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Grey's Anatomy Episode: "Superfreak"

Season 7, Episode 3
Episode Synopsis: Derek's estranged sister, Amelia (Caterina Scorsone), visits---and brings with her the issues that led to their estrangement. Meanwhile, the chief notices that Alex hasn't been taking elevators since his shooting, and tries to help; and Meredith and Derek keep trying to ease Cristina back into surgery after her PTSD episode.
Original Air Date: Oct 7, 2010
Guest Cast Caterina Scorsone: Amelia Omar Gooding: Danny Art Chudabala: Jerry Dana Davis: Gretchen Sean Carrigan: Todd
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Season 7, Episode 3
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Length: 43:30
Aired: 10/7/2010
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Grey's Anatomy Episode Recap: "Superfreak" Season 7, Episode 3

Amelia Shepherd, Derek's little sister, ventures to Seattle Grace in this week's episode of Grey's Anatomy. Prepare for drama, as the siblings have not been on speaking terms since Amelia's downward spiral into drugs after their father's murder. Meanwhile, Alex avoids using the elevators he nearly died in, and Meredith and Derek struggle to keep Cristina afloat when her post-traumatic stress affects her work.

The episode opens on Cristina waking Meredith in the middle of the night because she didn't want to be home alone. Derek wakes to a spooning session with Mer and Cris, uncomfortably turning over after he accidentally caresses the latter instead of his wife.

Later at the hospital, Dr. Perkins tells the attendings that Cristina isn't ready to go back to surgery, but Derek insists that she be put on his service. "If she goes, I go," Derek says. Outside, Cristina doesn't seem to care what happens with her, but ends up on Derek's service anyways.

Amelia goes in search of Derek at the hospital and runs into Mark, who does have a way with the women in Derek's life. "You still look hot," she exclaims, though he feels slightly uncomfortable since he still thinks of her as Derek's little sister.

Callie and Arizona enlist Teddy's help in figuring out when Owen and Cristina will be moving out. However, Teddy's dealing with problems of her own since Perkins is leaving the hospital. Teddy realizes she's gotten attached to him. "I'm not G.I. Jane; I'm Attachment Barbie," she says, nearing tears.

Cristina, Meredith and Derek come upon Amelia and her scoop du jour at the hospital. She deduced on the airplane ride to Seattle that the poor guy has a brain tumor and was hoping to use him as a peace offering to Derek. He's none too pleased to see her, still thinking she's his same-old wild-child sister. Derek reluctantly takes on the case with a little urging from Meredith.

While rolling a patient into the elevator, the Chief notices that Alex refuses to get on. Meredith tries to jump in on the case in his stead, but ends up stuck in the ER with April. They take on a case of a soon-to-be-bride who happens to be a virgin, which brings out a weird look from April. Wait, is she a virgin?

Bailey, Lexie and Jackson try to coax a reluctant patient out of his car to come inside the hospital. He has a severe case of HPV that has caused warts to spread all over his body, which shocks Lexie. She's now tied to the case, where she'll be working closely with Mark. Speaking of awkwardness, the patient's wife says he has to have the surgery to remove all the warts, even though they'll grow back, or she'll leave him.

Amelia begins to inquire how Derek felt being shot, but he dodges the bullet (so to speak) of QT with his sister by prepping for his upcoming surgery with Cristina. Amelia criticizes a despondent Cristina, which sets Derek off further.

For Amelia, Meredith writes Shepherd/Shepherd on the OR board so the siblings can do the surgery together. Derek objects, spouting off all of Amelia's misdeeds, which include: totaling his car while high on pain pills; stealing their mother's prescription pad; and overdosing and dying for three minutes.

Elsewhere, Cristina pages Owen to the on-call room to complain that Derek has turned into the KGB; he's always tracking her down. She asks Owen if he would love her if she wasn't a surgeon. "I would love you if you were a plumber," he says, "But would you love you if you weren't a surgeon?" (Oh Owen, this is why I love you.) Cristina admits she can't sleep when he's not around and he promises to always be there.

Callie asks Meredith to broach the moving-out subject with Cristina. Mer replies that Cristina has lost her way in the hospital, can't sleep without Owen in the house and they want to kick her out? "We're monsters," Callie says to Arizona immediately following.

Oh yeah, April is definitely a virgin. When the topic is discussed during surgery, she defends the patient's choice. It turns out, the patient had a condom in her lung. How does that even work?

When Owen worries that Mer and Cris are too close, Derek explains that the pair are like E.T. and Elliot. When one gets sick, the other does as well. Owen and Derek, on the other hand, are like the government guys in hazmat suits who just don't understand.

Alex, Jackson, Cristina and Meredith share their first times having sex while April looks on uncomfortably. She decides to create a fictional story of losing her virginity on the beach at sunset, but the tale starts to come apart as the docs figure out she's actually a virgin. I love Cristina telling Alex to go "deflower her" as he takes his lab coat off.

Amelia forces her way into Derek's OR. In the scrub room, she tells Derek that he needs to open up about what happened because he's not the only Shepherd man who got shot. Their father was murdered and Derek is being selfish for not talking about any of it. He tries to get her to leave, but concedes that with Cristina in the OR, he'll need Amelia's help.

Elsewhere, Sloan, Lexie and Bailey work on the HPV patient and attempt to cut off the tree-like horns on his hands. Lexie is still disgusted and wants to leave, which continues to worry Mark. Bailey later scolds the doctors for being inappropriate during surgery. The shoe is on the other foot, though, when a spider comes crawling out and Bailey loses it. I would've done the same thing!

April has a hard time telling the virginal patient what they found in her lung, so Meredith just spits it out. Her soon-to-be-hubby takes off in exasperation seeing as they've never had any kind of sex, not even oral. It's later revealed that she put a condom on a banana during her bachelorette party and accidentally inhaled it, so the couple makes up amidst laughter.

During Derek's surgery, Cristina has trouble so Amelia jumps in for her. Amelia is finally able to impress her brother during the surgery, though he really only has eyes for Cristina and her plight. When Amelia notes that Cristina is a dud, he freaks out, saying that Cristina saved his life. "Get the hell out," he shouts at her.

Derek tells Cristina that he wouldn't have picked her to be in his life. "But now we're family and that means I worry about you," he says. She's flaming out, and because he cares about her, it's not OK for her to act like this. People come and go, but Cristina is a one-of-a-kind surgeon. She finally opens up about the surgery where she saved Derek's life. She can only remember bits and pieces of the procedure, and when they come back to her, it's upsetting.

Derek decides that Cristina should relive his surgery by working on a cadaver. He asks her to walk him through it step-by-step in hopes that it will bring her out of this anti-surgery funk.

After the fourth time that the Chief notices Alex taking the stairs, he deduces that Alex is afraid to go back in the elevator after nearly bleeding to death in there during the shooting. So, the Chief makes Alex ride the elevator with him over and over again.

At the end of the night, Derek waits for Amelia outside the hospital. He describes the night that their father was murdered. He says that Amelia lunged forward when the gun went off, but he had been holding her back with one hand over her mouth in hopes the gunman wouldn't hear her. He explains that he's always wanted her to be the quiet, safe one, but she's the opposite. With an arm around her, he says he didn't tell her about when he got shot because he didn't want her to feel pain.

Arizona, Callie, Teddy and Bailey share the day's stories over a bottle of brandy. When Perkins enters, the girls leave to get a real drink. He asks Teddy to dinner, but she thinks they should just settle for a kiss on the cheek before he leaves the hospital. She admits she likes him more than she expected, despite knowing it was a short-term thing. He thinks she always falls for men who are unavailable. True!

At Joe's bar, the group continues to poke fun at the virginal April. Lexie, meanwhile, continues her struggle with everyone thinking she's crazy. "Nobody gives a crap if you're crazy; we're all crazy," Jackson says. April finally snaps, pointing out everyone's different inabilities, including Lexie's problem with Mark, who doesn't actually think she's crazy, he's really just in love with her. After April's rant, Meredith says what we're all finally thinking: "Oh April, I'm liking you more and more."

Cristina tells Owen she wouldn't mind being a plumber, but the moment is short-lived. A drunk Callie and Arizona burst in, ripping off their clothes and preparing for a fun night. Says Cristina: "We have to get our own place." There are no words for the look that was on Owen's face during this scene.

Lexie finally decides to give in to Mark's advances, but she walks in to see him and Amelia making out while heading into his apartment. Poor Lexie.

What did you think of the crossover episode? Were you happy to get to know Derek more? Should Amelia return to Seattle Grace often? Sound off in the comments below.

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Amelia Shepherd, Derek's little sister, ventures to Seattle Grace in this week's episode of Grey's Anatomy. Prepare for drama, as the siblings have not been on speaking terms since Amelia's downward spiral into drugs following their father's murder.

Meanwhile, Alex avoids using the elevators he nearly died in, and Meredith and Derek struggle to keep Cristina afloat when... read more

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