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I just read that NBC pulled ...

Question: I just read that NBC pulled its planned three-episode encore of Friday Night Lights this Sunday in favor of Heroes. Does this mean cancellation is basically inevitable? If so, what a loss. I felt that this was a show that could truly bring together red and blue America. It dealt with issues of community, family and religion respectfully and truthfully. It was also smart, well produced and extremely well acted. Isn't this exactly the kind of show the family values crowd has been clamoring for? Why aren't they watching? Is Dancing with the Stars really that much more appealing? With Friday Night Lights likely on its way out and Studio 60 in a similar boat, it looks like viewers are really not interested in straightforward quality TV these days. They seem much more drawn to procedurals, reality shows and bizarre concept serials like Lost, Heroes and Jericho. What do you think this means for the future of what used to be mainstream drama in prime time? Also, was any quality show ... read more

As I enjoy The Wire and ...

Question: As I enjoy The Wire and Weeds, I have noticed that dramas on cable have overtaken dramas on network TV in terms of quality. Sure, there are shows like 24, Lost and Grey's Anatomy, but in my opinion they pale in comparison to Weeds, The Wire, The Sopranos, Battlestar Galactica, Rescue Me, The Shield, Deadwood, etc. Maybe it's because cable offers greater freedom to the writers, but I think it's because of the 13 episodes per season in a cable drama compared to 22 (or more) episodes for a show on network TV. The long season is probably too much pressure on writers, leading to a lot of "filler" episodes. Lost's Season 2 was so slow that I gave it up by the end of the season. I think shows like that would greatly benefit if the number of episodes were reduced to 13. What do you think? Answer: This is a great topic, because while it's absolutely true that in many cases, less would be more, I hear all the time from greedy fans who can't understand why more episodes per season can't ... read more

Grey's Big Gay Twist

This explains his blue 'do at the Tonys.T.R. Knight confirmed to People this afternoon that rumors about his sexual orientation have not been greatly exaggerated. "I guess there have been a few questions about my sexuality, and I'd like to quiet any unnecessary rumors that may be out there," he said in a statement. "While I prefer to keep my personal life private, I hope the fact that I'm gay isn't the most interesting part of me." One has to wonder whether his coming out was prompted by unconfirmed (and hopefully false) tabloid reports that one of the actors involved in last week's on-set kerfuffle called Knight an ugly six-letter word. Whatever the reason, I applaud Knight for setting the record (sigh) straight at a time when his career is taking off. If I were in his shoes, I don't know if I could be that brave. read more

Anatomy Star: Yep, I'm Grey. Er, I Mean Gay.

Hedging that "there have been a few questions about my sexuality," Grey's Anatomy star T.R. Knight has issued an exclusive statement to People setting the record straight, as it weren't. "I'd like to quiet any unncessary rumors that may be out there," he says. "While I prefer to keep my personal life private, I hope the fact that I'm gay isn't the most interesting part of me."Speaking purely for myself, the most interesting part of me is detailed on my MySpace page.Read more about T.R. Knight's declaration in the Ausiello Report. read more

I just started a job at ...

Question: I just started a job at Krispy Kreme, and I'll send you anything you ask for if you give me a bombshell secret about Grey's Anatomy.

Answer: Well, it's not really a bombshell, but you remember me telling you about my Seattle-based Grey's mole who just happened to be on that ferryboat when Addison tossed her wedding ring overboard? Turns out, my spy had a camera. Check these bad boys out.

read more

The Back Nine: Any Other Keepers?

ABC's Brothers & Sisters has joined the charmed, and so far rather tiny, circle of new fall series rewarded with what is known as "the back nine," as in a full-series renewal taking the original order of 13 episodes to 22 (sometimes expanded further for true breakthrough shows). At the moment, only three other shows have this honor: ABC's delightful Ugly Betty and two speculative fantasies that defied the odds to capture an early following: NBC's intriguing Heroes and, to the surprise of many skeptics (including this one), CBS's dark-hued Jericho.Over the next few weeks, we'll find out which other newbies will get the full-season order and which will bite the dust in 13, if they even get that far. Here's my educated guess, by network.CBS The network with the most solid and consistent schedule was the first to cancel a show (Smith), and has only two other new series to decide upon.While Shark on Thursdays has been a bit of a disappointment, relative to its CSI lead-in by being up... read more

Why have so many shows on ABC ...

Question: Why have so many shows on ABC and NBC gotten rid of their opening theme songs and credits? Now there's a (longer) teaser followed by the show's name for a few seconds, then commercials. Some examples: Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters, Studio 60, Grey's Anatomy, Six Degrees, Lost, even ER! The only shows that I can think of that still show their theme song and credits are House and the Law & Order franchise. I'm assuming it's somehow related to the fact that there is more advertising than ever, so TPTB cut the theme song for more show time. (I think most dramas are now 42-44 minutes, where they used to be 46-48.) What is the real reason? Answer: There probably isn't one "real reason," but the prevailing conventional wisdom is that some producers (though the blame usually falls on itchy network execs) want to get the viewer directly into the show, and a credit sequence is often seen as an invitation to surf. The most startling omission this year is ER's, without a doubt. ... read more

Ratings: Six Degrees Cools Off Further

The latest Thursday-night ratings race netted out the same as last week, with CBS' Survivor: Cook Islands (15.74 million viewers), ABC's Grey's Anatomy (22.82 mil) and NBC's ER (14.37 mil) topping their respective hours, and Ugly Betty (13.81 mil), CSI (21.58 mil) and Shark (14.14 mil) again proving to be formidable second-placers.The most noteworthy week-to-week movement came from Smallville (4.93 million, up 330,000) and Supernatural (3.7 mil, up 400,000), while Six Degrees, hampered yet again by significant 10:30 tune-out (minus 2.1 million heads), slipped a half-mil from last week and is now down 34 percent from its Sept. 21 bow. read more

October 12, 2006: What I Am

The very best episodes of Grey's Anatomy make you laugh and cry all at once, and this was one of those. Seconds after I was crying while watching Izzie listen to Denny's phone message to his parents, I laughed out loud at Callie propositioning McSteamy. All together now: Shut up! Mark Sloan aka McSteamy to Callie: "Can I buy you a drink?" Callie: "Only if you have it delivered to my hotel room," as she walks out of the bar, then turns around all sexy: "You comin'?" You go, girl! She breaks it off with George and then seduces... McSteamy. Can we say "upgrade" much? Only on television, but I'll allow it.Nice way to have McSteamy enter the hospital — having everyone gaze over and give off all sorts of different vibes ranging from shock to anger to excitement. Oh yes — be sure to pick up the latest copy of TV Guide magazine since new series regular Eric Dane is gracing the cover. Fall TV Hot List issue, people — run, don't walk! Speaking of hot, can we talk about the perf... read more

Did you hear about Grey's ...

Question: Did you hear about Grey's shooting on location in Seattle last week?

Answer: Did I hear? Did I hear? I was inundated with e-mails from Seattle-based AA readers about the "top-secret" location shoot. One of them wrote to tell me that her aunt works at the charter-plane company in Seattle that Patrick Dempsey used when he was done filming. "He was several hours early [for his flight]," she wrote. "So my aunt had the hard task of entertaining Dr. McDreamy for about an hour. Here’s the scoop: His nickname is 'Paddy'; he loves French fries and was impressed my aunt had already ordered some for his plane; the tree going through the kid in the premiere was a true story; this week’s episode is 'dark' — his words; they are currently filming Episode 8, and when asked what's going on, he replied, 'You know I can’t say anything,' but then smiled and said, 'But it’s good!'; he can’t believe how popular the show ha read more

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