-off. Meanwhile, a possible terrorist act occurs in Seattle and leads to pandemonium at the hospital; Meredith makes a life-altering choice; and a doctor gets alarming news.

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Tue May 10 1:00pm
A Hard Day's Night (Pilot)(Season 1, Episode 1) LIF-E

The first 48-hour shift for the surgical residents is chronicled in the series pilot, in which Meredith meets surgeon Derek Shepherd before she discovers he's her boss. She also has trouble with her first case, a teenage girl who's having seizures. And Geo (more…)

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Tue May 10 2:00pm
The First Cut Is the Deepest(Season 1, Episode 2) LIF-E

While Meredith decides who gets to move into her house, she must also deal with the grisly souvenir of a patient's brutal rape. And her visit to the nursery leads to a conflict with a pediatric intern. Meanwhile, Cristina and Alex develop their bedside man (more…)

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Tue May 10 3:00pm
Winning a Battle, Losing the War(Season 1, Episode 3) LIF-E

A daredevil bicycle-messenger race leaves in its wake (and in the ER) an array of patients, including a banged-up cyclist who hits on Meredith and a brain-dead hit-and-run victim. The tragedy this man represents gets to Izzie. But who'll get his liver? One (more…)

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Tue May 10 4:00pm
No Man's Land(Season 1, Episode 4) LIF-E

While Izzie deals with the fallout from a racy magazine spread, Cristina pushes for aggressive treatment for a cancer patient (Anna Maria Horsford) who happens to be Meredith's mother's long-time scrub nurse, and Meredith and Shepherd treat a man who accid (more…)

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Wed May 11 1:00pm
Shake Your Groove Thing(Season 1, Episode 5) LIF-E

While Izzie's planning a party (and treating a patient with an obstructed bowel), Meredith assists in a heart operation---and does something she shouldn't. George's patient is an ex-smoker (Kathryn Joosten) with emphysema and Alex's is a young man (Brent S (more…)

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