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Grey's Anatomy Episode: "That's Me Trying"

Season 7, Episode 7
Episode Synopsis: Owen puts the residents through a tough trauma-certification drill, pushing them to their limits. And Cristina faces a test when she's charged with monitoring a critically ill lung-transplant patient.
Original Air Date: Nov 4, 2010
Guest Cast Wynn Everett: Christy Mandy Moore: Mary Amber Benson: Corinne Melinda Page Hamilton: Dr. Jennifer Page Stanley Ryan Devlin: Bill Ron Perkins: Roy
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Season 7, Episode 7
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Length: 43:30
Aired: 11/4/2010
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Grey's Anatomy Episode Recap: "That's Me Trying" Season 7, Episode 7

In this week's episode of Grey's Anatomy, Owen sets up a mock-tragedy outside of the hospital so the doctors can learn about mass-trauma situations. Meanwhile, it's Teddy's turn to challenge Cristina by leaving her alone to monitor a lung transplant patient. Elsewhere, Bailey struggles to find the cause of Mary's death and Callie and Arizona prepare to leave for Africa.


The residents are preparing for an easy day in Owen's skills lab until he rushes in, pronouncing that there has been a mass trauma just outside the hospital. They go running into the ambulance bay only to find dummies strewn all over. The challenge: Save their patients, then they'll be certified.

After the first round of triage, Owen throws the doctors for a loop by adding additional symptoms. What's worse? It begins to rain. Alex, Jackson and April are the last team standing among the doctors, but when Jackson realizes Owen is purposely pushing them to their limits, he quits. Owen later goes off on Jackson for walking out, telling him that he's not allowed to quit.

Before another card can be added on top of one of the remaining dummies, April has already deduced what the new symptoms will be and has treated them. She decides that if the fake rescue helicopter isn't going to show up, she's going to use the ambulance nearby, despite it not being in the competition. If Owen can make up rules, so can she. Because of her unconventional methods, she's able to save two patients, and the blue team wins.

At the close of the episode, Alex and April celebrate their win at Joe's bar. There's a fleeting moment where we see April has developed a crush on him.


Teddy charges Cristina with monitoring their lung transplant patient while she goes off to pick up the new lungs. The patient's estranged daughter (played by Buffy alum Amber Benson) finally arrives at the hospital just as his heart begins to fail. Cristina freezes in fear, unable to help him. On top of needing new lungs, the patient will also need a new heart. 

After Owen realizes that Cristina is really flailing, he automatically certifies Meredith so she can go help her. "I don't need a babysitter," Cristina insists, sending Mer out to update the daughter, who worries about mending her relationship with her father in case he passes.

When Cris bails on prepping the patient, Meredith forces her to confront what's really going on. Cris yells that she's been ripped apart, wondering how the heck Meredith is OK through all of this. If it was any other patient than Derek during the shooting, Cristina would've walked away and she wouldn't be in this position, she yells before leaving Meredith in the dust to stew with guilt.

Following the successful surgery, the Chief congratulates Cristina. However, she decides to quit. "You were right, I can do it. I can still be a surgeon, I just don't want to anymore," she tells Owen.


Callie and Arizona are packing up their apartment while Mark hangs out, poaching their leftover appliances. Callie isn't too pleased that Arizona is giving away her stuff, which is the first of many fights in this episode. It's clear that Callie doesn't want to go to Africa.

The Chief complains that with both of them leaving, he has to replace two great doctors, which is a shame since he had big plans for Callie. Even worse, only Mark, Lexie and the Chief show up for their going away party because everyone else is busy. To avoid going home to finish packing, Callie stays for Lexie and Mark's surgery where they are giving a woman butt implants. Afterward, Mark and Callie say their goodbyes, but he thinks she shouldn't go because she's only doing it for Arizona. Because she loves Arizona, she's still going to go.

However, Arizona has taken note of how much Callie has been complaining about going to Africa. Arizona's getting her chance to live her dream, but Callie is ruining it for her. Callie admits she doesn't want to go to Africa, but she's going to anyways. Arizona tells Callie she doesn't want her to come. Callie threatens that if Arizona gets on the airplane, they're really over. "We're standing in the middle of an airport screaming at each other," Arizona says. "We're already over."

At the end of the episode, Mark checks out Lexie's butt at the bar, and she rebuffs him. But when she walks away, there's a giant smile on her face. There could be hope for this former couple!


Bailey sits in on the autopsy of Mary (Mandy Moore), desperately hoping to discover what went wrong with her surgery.  The pathologist she's working with doesn't seem to care about finding the source, and spends her time on the phone while doing the autopsy. Unfortunately, the autopsy ends up being inconclusive.   

Meanwhile, after Meredith discovers another grant Derek can apply for, he spends his time researching for his pitch. Learning more about Alzheimer's scares Derek because he ponders whether his wife will end up that way. 

When the pathologist refuses to cut open Mary's brain for at least two weeks, Bailey tries to get Derek to do it. He refuses because Bailey needs to learn to let this go. She retorts that he can't let go of the fact that Mer may inherit Alzheimer's long enough to even write his pitch. 

The episode closes on Derek telling Meredith he had the worst day because he couldn't focus on the grant. He can't have Meredith be involved because she's the sole reason he's doing this in the first place.

How heartbroken are you over Callie and Arizona's breakup? Were you surprised that Cristina quit? Do you like the idea of Alex and April? Sound off in the comments.

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In this week's episode of Grey's Anatomy, Owen sets up a mock-tragedy outside of the hospital so the doctors can learn about mass-trauma situations. Meanwhile, it's Teddy's turn to challenge Cristina by leaving her alone to monitor a lung transplant patient...

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