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Grey's Anatomy Episode: "Sweet Surrender"

Season 5, Episode 20
Episode Synopsis: Izzie won't let her taxing cancer treatments stop her from helping to plan Meredith and Derek's wedding. Meanwhile, Callie's father (Hector Elizondo) isn't happy when she introduces Arizona as her girlfriend to him; George shines---and Alex doesn't---in a trauma surgery; and Owen seeks out help for his post-traumatic stress disorder.
Original Air Date: Apr 23, 2009

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Season 5, Episode 20
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Aired: 4/23/2009
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Grey's Anatomy Episode Recap: "No Good at Saying Sorry (One More Chance)" Season 5, Episode 20

This week on Grey's Anatomy, we get a look at how some of our favorite docs feel about their parents when Izzie's mom surfaces by surprise and Mer and Lexie's dad returns with an important agenda. Meanwhile, Callie struggles with her own parental issues after her father cuts her off.

This week, the whole Seattle Grace gang assembles in Izzie's room to help perform a taste test in an effort to solidify Mer/Der's wedding menu. Meanwhile, its Derek's turn to try out wedding gear in the form of a fashion show not unlike the one Meredith gave last week. All I can say is, who cares what's on the menu when you have Dr. Shepherd to feast your eyes on? De-licious! And once again, it's nice to see all of the docs appear on-screen together in a light-hearted ensemble piece.

However, it's not long before the docs disperse and Robbie Stevens (Sharon Lawrence) pops through the door with her psychic friends on speed dial. Mama Stevens proves to be just as energetic and chatty as Izzie (aka "Cricket"), and it turns out they both have a thing for Alex who Robbie deems as "young and yummy."

It takes a while for Robbie to get a full grasp on just how serious her daughter's condition has become and when she does, it's heartbreaking to see her reaction. Seriously, the analogy Izzie gave her regarding the tumor "grammy" had on her thyroid was just too much, but Sharon Lawrence did an awesome (Emmy worthy) job of portraying her character's overwhelming shock and grief.

Knowing that the truth was too much for her mom to take, Izzie then designed a back-up plan with Bailey to cover up any future bad news (i.e. her scan results) and send her mom on her way. Bailey sticks to the plan and reports back to Robbie that "the cancer is practically gone," when the truth is, Izzie still has cancer mets and needs surgery. So, while Robbie takes comfort in the "good" news, Bailey assumes a different kind of motherly role for Izzie by helping to keep her fighting spirits up.

Twenty-nine days sober, Thatcher Grey resurfaces at Seattle Grace and asks the Chief to help him achieve Step 9 of his program, which involves taking responsibility for his addiction and making amends with those he loves. It was certainly interesting seeing these two sit down in the same room together, given their rocky past, but as Thatcher wryly hinted, sobriety is "one more thing we have in common."

When Thatcher finally gets his chance to apologize to Meredith and Lexie, he knowingly says, "I don't deserve your forgiveness." Lexie is almost immediately moved to tears, while Mer sternly thanks him and wishes him good luck as she walks out the door.

So, while things remain icy between Mr. Grey and Mer, it looks as though Lexie is ready to give her dad another shot, which includes introducing him to her new, older boyfriend! Though Mark wasn't initially eager at the thought of it (after all, he is closer in age to her dad than he is to her), Mark eventually comes around and joins the duo for dinner. The end result, a slightly awkward introduction at the table, but a touching moment overall.

As if Meredith didn't have enough going on with Papa Grey this week, she was also at odds with the Chief. What set them off was the arrival of a little girl who had intentionally shot her abusive father, landing her, her dad and her mom at Seattle Grace for medical attention. The problem was, the little girl's mom kept trying to redesign the true story to make it sound like the 17 shots her daughter fired off were accidental. However, the truly heartbreaking part was watching the mom trying to convince the little girl to go and apologize to her father before he went into surgery. And that was pretty much what sent Meredith over the edge.

Drawing on her own memories of being a kid who no one ever stood up for, Mer immediately came to the little girl's defense by chastising the mother for not protecting her daughter. It was an intense scene followed by an even more intense altercation between Mer and the Chief, who felt she was out of line for talking to the patients that way. To further drive home his point, the Chief then told Mer to stay away from the family or risk suspension.

In the end, Mer chose to take that risk and speak her mind anyway by telling the girl's mom, "you have to change her story." It worked too, because eventually the mom developed the guts to confront her husband and let him know that she and her daughter, "we're leaving for good."

As Mer began to pack her things for disobeying orders, the Chief appeared for one final confrontation...but this time, it was just what the doctor ordered. In one of the most engaging moments I can recall between these two characters, the Chief finally said the words Meredith longed to hear, "I should have fought for you Meredith, like you fought for that child one stood up for you; I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry." And with that, a tearful Mer laid her head on Richard's shoulder.

It's amazing how much three little words can affect you, especially when someone you've had such an emotional history with tosses you off with phrases like, "take care now," and "hey there, now," which is exactly what Owen did to Cristina. Not only that, but it also seemed like Owen didn't want her to be a part of their surgery this week, opting to use George instead and send Cristina to do "menial" things like retrieve a bag from his truck.

At first, Cristina was at a complete loss on how to respond to Owen, but eventually she got her groove back and flat out confronted him by suggesting he was "just a choke 'em and forget 'em kind of guy." Owen struggled for a bit, but eventually confided in her that he's been seeing a shrink and that his 3-word responses to her as of late were part of his coping process, despite the fact that he's really dying to say 3 other, very special words to her (I love you). Cristina quietly thinks it over and decides to walk away, but not before telling him to "take care now."

This week, Callie got a case that brought a smile to her face when she learned that a woman had fallen out of tree and broken all of her limbs. Not that she was happy about the woman's misfortune, of course, but the prospect of putting her back together was what excited Torres.

As it turns out, Willow (Megan Henning) was living in a tree for the last few weeks in an effort to prevent builders from knocking it down and turning the land into condos. When Willow wouldn't vacate, the builders sent in bulldozers. Willow's determination to stand up for what she believed in inspired Callie to stay true to herself and not lie to her parents about breaking up with Arizona just to get back in their good graces.

Oh, and I have to give a shout out to guest star Kellie Martin as Willow's sister, Julie!

Best lines of the night:
• "Who called her?" — Izzie asking about her mom through gritted teeth

• "Did we kill anyone important that we don't remember?" — Meredith to Lexie after being paged by the Chief

• "She lived in a tree and crapped in a bucket." — Callie

• "If he's there, I won't be — and I have to be there because I'm the bride." — Meredith talking about the Chief (when they were still at odds)

• "When we get it right, I'm sorry is perfect." — Meredith

Click here if you want to check out the real wedding website Izzie has been working on.

Next week is the 100th episode and so far, it looks like the Mer/Der wedding is still in the cards (barring any Shonda-inspired obstacles). Do you think this duo will finally get to say, "I do"?

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This week on Grey's Anatomy, we get a look at how some of our favorite docs feel about their parents when Izzie's mom surfaces by surprise and Mer and Lexie's dad returns with an important agenda. Meanwhile, Callie struggles with her own parental issues after her father cuts her off.

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