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Grey's Anatomy Episode: "Disarm"

Season 7, Episode 11
Episode Synopsis: A mass shooting at a nearby college reopens some not-so-old wounds at the hospital. Meanwhile, Arizona returns to a welcome that's less than warm.
Original Air Date: Jan 6, 2011
Guest Cast Peter MacNicol: Phil Stark Tom Irwin: Officer Hancock Scott Foley: Henry
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Season 7, Episode 11
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Length: 43:30
Aired: 1/6/2011
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Grey's Anatomy Episode Recap: "Disarm" Season 7, Episode 11

After a gunman goes on a shooting rampage at a nearby campus, the doctors of Seattle Grace are faced with reliving their own traumas while putting Owen's disaster training to good use. Meanwhile, Callie does not welcome Arizona back with open arms.

The episode opens on a look into the progression of the couples:

Meredith and Derek have hate sex because she's frustrated he won't divulge what he and Cristina discussed on the fishing trip — she's also ovulating, so they need to do it.

Cristina and Owen share a beautiful moment, where Owen notes she looks happier.

Mark and Lexie have made up, in all the right ways.

Callie and Arizona are not on the happy train. Arizona is sitting outside Callie's doorstep hoping they can reconcile, but Callie tells her to go back to Africa.

Teddy and Henry are at City Hall planning to get married, they just need their witness. Owen shows up with a half-hearted attempt to get her not to do it, but Teddy is in a rush.

Though some couples have had a good morning, and others not so much, each is tested throughout the day as a catastrophe hits close to home. Cristina is the first to come across the commotion as she ventures through the city and sees many ambulances going by. Surprisingly, she heads towards the danger.

Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Arizona attempts to get her job back to no avail. They will need all hands on deck, though, as the doctors learn of a massive shooting at a nearby campus.

The Chief prepares the doctors for the incoming ambulances, calling the victims their brothers and sisters in this tragedy. Mark instructs Lexie to go help with the blood bank, so she won't get too emotionally invested. As the patients come in, Teddy and Owen realize they've had help in the field: Cristina has already cracked a guy's chest.

With such a huge tragedy, there are a lot of cases, so let's dive right in:

Alex and Stark work on a girl who, Stark insists, will need her leg removed. Seeing Arizona in the gallery, Alex pleads for her help. Arizona suggests doing a shunt, but Dr. Stark refuses to listen to her. She makes Alex body-block Stark so she can ask the Chief for privileges again.

Callie and Arizona then take over the patient. Despite them working together, Callie cannot forgive Arizona. They are able to save the patient and her leg, which Arizona hopes will break the ice. Of course, it doesn't. Arizona apologizes and says she is still in love with Callie and won't stop telling her that every day. Still, Callie's heart is broken and Arizona can't repair it or their relationship.

The Chief and April work on a police officer who may have seen the shooter. The police chief gets Chief Webber to wake the officer up so they can get information. The Chief is later forced to do his surgery in a trauma room, but it is successful.

Cristina and Teddy head to the OR with their patient. This is Cristina's first time back since her meltdown. The Chief enters to get information on their patient and reveals he is the shooter. When the nurse refuses to help, Jackson also gets angry, saying they are wasting resources by helping him. He and the nurse both walk out, but Yang decides to stay.

Meredith and Derek work on a professor who fell from a four-story building. While talking to his wife, Mer is able to unite some of the families who are waiting for news. Derek gets frustrated that Meredith keeps leaving the surgery to update the patient's wife. She finally goes off on him, saying that he and Cristina were not the only ones to go through a trauma — she was once the wife in the waiting room.

Mer leads the waiting families to the upper walkway, where they look out on a candlelight vigil being held in the parking lot. When she returns, the patient has crashed, but they're able to put him in a coma. The patient's wife is so grateful, she hugs Derek. Derek, in his own way, apologizes to Meredith and reveals that Cristina is in the OR.

April takes over outpatient recovery, which has turned into a war zone-like trauma center. April proved herself best to handle this situation after she won Owen's competition a few episodes back.

Sloane helps Lexie
with a patient when she starts to freak out. Mark insists Lexie use the drill, hoping it will get her back on her game.

Alex and Jackson take on Bailey's case when she has to move on. He starts to code, and Bailey screams to the heavens. Looks like someone heard her, because the next time they shock him, they get a pulse. Jackson later delivers the good news to his family, but sees the shooter's mother in the waiting room. She insists she knew nothing, and despite what he did, she just wants to know if he's alive. Despite his feelings, Jackson realizes this boy is just another person, so he updates her on his status.

At the end of the episode, each of the doctors file into the gallery to watch Teddy and Cristina finish their surgery. They successfully save the shooter's life, showing that no matter what trauma they all went through, they are able to rise above and do their jobs. Seattle Grace has healed.

The 26 patients, with no causalities, serve as a representation of each of the Seattle Grace doctors. They are saved, which makes them, at first, cry, but then start to laugh. It's very reminiscent of George's funeral, where the remaining members of the original fab five shared a laugh.

Closing moments: Arizona gets to return to the hospital, but she'll be working under Stark. Lexie tells Mark she loves him, which puts a big smile on his face. Teddy meets her new hubby at Joe's bar. While she is not in the best of moods, he wants to at least toast to their nuptials. With convincing, she concedes.

And the moment we've all been waiting for: Meredith and Cristina reunite. Boy, did I miss them! They truly are the best "couple" of Grey's Anatomy.

You've heard my thoughts on the episode, now share yours in the comments below.

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After a gunman goes on a shooting rampage at a nearby campus, the doctors of Seattle Grace are faced with reliving their own traumas while putting Owen's disaster training to good use. Meanwhile, Callie does not welcome Arizona back with open arms... read more

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