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Grey's Anatomy Episode: "Shock to the System"

Season 7, Episode 2
Episode Synopsis: Meredith finally tells Derek about her miscarriage (and her pregnancy). She's also cleared to return to surgery, but Alex can't operate until he has the bullet removed from his chest, and Cristina experiences post-traumatic stress disorder in the OR while performing a surgery.
Original Air Date: Sep 30, 2010
Guest Cast Ashley Crow: Linda Camille Chen: Kerry Chuck Hittinger: Mitch Walter Perez: Russ John Walcutt: Paul
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Season 7, Episode 2
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Length: 43:30
Aired: 9/30/2010
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Grey's Anatomy Episode Recap: "Shock to the System" Season 7, Episode 2

In this week's episode of Grey's Anatomy, Meredith finally tells Derek she had a miscarriage, and she gets cleared for surgery. Meanwhile, Cristina has a breakdown during her first post-shooting surgery, and Alex can't get back into the OR until he gets the bullet removed from his chest.

The episode opens on Meredith crying her eyes out, but clearly she's acting. Even Perkins sees right through it and doesn't clear her for surgery. "Do you need a tissue or a hug or something?" he asks. "Go hug yourself," she spits back.

Over in Cristina and Owen's bed, Cris finally feels the weight of the ring on her finger. "We're just married and we're just going to get up and go to work like always," he says in attempt to calm her down. His comments about soapy sex and wanting to wash her hair don't really help either.

In the locker room, the new kids are gawking at the survivors, namely Lexie, who doesn't take well to staring. Cristina questions whether Mer felt different after the post-it marriage, though concedes that it will take some time. Fortunately, Owen has booked her into surgery, despite the fact that she hasn't been cleared by Perkins yet.

After spending the night in the slammer, Derek is dropped off at the hospital by the police. He's a bit furious with Meredith, who runs off before they get into the nitty-gritty.

Elsewhere, Arizona pushes Callie to redecorate their place. She says it needs to be more smiley, rather than edgy. One doesn't want to live in the bat cave, and the other doesn't want to live in an Easter basket. This is going to be a problem.

Speaking of edgy, Bailey bumps into Alex and realizes he still has a bullet in his chest. She gives him an ultimatum to get the bullet removed or she won't let him back in the OR.

Both Owen and Teddy plead with the Chief to get Cristina back in the OR, even though she hasn't been cleared. He reluctantly agrees and we find Yang teaming up with Owen and Teddy on a case she's actually had before; one with Burke around the time that they were going to get married. Awkward! The look on Jackson's face is pretty much the best part.

A flag football team is rushed into the hospital after lightening struck their field. So basically, it's a field day for the doctors. Most of the team is suffering from paralysis, and also a bad case of having the hots for the one girl on the team. Factoid-filled Lexie starts spouting off statistics on lightning strikes and, per usual, yet Meredith and Mark think she's losing it again.

Lexie is still avoiding Mark, who turns to Callie for advice: "What's the appropriate amount of time to wait before you propose?" he asks, much to Callie's amusement who says he has to wait much longer.

Back to the flag football drama, each of the guys wants to tell Carrie they're in love with her, but she only has eyes for Warren, and lets him proclaim his love first. Ruh-roh, that's not love, that's blood coming out of his mouth. Factoring in that Carrie likes him and now he's heading for surgery, my money is on him kicking the bucket.

Bailey needs someone to scrub in on Warren's surgery, but still refuses to let Alex in the OR. Meredith tries to jump in, but April cuts her off, saying she hasn't been cleared yet. "If we're going to be friends, you have to stop doing that," Meredith says.

Arizona doesn't seem too pleased when Teddy asks about her and Callie moving in together. The conversation moves on to Teddy's love life, though she realizes she doesn't know much about Perkins since she does all the talking.

Meredith spends her time watching Wheel of Fortune since it's the only thing she's cleared to do. Cris comes to her side and questions once again whether Meredith has revealed the miscarriage to Derek, but still no dice.

The Chief goes off on Derek for spending the night in jail, but Richard's eyes slightly light up when Derek goes into detail about what it's like to speed down the highway and cut tight corners. I'm guessing Patrick Dempsey, a car aficionado, loved spouting those lines.

The boys then plan to head out on the road, but are interrupted by Lexie, who just saw raw footage of the flag football team being struck by lightning. She realizes Carrie's paralysis won't go away, like the rest of her team, because she was tackled by Warren. Because she discovered this, Derek rewards her by letting her scrub in. 

Meanwhile, Jackson notes that Cristina is "back" after she gets snippy with him while scrubbing in. After a tray drops, Cristina's PTSD hits home and she collapses into a panic on the floor. Meredith rushes into the OR, despite not being allowed, to help her "person." In true Grey's fashion, laying on the floor Meredith tries to calm her, but Cristina says she feels paralyzed. Wow, Sandra Oh is amazing in this scene. The tear drop running across Cris' face to the OR floor: Emmy reel? Yes.

Realizing that people get struck by lightning and die, Mark calls Callie out saying he should be able to skip steps and propose to Lexie. He just wants to make Lexie happy, and Callie concedes to letting him do it.

Meredith and Derek have a fight because she spends every day worrying about everyone in the hospital and that Derek will die while speeding in his car. When he says they're going to be OK, she finally admits she had a miscarriage. The only way he can help her is to quit speeding.

Meanwhile, Owen finds Cristina in the locker room and she tells him he was wrong for letting her go back into surgery. Owen says he knows what she's feeling, but she says she doesn't feel anything at all. The one place that she always felt safe was the OR, but now she doesn't know where she fits in. Cris says she's sorry as she puts her ring in Owen's hand and walks away. What?!

Warren goes to Carrie's room to apologize for hitting her, and it seems like he doesn't remember confessing his love to her. She admits that she loves him and they share a happy moment. Lightning struck twice for them. Aww. 

And the closing moments...

Bailey pages Alex into surgery, but it's actually for him. She wants to remove the bullet from his body because she doesn't need a constant reminder of the shooting.

Derek and Meredith come home to find Cristina on their couch, which doesn't bode well for her marriage to Owen. 

Mark goes after Lexie, who proceeds to yell at him for treating her like a basket case. His moment to profess his love for her is marred by the fact that she wants him to leave her alone. Ho hum.

Following that, Mark tells Callie to paint the apartment whatever color Arizona wants. She's at least got a girl, and she needs to make some sacrifices.

Another moment on the floor between Meredith and Cristina, who thinks she got married for the wrong reasons. Owen rushes in and says that Cristina doesn't feel anything, she feels everything. Most of all, he says he's not going anywhere without her, so Cristina decides to go home with him.

"I had already fixed her before you came, but that was a nice speech," Meredith says.

The final moment finds Meredith back with Perkins saying she's given up, realizing she has no control. That's when he finally decides to clear her. With a smirk, she walks out and we wait another week to see Meredith actually back in the OR.

What did you think of Thursday's episode? Can Cristina and Owen survive? Will Derek slow down now that he knows Meredith had a miscarriage? Discuss below!


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In this week's episode of Grey's Anatomy, Meredith finally tells Derek she had a miscarriage, and she gets cleared for surgery. Meanwhile, Cristina has a breakdown during her first post-shooting surgery, and Alex can't get back into the OR until he gets the bullet removed from his chest...

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