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Grey's Anatomy Episode: "It's a Long Way Back"

Season 7, Episode 19
Episode Synopsis: Callie and her baby, Sofia, are recovering following the accident, but Callie has yet to actually see her daughter. Meanwhile, Alex gets an idea that he thinks will make him chief resident as he treats a cranky terminal-cancer patient (Doris Roberts); a patient's sudden death makes Derek more cautious in the clinical trial, but the same can't be said for Meredith; and Teddy is pleasantly surprised by the return of Andrew Perkins (James Tupper).
Original Air Date: Apr 28, 2011
Guest Cast Doris Roberts: Gladys Peter MacNicol: Dr. Stark Scott Foley: Henry Newell Alexander: Ed Beckert
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Season 7, Episode 19
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Length: 43:30
Aired: 4/28/2011
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Grey's Anatomy Episode Recap: "It's a Long Way Back" Season 7, Episode 19

Returning from a long hiatus, Grey's Anatomy picks up with Callie's recovery. After her tragic car accident, she'll be desperate to see her baby, but the other doctors feel that she's trying to heal too quickly. Meanwhile, Derek wants to proceed more cautiously in the clinical trial after a patient dies, but Meredith decides to make a risky move.

The episode opens on a delightful surprise: The name of Callie and Mark's baby is Sofia Robbin Sloan Torres. Note the absence of Arizona's last name, but Sofia's middle name clearly makes up for that.

Meanwhile, Callie is determined to rush through her recovery, cheered on by Cristina, Bailey and Arizona. Though Callie hasn't seen Sofia in person, Mark brings her video updates on his iPhone. She asks Bailey if she can see the baby yet, but Callie is not healthy enough. While Callie begs Cristina to push her recovery faster, April runs in to deliver the news that Sofia has opened her eyes. April is overly excited, which sends Callie's into a mental breakdown, crying because she can't be there to experience Sofia's first moments. "She could die, and I'd miss her whole life," Callie yells.

Cristina approaches Stark — who has been avoiding April ever since she shot him down — to find out when Callie can see the baby, but he grumpily retorts that it won't be possible. Cristina, Jacksons, Lexie, April, Meredith and Alex sneak Callie on her hospital bed through the halls so she can see her baby. When they're almost caught by Bailey, Jackson distracts her. With the help of the doctors, Callie is at least able to see her baby through a window. She cries tears of happiness, telling Sofia that they're both going to be fine.

Meanwhile, Owen and Alex take on a case of a woman who has lung cancer (Doris Roberts) and wants to finally leave the hospital. Alex catches his patient lighting up a cigarette, and breaks the news that she's gotten worse. She calls him a bastard, saying it's his fault. Alex is frustrated, but Owen insists he keep his opinions to himself.

Alex tries to jump on Arizona's case, but that doesn't work because she can't get to the patient. Arizona was supposed to return to Africa to work on a young boy with heart problems, but she needs to stay in Seattle because Callie and Sofia are in such a fragile state. That gives Alex an idea: When Owen inquires what Alex's plan is in his run for Chief Resident, he blurts out that he will be bringing kids from Africa to get them the surgeries they need.

During Derek and Meredith's clinical trial, a patient dies, and Derek decides to shut down the trial. As Meredith returns the patient's unopened trial packet, she notably catches a glimpse of the keypad password. Derek tells Meredith that they need to rescreen all the clinical trial patients while they wait to hear back from the FDA. He's also on the hunt for a new patient to join the trial since he lost one. Meredith suggests Adele, but Derek still insists she's not far enough along with the disease — until Meredith shows him the Post-It that fell off Richard's jacket earlier. "This is Richard. Richard is your husband."

Henry calls Teddy to his apartment because he's feeling really ill and shaky. He's interrupted one of her dates, but that's a good thing, since it was a bad one. They sweetly dish on the dismal date over her leftovers.

Moving ahead five weeks, Callie's third physical therapist has given up on her because getting angry when she doesn't see results. She's so desperate to hold her baby and to be able to walk down the aisle with Arizona that it's driving her to push herself too hard.

Alex presents his new patients' cases from Africa to Stark. He's lined up several of the surgeons to do pro bono surgeries, but needs the pediatrics' funding to pay for it. Stark denies him the money, saying that Alex is not prepared enough.

Alex's lung cancer patient has also gotten worse in the hospital. Even though they've been calling each other terrible names, Alex decides to ask her for the money to fund his African patients. Alex shows her pictures of the kids in hopes she will help him, but she kicks him out of her hospital room. She calls Alex back, but he'll only do it for $100,000. She tries to haggle, but he stands his ground and she agrees. She dies shortly after, which devastates Alex since he won't get the money.

After all these weeks, Adele's condition has worsened. Meredith suggests they slip her the drugs outside of the trial, but Derek says the FDA is watching them closely after the death, and they can't risk ruining their trial.

Baby Sofia has heart failure and needs to have surgery immediately. Arizona has not been able to find another pediatric surgeon, but Stark says he'll do the surgery and allow Arizona to be in the OR.

Cristina is now acting as Callie's physical therapist. She pushes Cristina and Meredith around the hospital on a gurney to work out. Sadly, as Arizona breaks the news that Sofia needs surgery, Callie begins to bleed from her stomach and collapses in Arizona's arms. Bailey operates on Callie's rupture as Stark works on the baby. Mark and Arizona discuss the respective surgeries over the phone. Though Stark tells Arizona to keep it down, he doesn't ask her to hang up. Just as Mark says Callie's surgery is finishing, Sofia crashes, but Stark is able to save her.

After another failed date, Teddy goes to Henry's place to share her leftovers. It seems it's becoming a regular thing, and Henry doesn't mind. 

While Adele is waiting for Richard, she reveals to Meredith that everything is getting worse and ends up yelling at her, thinking she's Ellis. She asks Meredith to give her back Richard, and Mer can only hopelessly look on and tell her, "He's all yours."

At 12 weeks, Sofia has grown quite a bit. Callie is finally able to hold her. On top of that, Bailey gives her the good news that she can finally go home — until she realizes that only she's going home, not Sofia.

Adele is going into surgery for the clinical trial. The Chief thanks Meredith for catching Adele's Alzheimer's so early; for giving them a second shot. Remembering the keypad password, Meredith goes into the pharmacy to grab Adele's trial packet. She learns that it's the placebo, so she decides to change it with an active one so she can give Adele the real medicine. Adele's surgery goes well.

Alex's first group of kids from Africa is set to arrive, so he's passing out the assignments. While Alex is stressed out, Arizona is so excited for actually getting this to work — after which, Alex throws up, saying to Lexie, "I'm in so much trouble." Alex ran out of funds and maxed out his credit cards paying for everything, and then put out IOU's for the rest of the money. Lexie says that it's fraud and he could end up going to jail for it. Fortunately, Alex receives a check for $100,000 from the lung cancer patient's lawyer. He's finally got his funding! "That bi---," he says jokingly through tears.

Callie says she doesn't want to go home until Sofia can, so Stark says as long as she passes a test, the whole family will be able to leave the hospital. April takes note of all the nice things Stark has done, telling him she's glad people are getting to know the Robert she has gotten to know. "It's Dr. Stark," he replies coldly.

Teddy shows up to Henry's place, and he's expecting that she's had another terrible date, but she's only come by to give him her leftovers and return to her date with Dr. Perkins, who has returned to town. And I was just starting to like Henry and Teddy!

Sofia gets to go home, but Callie starts to freak out, saying that Sofia is not ready. She's afraid to get back into a car because they both nearly died the last time they were in a car. Bailey explains that cars are not safe for children, but neither are bookcases and people who sneeze. This feeling will pass, Bailey says... mostly.

The episode closes on the arrival of Alex's children from Africa, Callie and Sofia's departure from the hospital and the start of a whole new family. 

What did you think of this week's episode? Are you excited for the wedding next week? Hit the comments with your thoughts.

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Returning from a long hiatus, Grey's Anatomy picks up with Callie's recovery. After her tragic car accident, she'll be desperate to see her baby, but the other doctors feel that she's trying to heal too quickly. Meanwhile, Derek wants to proceed more cautiously in the clinical trial after a patient dies, but Meredith decides to make a risky move... read more

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