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Grey's Anatomy Episode: "Can't Fight Biology"

Season 7, Episode 4
Episode Synopsis: Meredith and Derek get bad news from an obstetrician; Lexie notices Meredith and April getting closer and isn't happy about it; Jackson tries to use his physical attributes in the OR; and Cristina and Owen go house hunting. Meanwhile, the surgeons must deal with the human wreckage caused by a car crash.
Original Air Date: Oct 14, 2010
Guest Cast Christian Clemenson: Ivan Fink Jacquelyn Houston: Realtor Diane Farr: Lila Frances Conroy: Eleanor Jon Curry: Fred Fisher
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Season 7, Episode 4
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Aired: 10/14/2010
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Grey’s Anatomy Episode Recap: "Can’t Fight Biology" Season 7, Episode 4

On this week's episode of Grey's Anatomy, Meredith faces whether she can still have children after the miscarriage. Meanwhile, Lexie gets jealous of Meredith and April's friendship, Jackson tries to use his charms on Teddy to get ahead in the program, and it's Bailey's turn to help Cristina recover from the shooting.

The episode opens on the very full Grey house, which includes Jackson, April, Lexie, Alex, Meredith and Derek all under one roof. Speaking of full frat houses, Mark interrupts Callie and Arizona's morning make-out session much to the latter's disappointment and frustration. Elsewhere, Cristina and Owen try to find a place of their own, but Cris isn't really into it.


Meredith and Derek discover that the miscarriage was not only due to the stresses of the shooting, but also because Mer has a "hostile uterus." While there is a treatment, there is also a chance she could have another miscarriage.

Mer takes on a Huntington's case where she discovers the patient is a lot further along than she's admitting. After hearing that the patient's mother had died for Huntington's, Mer decides to get tested for the Alzheimer's gene, which she fears her own mother has passed onto her.

Derek tells Meredith that she shouldn't get tested for Alzheimer's, but she worries she'll pass the gene onto their child, if they're even able to have one with her "hostile uterus." He doesn't care about all the tests and labs: "Let's just live," he says. "Whatever happens, happens."


At the hospital, the Chief attempts to convince Bailey to get rid of the clinic so they can save money. Bailey only has enough fight in her for one thing today: Having Cristina on her service. 

Their case involves a man who swallows worms in attempts to find a cure for asthma. Unfortunately, the worms have obstructed his bowels. The patient initially refuses surgery until his condition worsens. He pleads with Cristina to at least save the worms, but they're destroyed during the surgery.

Crushed, the patient decides he wants to do the test again, explaining that he loves what he does and wouldn't give it up for the world, which leaves a lasting impression on Cris.

Cristina ends up buying the old firehouse they checked out in the beginning of the episode, popping a bottle of champagne when Owen arrives. "You love this place and I love you," she says. Fire pole in her house: FTW.


Little Grey is having trouble with April taking over her space, and it doesn't help when the pair is forced to take on a case together. On top of finding out that April wants to move in the Grey house full-time, Lexie also discovers that April and Meredith are keeping secrets.

April continues to one-up Lexie throughout the day, which forces Lexie's hand to take a stand with the patient. It backfires, though, when they discover the patient was never really sick, rather, she purposely drove her car into a laundry mat to try to hurt her ex-husband.

Lexie goes off on Meredith, saying she's upset that she and April become so close, which leads to Meredith admitting she had a miscarriage. "You're not crazy, Lexie; you're a Grey," Mer says. In the end, Lexie finds some common ground with April, though does admit she'll kill her if she puts up a chore wheel.


After Arizona begs Teddy to start hooking up with Mark again, Teddy complains that she doesn't have time to sleep with anyone because of her inept resident. Jackson, said resident, overhears this, including the part where Teddy confesses he's good to look at.

When Meredith is able to edge Jackson out of the Huntington's surgery, he starts to use his sexuality and gorgeous blue eyes to land a place on her surgical team. Even through surgery, Jackson continues to use his charms in an attempt to do more advanced procedures, but Teddy doesn't budge.

Later, Teddy finds a shirtless Jackson in the locker room and tries to test him on her upcoming surgery. "Good, I'm relieved," she says when he's able to describe the procedure. "You're actually more than the pretty face you make yourself out to be." She warns him that if he tries to flirt with her again, there will be consequences.


Alex, Arizona and Callie treat a cancer patient who is also a dancer. Unfortunately, his chemo therapy didn't work and they'll have to amputate his leg. The patient shows the doctors what he can do on the dance floor in hopes they'll build him a leg that will let him continue to move that way.

Alex uncovers a surgery where they can remove the bone, zap it with radiation and put it back in. The patient asks Alex's opinion on what he would do. "If it was my arm and I couldn't operate anymore, I'd do everything that I could to keep it," he says. The surgery ends up being successful.

Arizona's continued frustration with Mark makes Callie realize she hates him. Arizona later admits it during surgery, noting that one of the major problems is that he stares at her boobs all the time. "Because they're good boobs," Callie retorts. Alex tells Arizona that it's not just Mark who stares at her boobs, so she should just deal. Arizona decides to go to dinner just with Mark in hopes of forming a bond.

What did you think of the episode? Is April growing on you? Discuss in the comments.

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On this week's episode of Grey's Anatomy, Meredith faces whether she can still have children after the miscarriage. Meanwhile, Lexie gets jealous of Meredith and April's friendship, Jackson tries to use his charms on Teddy to get ahead in the program, and it's Bailey's turn to help Cristina recover from the shooting.

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