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Grey's Anatomy Episode: "Death and All His Friends"

Season 6, Episode 24
Episode Synopsis: Conclusion, Season 6 finale. Shooter Gary Clark (Michael O'Neill) remains on the loose, presenting Cristina and Meredith with major surgical challenges. Meanwhile, Bailey and Mary (Mandy Moore) must find a way to get the injured Charles to an ER.
Original Air Date: May 20, 2010
Guest Cast Tom Irwin: Officer Hancock Ryan Devlin: Bill Adam Shapiro: Pete Kelsey Scott: Karen Mandy Moore: Mary Michael O'Neill: Gary Clark Jeanette Brox: Shelley
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Season 6, Episode 24
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Aired: 5/20/2010
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Grey's Anatomy Episode Recap: "Sanctuary/Death and All His Friends" Season 6, Episode 24

In the two-hour season finale of Grey's Anatomy, a gunman terrorizes Seattle Grace, killing surgeons and anyone else standing in his way of finding his one target: Derek Shepherd. Meanwhile, Meredith has some big news for Derek that may alter their future.

 "For most people, the hospital is a scary place," Meredith kicks off the episode by saying in voice-over." A hostile place. A place where bad things happen," she continues as we see montages of Alex and Lexie catching some sleep in the on-call room, a woman mourning over the death of a loved one, and Richard explaining to a waitress that he's now been sober for six months.

"Most people would prefer church or school or home," she says as we see Callie and Cristina both crying into their cereal over their failed relationships.

"But I grew up here," she adds as she takes a pregnancy test. "While my mom was on rounds, I learned to read in the O.R. gallery, I played in the morgue, I colored with crayons on old E.R. charts. The hospital was my church, my school, my home. The hospital was my safe place, my sanctuary."

And as she learns that she is pregnant, she says, "I love it here. Correction, I loved it here." And we get our first glimpse of the shooter: Gary Clark, the man whose wife died in the hospital after Derek made the decision to pull the plug.

Meredith reveals the news of her pregnancy to Cristina. Not wanting to ruin the moment, Cristina says she's fine about the Teddy-Owen situation and urges Mer to go reveal the big news to Derek. However, Der's a bit flummoxed at the time with paperwork, so she wants to wait until that night. "There's going to be a lot of dirty sex for you tonight," she says.

In the shooter's first failed attempt to find Derek, Alex shoots him down, telling him to find a nurse. We then zoom in on Arizona's storyline, as one of her patients has appendicitis. She has plans to go into surgery later that day. Arizona then has her first run-in with Callie, who scorns her with the silent treatment. Speaking of problems, Owen is now practically shunned by both Cristina and Teddy. More on that later.

Elsewhere, we meet Bailey's new patient, Mary (played by Mandy Moore), who will be unable to go into surgery yet. So unfortunately, she has to have a colostomy bag for another day. Since she's not going to have surgery, her husband (played by Ryan Devlin) runs out to get her some real food.

Nurse Tyler tries to keep a woman out of her husband's E.R. room. After getting into a car accident, the patient got out to give his information, but the guy shot him and drove off. (Who else is betting that Gary Clark was the guy?) Owen allows the woman to say goodbye to her husband, much to Teddy's chagrin, who insists there isn't enough time. When Cristina gets upset she won't be joining in the surgery, Owen interjects, with Cristina snapping back.

Another failed attempt for Gary Clark to find the chief leads him into a storage room in the hospital. He asks Reed where Derek is, but she insists that she's busy, even going so far as to say she's a doctor, not a tour guide. Lesson of the day: Don't be rude. Just as she snippily rattles on, Gary shoots her between the eyes.

Alex hears the gun shot and comes to see what's going on. He takes a bullet in the side of the chest before Gary moves on. Alex crawls down the hall to the elevator, but he's in no capacity to push a button and be discovered by anyone.

After Cristina gives Teddy an update during surgery, Owen offers for her to scrub in, but she declines. He leaves the surgery to confront her anger, and it escalates into a full-on breakup. "Do you love her or do you love me?" Oops, don't take that long to answer Owen. "I'm done, we're done," Cris says before walking away.

Next lesson of the day: Watch where you're walking. While April is writing in her notebook, she trips over Reed's body, breaking her nose when she lands. But she notices there's way too much blood to be from her nose, and then turns to see Reed's dead body. She rushes to Derek's office, spluttering on that she never knew there could be so much blood in a human body. She finally reveals the Reed was shot in the head, leading Derek to call the police and institute a lockdown on the hospital.

Gary's next attempt to find Derek comes when he's in the elevator with Cristina. Unknowingly, Cristina describes exactly where Derek's office is...Oh Cristina, if you only knew. Thankfully, Gary is pleased by this information and doesn't put a bullet in Cris.

At the coffee shop, Richard notices hordes of police cruisers heading in the hospital's direction. Just as he runs out, we see Callie making her way to the pediatric wing. Perfect timing, they're now on lockdown, which means Callie and Arizona will be stuck on the same floor for quite a while.

Derek makes his way to the O.R. and tasks Avery with breaking the news to Teddy and Owen about the lockdown, but Avery must wait until the patient is stable. Avery has a heartbreaking moment as his hand proceeds to shake in surgery, but he can't reveal to Teddy and Owen why. Once it is revealed later, Owen and Teddy volunteer to take the patient through the dangerous halls, lest the patient die in the O.R.

As Mark tells Lexie he misses her, the gunman finally shoots in a public place, killing a nurse and sending everyone into a frenzy. Mark pulls Lexie over to the elevators to try to get her out of harm's way, but when they push the button, the door opens to a passed out Alex.

As Richard tries to get past the police to get into the hospital, we zoom over to Mark and Lexie bringing Alex's body into a conference room. Alex can't be moved because he's losing too much blood; there was no exit wound for his injury. "I'm going to kick that guy's a-- when I see him," Alex says through gritted teeth.

Cristina and Meredith wander through the hospital (come on!) on their way to find Derek to finally tell him the good news. Mer says that Cris will be the godmother to their child, meaning if Mer and Der die, Cris has to take care of the baby. "I have to admit, I kind of hope you and Derek die just a little bit," says Cris. Seriously? Derek finds them, pushing them into a storage closet before revealing that there's a shooter loose in the hospital.

Mary can tell something is wrong with Dr. Bailey, though just as she's questioning her, Dr. Percy comes rushing in. He reveals that there's a shooter in the hospital and that he's on their floor. Bailey peeks into the hallway to see Gary kill a security guard. She instructs Percy to hide in the bathroom and Mary to play dead as she jumps under the bed to hide.

Gary comes in their room and loses it further at the sight of Mary's seemingly dead body. He hears Percy in the bathroom and asks him if he's a surgeon. Next lesson of the day: Don't say yes to that question! He shoots him in the stomach, and then pulls Bailey from beneath the bed. Thankfully Bailey learned today's lesson and says she's a nurse. Gary reloads his gun and apologizes for the mess before walking out.

As Lexie and Mark work on Alex, he screams out in pain. Mark tells her to shut him up, but her shushing doesn't work. She finally sticks gauze in his mouth to damper the screams from attracting the gunman's attention. Lexie later volunteers to get Alex blood for a transfusion, sending her into the dangerous hallways of Seattle Grace.

Back at the peds wing, Arizona calls Callie out for being rude to her. Callie retorts that she tried to be her friend, but she'd rather hate her guts instead. Arizona says she's not the bad guy and that Callie may just be in love with love, and never actually loved her. They're interrupted by Arizona's appendicitis patient, who will need surgery immediately.

Bailey enlists Mary's help with trying to treat Dr. Percy. Bailey suddenly notices water on the gauze she just put on the wound. "Dr. Bailey, you're crying," Mary says. (Chandra Wilson is amazing!) "We're all going to fine," Bailey says, but Percy pleads with her to be honest with him. She says he's not going to die, but even I'm starting to get worried here.

Still being stuck in the storage room is about to be a problem for Cristina and Meredith, who says that she's been suffering morning sickness around this same time every day. Cris sees the shooter going down the hallway and figures out that he's hunting for Derek. Cue Mer puking.

The moment we've been dreading: Gary has finally found Derek on the cat walk. Derek tries to explain to him that everyone makes mistakes, that Derek knows Gary is actually a good man. All the while, Meredith and Cristina look on from across the hospital, with the latter holding Mer back.

Finally, Gary lowers his gun and we breathe a sigh of relief. Unfortunately, April has the worst timing ever as she runs out of Derek's office, elated that he's OK. Gary takes this opportunity to shoot Derek in the chest.

The second hour opens on April rattling off her life story in hopes that Gary will not shoot her as well. Gary tells her to run, leaving Derek to bleed out on the cat walk. The gunman also has to make his exit as he sees the SWAT team enter the hospital.

Meanwhile, Cristina tries to keep Meredith in the storage room, but you can't keep a wife from her hubby. She forcefully knocks Cris out of the way before running into the dangerous halls.

Speaking of, Teddy notes that it's ridiculous that she and Owen have survived wars and now they have to worry about a gunman in their hospital. She also says that Owen loves both she and Cristina and he must choose, but he declines, saying he's choosing neither.

As Richard yells at the police for not having enough information, various 911 calls come in from Miranda, Owen, Mark, and Cristina, who exclaim that Derek has been shot. As Meredith is trying to keep Derek conscious, Cris says that Derek is going to need surgery. Enlisting April's help, they move Derek down to the O.R.

Lexie comes face-to-face with Gary while getting blood and supplies for Alex. She's one of the few doctors who actually knows who he is. He reveals that his original plan was to only kill Derek, Richard and Lexie. Before he can shoot her, a SWAT team member shoots him in the chest, beckoning Lexie to run. When she makes it back to the room, she blames herself for Alex being shot and says that she loves him, much to Mark's dismay.

As Callie and Arizona treat the appendicitis patient, Gary enters the pediatrics wing. To stop Gary from harming anyone, Callie offers him bandages and asks him to leave. (Could anyone tell what Arizona was whispering while using her body as a shield over her patient?) Callie calms the patient by saying Arizona is the best doctor to fix her up, and the ice thaws between the two.

Derek promises Mer he's not going to die, as Cris and April go on the hunt to find Teddy. After Cris calms April down, they find Jackson, who decides that Cristina will have to operate on Derek. Cris tells Mer she's not allowed in the surgery, enlisting April's help to keep Mer in check.

Delusional from his loss of blood, Alex thinks Lexie is actually Izzie and begs her not to leave him again. Thankfully, SWAT shows up and is able to clear them out of the hospital.

Owen and Teddy make it out of the hospital with their patient, just as Richard finds a way of getting back in. After being patted down, Teddy realizes defeat in her relationship with Owen, and urges him to go back into the hospital to get his girl. 

Meredith tells April that she's not allowed to cry over Derek, that it took her forever to find love and concede to opening her heart to someone. "Reed was my best friend. She died today," April says as Mer takes her hand.

Back to Percy, who has no chance of living if he doesn't get to an O.R.  Bailey and Mary drag him to the elevator, but SWAT has already shut it down. Bailey finally loses it, screaming to the heavens in frustration. She admits to Percy that he is going to die, but he won't be alone. He asks that they tell Reed he was really in love with her and dies in Bailey's arms soon thereafter. 

Owen finally arrives to Cristina's O.R., but asks Meredith to stay put. Gary is already in there with a gun to Cristina's head, yelling for her to stop trying to save Derek. "This is the woman that I love," Owen says. "You shoot her, you touch her, and I will kill you."

"Shoot me," yells Meredith, explaining that Lexie is her sister, Richard is the closest thing he has to family and Derek is her husband; if he wants to hurt any of them, he should shoot her. "I'm your eye for an eye," she says. Before Gary can shoot, Cristina reveals that Meredith is pregnant. With his guard slightly down, Owen tries to jump in, but is shot in the chest.

Jackson and Cristina immediately stop working on Derek, with Jackson telling Gary that he'll die in moments. Meredith cries out, but the heart monitor goes dead, along with Derek. Once Gary leaves, Jackson reattaches the monitor leads. Yay, Derek is not dead! Thankfully, neither is Owen. Cristina yells to Meredith to take Owen across the hall and save him.

As Meredith tries to save Owen, she suddenly has a miscarriage, but can't let that stand in the way of her mission. It's so tragic, but at least now Meredith knows she wants to have a child, so I have a feeling we'll be seeing much more of that next season.

Richard roams the halls, finally coming face-to-face with Gary Clark. Apparently, in Seattle you can buy a gun really easily, Gary explains. He bought a ton of ammunition in preparation of coming there, but couldn't fit it all because he wanted to bring his flask, which leaves him with only one bullet left.

Gary's choice is to either kill himself or kill Richard, who declines to take a drink from Gary's flask before pouring it out. "What's it going to be Mr. Clark. Me or You?" Richard ponders, explaining that Gary's options are really only going to prison or living in the afterlife with his wife. "I've lived," Richard pushes, saying that death would just be "the end of a beautiful journey." We don't quite get to see the ending, but Gary is out of the picture.

At the end of the episode, we learn that Alex is fine, with Lexie clearly choosing him over Mark. The same can't initially be said for Derek, who codes on the table. Mary finally reunites with her husband, as Bailey tries to hunt down Dr. Reed and deliver Percy's final message. Arizona says to Callie that they'll have tons of kids; all she wants to do is be with her.

Cristina Yang for the win: She saves Derek's life, as Mer breathes a sigh of relief. The episode closes on Meredith throwing her pregnancy test in the trash before going to see her husband.

What did you think of the tragic finale? Was all that death really necessary? Do you think Meredith will be on the baby path next year? So much to discuss!

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In the two-hour season finale of Grey's Anatomy, a gunman terrorizes Seattle Grace, killing surgeons and anyone else standing in his way of finding his one target: Derek Shepherd. Meanwhile, Meredith has some big news for Derek that may alter their future.

 "For most people, the hospital is a scary place," Meredith kicks off the episode by saying in voice-over." A hostile place. A place where bad things happen," she continues as we see montages of Alex and Lexie catching some sleep in the on-call room, a woman mourning over the death of a loved one, and Richard explaining to a waitress that he's now been sober for six months.

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