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I have a laundry list of ...

Question: I have a laundry list of questions about summer viewing: Is Life on Mars going to have a second season, or was it a one-off? (I'm scared to death of the American remake — I'm expecting Starsky & Hutch.) I was disappointed to hear about the bad ratings of Brotherhood — it's too good to be ignored. If there is no second season, will we be left hanging, or does the first series come to some sort of resolution? I know it's early, but what is the likelihood of Vanished making it through the season? Is Fox willing to take a chance based on the success of 24 and Prison Break, or will this be another Firefly/Wonderfalls/Reunion? Finally, what is your reaction to Denis Leary getting an Emmy nomination for acting but not one for writing? As good as he is as Tommy Gavin, his and Peter Tolan's scripts are the heart of that series. How could the writing be ignored? Answer: There is a second series of Life on Mars, but no word on when BBC America will present read more

You actually know for a fact ...

Question: You actually know for a fact that you'll be watching Grey's Anatomy and playing back CSI before you even know what the episodes will be? That feels like a plot-driven statement to me. And nice change of tune — I thought CSI was supposed to be scared of GA. Now it's unlikely that GA will beat it? I could have told you that, 'cause yes, I'll be watching CSI live and not watching GA at all. Holds no interest for me. Grissom is my McDreamy. Answer: Yes, as I noted earlier, I do believe that on most weeks, I'll be watching Grey's live and playing back CSI afterward. This has a lot to do with viewing tendencies in my household, which is pretty devoted to both shows. (And Grey's story lines are the sort of thing that I don't want to come to work on Friday without having seen. CSI isn't quite so urgent that way, at least not usually.) The Grey's vs. CSI battle is one of the season's most interesting stories, but honestly, I have no interest in the opinion of CSI fans who hold Grey's in ... read more

I have to say congratulations ...

Question: I have to say congratulations to Stargate SG-1 for reaching 200 episodes, a milestone for any show. But my question now is: In a world of Internet, downloads and increased competition, will any other shows reach that 200-show mark? I mean, does Grey's Anatomy have the staying power of Stargate? Even though I love both shows, I don't believe it does. Answer: Before anyone criticizes Geoff, this question came in before Stargate's cancellation was confirmed. It's even more timely now, don't you think? It's an excellent question, and one that really got me thinking, because there are so many considerations at play. For a regular series to hit 200 episodes, that usually means it must stay on the air for 9 to 10 seasons, depending on the number of episodes ordered per year. Given today's more cluttered TV environment, I have to think it may be even more likely for certain sorts of shows to hit the 200-episode mark. If they've broken through and become a franchise, the networks will ... read more

My Emmy Predictions!

Yes, this year's Emmy nominations make about as much sense as Desperate Housewives' Betty Applegate mystery. Chris Meloni instead of Hugh Laurie? Allison Janney instead of Edie Falco? Stockard Channing instead of Lauren Graham? Alfre Woodard instead of... anyone? But a funny thing happened after I worked through my anger, frustration and general sense of hopelessness: I took another look at the list and discovered, much to my surprise, that members of the blue-ribbon panel weren't completely stoned when they made their selections. Lost amid all the head-scratchers are some truly worthy nominees. In other words, this year's race is salvageable — provided, of course, that the right people win. Who are these "right people" I speak of? They're listed below, followed by my predictions for who will take home the gold on Aug. 27. Feel free to crib the info for your office pool. Not to boast, but history has proven that I'm usually spot-on about this stuff.OUTSTANDING DRAMA SERIES Grey... read more

I need some Grey's Anatomy ...

Question: I need some Grey's Anatomy scoop, please!

Answer: In Episode 4, McSteamy and McDreamy cross swords over how to treat a burn victim. And there's no more mystery as to what Diahann Carroll will be doing on the show. According to this spoileriffic ABC promo, she'll be playing — as many of us suspected — Burke's mom. (That noise you hear is Shonda Rhimes tearing ABC's promo department a new one.)

read more

I spent this past weekend ...

Question: I spent this past weekend watching the first half of Battlestar Galactica's first season, so I can have the entire run of the series under my belt by the time Season 3 premieres in October. It should be no surprise to you (or to anyone with a modicum of taste) that I'm completely captivated. BSG addresses so many topics, including the very nature of humanity, on levels deeper than any show I can think of, including Lost. I'm sure you've addressed this before, but why is the TV Academy so reluctant to nominate it for anything except technical awards? The story line is no more complicated than the continuing story lines on Lost or Desperate Housewives or Grey's Anatomy. Are the oldsters really that terrified of spaceships? Answer: Not so much terrified as contemptuous. I've met TV-industry veterans who, even when told this was one of the best shows of the year, refuse to look at it. They simply can't get past the title and its embarrassingly cheesy predecessor. You'd think ... read more

Any truth to the rumor on ...

Question: Any truth to the rumor on about the Grey's Anatomy cast being upset at Shonda Rhimes over her alleged unwillingness to let them tackle other projects?

Answer: I honestly have no idea. I do, however, find it curious that the "story" came out just hours before it was announced that Kate Walsh had to drop out of the Stephen King thriller 1408 due to "scheduling conflicts" with Grey's. Hmmm….

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Do you have any burning CSI ...

Question: Do you have any burning CSI scoop you need to tell us? Answer: Major-ass prattle poop! Facing the looming clash from Grey's Anatomy, I hear producers will be going way, way, way out on the story lines this coming season. Buffy the Vampire Slayer alum Douglas Petrie has been brought onto the writing staff and given what my source calls "a very free hand" to bring a wilder take to the storytelling. Grissom, for example, will talk to the dead in at least one episode. (Speaking of Buffy, you have to check out th read more

Why does it seem that so many ...

Question: Why does it seem that so many established shows are being moved around this fall? Law & Order: Criminal Intent and Without a Trace are being moved from their established time slots. Have the networks given up on them to concentrate on establishing their new fall shows? Answer: The circumstances are different for each show, but this isn't a case of the networks "giving up" on a show. It's more that the networks are realizing the value of these shows by moving them into strategic new time periods. Criminal Intent was going to be bumped by NBC's new Sunday-night football franchise anyway, so it was moved to Tuesdays, where NBC traditionally struggles, to act as a lead-in to the more popular Special Victims Unit. CBS made a riskier decision by moving Trace from Thursdays to Sundays because the net is killing its movie night and wanted to put two strong crime procedurals back-to-back. Cold Case and Trace are going to be very compatible, and CBS has already been successfully testing ... read more

Why on earth is Medium's time ...

Question: Why on earth is Medium's time slot being tampered with? It was bad enough that this wonderful show had to compete with CSI: Miami last year. This year it won't even appear until mid-season, and then I think it's going to be competing with Without a Trace. Why did it lose its Monday time slot for some new show that probably won't last? Medium is my favorite show, and it seems as if NBC is intentionally trying to kill it. Why, why, why? Answer: Because, because, because. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip is a huge priority for NBC this fall. When ABC moved Grey's Anatomy into the Thursday slot, which NBC originally intended for Studio 60, the network had to blink and find a home for it somewhere. Voilà, Monday! There are no easy time periods anymore, so Studio 60 will have its work cut out for it against the CSI: Miami juggernaut (a loyalty I can't fathom, considering how ridiculous the show has become). But this is why Medium is taking a breather, although it could come back sooner ... read more

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