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Losing My Religion Season 2, Episode 27

In the conclusion of the second-season finale, Denny proposes to Izzie after receiving his new heart and Burke experiences hand tremors after awakening from his surgery. Meanwhile, the interns plan the prom for the Chief's niece (Tessa Thompson) while awaiting their fateful meeting with the Chief; George and Callie have a heart-to-heart about his feelings for her; and Meredith and Derek must make a decision about Doc. Mer also must decide between Derek and Finn (Chris O'Donnell). read more

May 15, 2006: Deterioration of the Fight-Flight Response/Losing My Religion Season 2, Episode 26

If all my favorite shows could end their seasons with a two-nights-in-a-row action-packed two-parter (some may call it a three-parter) like Grey's, I'd be overjoyed. But are you as exhausted as I am? Wow. After all of that rigamarole, Denny is dead. I guess I kind of expected it since it was the season finale and they needed something overly dramatic to end the year, but I, like a plethora of you comment-makers, really got to dig Denny. It made sense to a lot of us that Izzie would fall in love with him, mainly because Jeffrey Dean Morgan did such a fantastic job in his portrayal. What didn't make sense to lots of us was how unethical Izzie was being, so it didn't surprise me when she said, "I thought I was a surgeon, but I'm not, so I quit." Very nice that Bailey supported her with a gentle "Izzie... " especially after the wrath she gave all of them earlier ("Where are my suck-ups?!"). My favorite Izzie supporter, however, was the last person we expected to show comfort: Alex. I'll... read more

May 14, 2006: 17 Seconds Season 2, Episode 25

First thing I have to say? How awesome is it that we don't have to wait an entire week for part two of this (literally and figuratively) heart-pumping season finale? For those of you who refuse to watch the scenes from next week at the end, let me remind you that the season finale concludes tonight — Monday, May 15th, from 9 pm to 11 pm/ET — not next Sunday. So OK, how ridiculous is Izzie? As my roommate Jason pointed out while we were watching, no one would be that stupid and put their medical career in jeopardy by cutting the cord on the machine that was pumping Denny's heart. I've heard of strange ways of showing affection, but inducing heart failure just so the man you love can jump to the top of the heart-donor recipient list? And then she brings George in on it? Loved his "What are you, crazy?" face. Poor George. Just when he's all calm and cool with Callie, he has this to deal with. It was great for George to explain to Callie that Meredith and Izzie are family to h... read more

May 7, 2006: Damage Case Season 2, Episode 24

Not everyone can say that they've fallen asleep at the wheel, but I unfortunately can. It was one of the most frightening experiences of my life, but luckily, no one was hurt, let alone killed, unlike the tragic situation in tonight's episode. I really felt for Marshall (fabulously played by Harold and Kumar's John Cho, whom I've only seen in comedies, so he was especially impressive). That scene with the father walking towards Marshall as if to slap or strangle him, but instead placing his hand on Marshall's shoulder, had me crying like a baby. And speaking of a crying baby, I had already started bawling when the newborn that Alex saved started to cry. What a great moment for Alex, specifically because Addison (aka "She Shepherd") wasn't available to do the C-section. Frances Fisher was excellent as the mother's mother, as was Graham Beckel as the mother's father and Gabriel Tigerman as the Clay Aiken look-alike husband. Meanwhile, it was about time Derek and Meredith had that clos... read more

April 30, 2006: Blues for Sister Someone Season 2, Episode 23

Seems like forever since we saw a new Grey's. Well, four weeks is a long time, but wasn't it worth the wait? I've got to say right away that I'm digging Chris O'Donnell as Finn the vet — he's a welcome addition and a great way for Meredith to get her mind off McDreamy. As a child of '70s game shows, I was eating up the Let's Make a Deal references Finn was making, asking Meredith to choose "Door No. 1" (going upstairs and taking a shower after they birthed the horse — "I want to birth a horse!") or "Door No. 2" (going home). Glad she chose Door No. 1, which, of course, made Derek jealous as all hell when he showed up with Doc the dog — how about Derek's face when Meredith walked down the stairs all showered and fresh? And how nice for Meredith to be the reason Derek gave Addison some good sex for a change. Meredith was adorable with Finn when she told him she couldn't have sex, but I was expecting her to say to him: "Umm... let's horse around." Loved the scene on the... read more

April 2, 2006 - The Name of the Game Season 2, Episode 22

I am officially old. Mare Winningham is playing a soon-to-be grandmother! OK – got that out of the way. What an awesome episode. So Meredith found out she has two stepsisters and a stepmother and Winningham did a fantastic job as the step-mom. I've already praised Jeff Perry as Meredith's dad Thatcher and what an incredible scene that was with George describing Meredith to Thatcher while Meredith listened in. I loved that gentle "Thank you, George" from Meredith. Present and (in my case) past Chicago theatre patrons got a big kick out of the fact that we got to see two members of the famous Steppenwolf Theatre Company – first Perry and then the phenomenal Laurie Metcalf. That scene with Metcalf as the dying mother giving her daughter all of that motherly advice had me crying like a baby and picturing Metcalf's name in the Outstanding Guest Actress category at this year's Emmys. If it weren't for Alex, the daughter would probably miss out on getting that advice in time. Nic... read more

March 19, 2006: Superstition Season 2, Episode 21

First, I've got to say I was really glad Denny survived his surgery, especially since most of the patients were dying one after another. Izzie would not have been a well person. Great scene when she said to Denny, after wiping her tears, "I can't fall for a patient," and he followed with "OK — good luck with that." Should be quite interesting now that Izzie broke up with Alex for telling Denny he was probably going to die. I did like it when Alex read George the riot act about how he was being a baby about Meredith. Someone had to tell him. But it just encouraged George to finally ask out Callie. Interesting to see some of the superstitions amongst the doctors, from Burke's lucky surgical cap to Addison awarding people with cups of hot chocolate — "Don't question the cocoa!" I loved Mary Kay Place as Webber's former AA sponsor. We just keep learning more and more about the characters each week — good to hear Webber's been sober for 17 years. I've been a Mary Kay fan s... read more

March 12, 2006: Band-Aid Covers the Bullet Hole Season 2, Episode 20

The real test to determine whether an actor is doing an effective job is not just how well he or she acts in a scene but how he or she re-acts. We had some really great reacting tonight. An obvious example is Sandra Oh's facial expressions as Cristina was forced to be Bailey's baby-sitter. How hilarious was she while changing the baby's diaper? Then when she told the baby to "Shut it!", I had to TiVo back and watch it again. But back to the reacting. Patrick Dempsey's face said it all while Meredith was explaining to Derek the horrible thing she did to George. Meredith asked Derek to act like a friend, not as her ex, and you could tell he was struggling just by the expression on his face. I love that he told Meredith to apologize to George in the elevator. Then T.R. Knight gave my favorite reacting performance of the night as Meredith apologized to George — you could tell just how mortified and hurt he was. And what a perfect way to end the episode, with Derek apologizing to Ad... read more

February 26, 2006: What Have I Done To Deserve This? Season 2, Episode 19

First of all, the title of this episode is my favorite Pet Shop Boys song (but what made the song extra special was Dusty Springfield, of course). OK, now. Poor George. As many expected, sleeping with Meredith ended up not being the experience George was hoping for. I was really glad they waited until the end to show that scene of the two of them in bed together, treating it like a flashback in George's mind rather than opening the episode with it. Hopefully he'll get over the devastation, and moving out will certainly help matters. I'm loving Sara Ramirez as Dr. Callie Torres — she'll for sure help George get his mind off Meredith. I was very excited to read that Sara was joining the show as a recurring character — she won a Tony award for her performance in Monty Python's Spamalot. Speaking of George, he narrated both the opening and closing of the show instead of Meredith. Perhaps they'll switch the narrator each week? You know I love me some George, but the show isn't ... read more

February 19, 2006: Yesterday Season 2, Episode 18

Oh no — it did not end that way! Are you not dying that Meredith and George got together?!? Absolutely the last thing I expected to happen. I thought for sure she was just going to hug him, say, "Thanks, George," and walk away, but then she took his shirt off! I'm sure the people in the next apartment heard me scream "Shut up!!" Then, after thinking about all that Meredith had just gone through, I got over my shock. But you know she's using him out of frustration, and our poor George is just going to get hurt. But hey, at least he'll get a chance to experience his obsession, especially since his "beast never sleeps." Oh, George. But let's talk about the rest of this awesome episode. So glad we finally got to meet Mark. Excellent casting, by the way — I'm already loving Eric Dane. He's got a definite Scott Speedman look to him. How great for McSteamy to say to Addison exactly what we've been thinking: "He's not in love with you; he's in love with that intern." And speaking ... read more

(As We Know It) Season 2, Episode 17

While the WWII reenactor with the bomb lodged in his chest remains in Burke's OR, Bailey's injured husband remains in Derek's. Meanwhile, Bailey still hasn't delivered her baby. Hannah: Christina Ricci. Dylan Young: Kyle Chandler. read more

It's the End of the World Season 2, Episode 16

Christina Ricci guest stars in an episode in which a patient's arrival threatens the lives of everyone in the OR. There are also developments with Alex and Izzie. Dylan Young: Kyle Chandler. read more

Break on Through Season 2, Episode 15

As the docs muddle through a nurses' strike, Meredith makes a mistake treating an elderly patient, and it's caught by the patient's friends (June Lockhart, Betty Garrett and Rae Allen). Meanwhile, Izzie treats a pregnant teenager. read more

Tell Me Sweet Little Lies Season 2, Episode 14

Cristina is hesitant to “officially” move in with Burke, and George threatens to move out of Meredith's house unless she gets rid of Doc. Meanwhile, Alex gets his board-exam results; Meredith takes a blood test for Alzheimer's; and Bailey begins to have contractions. Patients include a competitive eater with hiccups; a rock guitarist who lost three fingers in an accident; a woman who's unnervingly cheerful; and an elderly woman who won't leave the hospital after being discharged. read more

Begin the Begin Season 2, Episode 13

The docs toast the New Year with a mandatory work limit, which Cristina finds constricting, and she complains about it to Bailey as they fly to harvest a heart for a patient with a crush on Izzie. Other patients include a frustrated novelist who has eaten his novel and a 14-year-old girl who hasn't reached puberty and yearns to be “normal.” Elsewhere, Addison detests Derek's trailer; Burke asks Cristina to move in with him; and Derek visits Ellis Grey (Kate Burton) without Meredith's knowledge. read more

Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer Season 2, Episode 12

It's Christmas, but nobody's feeling the spirit, except for Addison and Izzie---and Izzie's mad at Addison. A very pregnant Bailey needs a rest but has a very busy day instead, and George must cope with an ulcer patient's annoying family. As Cristina and Burke perform a heart transplant on a depressed 10-year-old, they discover that spirituality is one more thing they don't have in common. Plus, this might be Alex's last day at work. He has to retake his boards tomorrow, and he expects to fail. read more

Owner of a Lonely Heart Season 2, Episode 11

The quints present a number of challenges, and so does their mother (Margaret Welsh), who's depressed. The sickest infant is assigned to Izzie, who's taught a painful lesson in doctoring from Addison. Izzie is also seething at Alex, who's depressed because of a medical mistake he made. Meanwhile, George uses leeches to treat an avid outdoorsman with skin cancer; and a prisoner (Rosanna Arquette) swallows four razor blades to get a “vacation” from prison. read more

Much Too Much Season 2, Episode 10

The impending birth of quintuplets (and the surgeries on the newborns that are certain to follow) preoccupy the surgeons, but not completely: Burke gives Cristina a key to his apartment, but she's not overjoyed about it; Izzie and Alex are having an intimate “problem” (Alex is, anyhow); and a guy Meredith picks up at Joe's bar leaves her house the following morning with an intimate problem of a different sort. read more

Thanks for the Memories Season 2, Episode 9

It's Thanksgiving and Izzie's cooking a turkey, but nobody's excited about it. Meredith sneaks off to the hospital (on a day off), where she and Derek treat a man in a persistent vegetative state---who wakes up. Cristina and Burke arrive for the feast, and Burke promptly takes over in the kitchen while Cristina finds an excuse to go work. And George is dragooned by his father and brothers to go on a turkey shoot. read more

Let It Be Season 2, Episode 8

A young woman who was friendly with the Shepherds in New York arrives in Seattle and asks Addison to remove her uterus because she's at risk for cancer. But her husband objects because he wants children. And a hospital window washer survives a five-story fall (though the bird he landed on didn't), then begs George and Meredith to find his ex-girlfriend. Elsewhere, Meredith keeps running into Derek; Cristina gets dressed up for a date with Burke; and Bailey complains of being tired. read more

Something to Talk About Season 2, Episode 7

As Derek and Addison see a therapist to try to put their marriage back together, Meredith and the other interns “steal” a psych patient who says he's pregnant. He isn't, but he isn't crazy, either. Meanwhile, Alex tries to talk a reluctant 18-year-old into an operation that could let her walk again; George has a heart-to-heart with the mousy husband of a bossy heart patient; and Cristina and Burke wrestle with whether to “come out” as a couple. read more

Into You like a Train Season 2, Episode 6

Meredith's long wait for “McDreamy” at Joe's bar is ended abruptly by a train wreck, which causes a rush hour in the ER. Cases include a young woman and a middle-aged man impaled---together---on a pole. They had been strangers but they bond quickly. Meanwhile, Cristina can't find an amputee's severed leg; Addison and Izzie try to save a badly burned pregnant woman's baby; and Alex treats a woman with an annoying friend. read more

Bring the Pain Season 2, Episode 5

Lightning knocks out the power to the hospital, which leaves Alex and George stuck in an elevator with a patient---a police officer with a gunshot wound. The blackout also causes Cristina's patient, a man with a herniated disk, to lose access to his pain “medication,” i.e., porn videos. Meanwhile, Ellis, who's about to be discharged, keeps reliving her affair with Richard; and Meredith, who's assigned to work with Shepherd, gives him an ultimatum. Addison: Kate Walsh. Ellis: Kate Burton. read more

Deny, Deny, Deny Season 2, Episode 4

Addison (Kate Walsh) has divorce papers prepared; now all that she and Derek have to do is sign them. Meanwhile, Cristina, recovering from emergency surgery, proves to be an impossible patient, particularly when her mother is at her bedside. Speaking of mothers (and impossible patients), Ellis Grey (Kate Burton) keeps giving George fits. And Bailey's tough exterior cracks when a young man with cystic fibrosis---one of her first patients when she was an intern---returns to the hospital. read more

Make Me Lose Control Season 2, Episode 3

The secret's out when Meredith's mother (Kate Burton) is hospitalized for diverticulitis. And Cristina's secret gets out when she collapses in agony while assisting Burke in surgery. Meanwhile, the Drs. Shepherd work together on the case of a heroin-addicted infant; a young woman who can't stop blushing arrives at the hospital; and George finally finds a way to wield power over Alex. read more

Enough Is Enough (No More Tears) Season 2, Episode 2

While Meredith and Cristina lick their wounds, they're kept busy in the extremely overbooked OR. Two of the cases stem from a car wreck caused by an alcoholic wife beater whose biggest advocate is his wife. Then there's a man with an obstructed bowel, who swears that he didn't ingest drugs. And a brain-dead woman whose organs are to be harvested is on the way. Meanwhile, George has something to tell the nurse who gave him syphilis. And Webber's wife (Loretta Devine) arrives to take him home. read more

Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head Season 2, Episode 1

Derek's wife, Addison, a surgical superstar from New York, is in Seattle to perform a fetal-heart operation. Derek isn't pleased to see her, and Meredith is feeling very betrayed. Meanwhile, Derek and Burke have some superstar surgery of their own to perform. Cristina has something to tell Burke and, as it happens, Burke has something to tell Cristina. And Webber appoints George to be his “eyes and ears” while he's recovering from surgery. read more

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