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Episode Recap: Spring Broke Season 1, Episode 22

Oh man, it’s time for the most wonderful college tradition. A booze-filled week of partying on the beach, SPRING BREAK! Rusty is packing for the beach, while Dale is going wild turkey hunting. (Why doesn’t that surprise me?) ZBZ is closed for the week which means Casey and Ashleigh can cross off the few remaining things on their spring break to-do list from freshman year. Kappa Tau takes the school bus that has faithfully taken them to 32 beaches.
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Episode Recap: Barely Legal Season 1, Episode 21

This episode made happy for so many reasons. Happy I decided not to go to grad school, happy I don’t have Ashleigh’s spending problems and oh so happy that I’m legal (and gave away my own fake ID).
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Episode Recap: Tale of Two Parties Season 1, Episode 20

Rusty has certainly been having fun with Tina and is learning the definition of a hookup buddy. A confused Rusty would rather have a girlfriend and goes to his sister for advice, but that’s kind of weird/gross so Ashleigh steps in to help. Cappie also offers some words of wisdom: act like a jerk and eventually she’ll dump him for someone better.
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Greek Episode Recap: "No Campus for Old Rules" Season 1, Episode 19

So sorry for the delay! Due to a suddenly broken TiVo and other technical difficulties, I wasn't able to catch this episode until it replayed Tuesday at midnight. (That's right I stayed up just for you!) We've already waited long enough, let's not waste any time and get right to the good stuff. read more

Mr. Purr-fect Season 1, Episode 18

When a series of bizarre fraternity-coaching competitions pits the Zeta Beta sisters against one another, Casey develops a crush on a Lambda Sigma brother, and Rebecca is assigned to help the Kappa Taus, putting her relationship with Cappie to the test. read more

47 Hours and 11 Minutes Season 1, Episode 17

Parents' Weekend causes dilemmas as Rusty worries about Kappa's reputation as a party house, Rebecca hesitates to tell her father that she's dating slacker Cappie, and Dale regrets inviting his folks to share in his college experience. read more

Moveon.Cartwrights Season 1, Episode 16

Determined to move on after their recent failed relationships, Rusty and Casey take action: Rusty enlists Dale to help him get a date, and Casey comes to terms with her split from Evan when a majority of her Zeta sisters want to reunite with the Omegas. read more

Freshman Daze Season 1, Episode 15

With the annual Greek Ball on the horizon, Casey and Cappie recall a fateful development from their freshman year, and Casey is also reminded of a selfless act by Frannie that had a major impact on her life. read more

War & Peace Season 1, Episode 14

Rusty's friendship with Calvin suffers when the rivalry between the Kappas and the Omegas escalates into a seesaw battle of practical jokes. Meanwhile, Casey makes a risky decision to bring an end to Lizzi's overbearing supervision. read more

Highway to the Discomfort Zone Season 1, Episode 13

Omega Chi becomes the victim of Kappa Tau's pranks when Cappie seeks to get even with Evan for blowing the whistle on their recent underground festivities. Meanwhile, Casey's rivalry with Rebecca intensifies when she learns about Rebecca's new relationship. read more

The Great Cappie Season 1, Episode 12

Hoping to sneak around Dean Bowman's probationary despotism, Casey tries to liven up the Zeta Betas by joining forces with Cappie and his Kappa Tau brothers to plan a Prohibition party with a Great Gatsby theme. read more

A New Normal Season 1, Episode 11

As a new semester begins, Casey adjusts to being sorority president after Zeta's fall from grace and her split with Evan. Meanwhile, Rusty tries to forget about Jen K., Calvin mulls rejoining the Omegas, and Cappie and Rebecca keep their fling a secret. The Plain White T's perform at an all-Greek carnival. read more

"Black & White and Read All Over" Season 1, Episode 10

So much drama this week! Glad we’re ending the season with a bang.The episode kicks off with the revelation that someone anonymous wrote an exposé of the Greek system in the CRU school paper, which included tons of personal details about Casey and the ZBZs. In the wake of the scandal, the dean of the school threatens the continued existence of the Greek system, prompting Cappie and the Kappa Taus to head underground. Frannie also initiates a search for a rat in ZBZ at Casey’s prompting, and they set their sights on Rebecca. In the midst of the scandal, Ashleigh gets last-minute notice that secret-boyfriend Travis is coming for a visit. She gets a cheap hotel room in which to entertain him since the ZBZ house is a no-go, and Calvin is charming as usual in helping her prep. Ash finally decides to dump Travis and put the moves on Calvin. Calvin rejects her advances and tells her he’s gay, and she freaks and leaves. Best-line-of-the-night award again goes to Ashleigh... read more

"Depth Perception" Season 1, Episode 9

Sorry for the delay, folks: I moved this weekend and it turns out my new residence’s cable service doesn’t include ABC Family. Unfathomable.This week's A-plot centers on the fight to be crowned Omega Chi sweetheart, with new nominee Casey battling it out against Frannie, who has learned she won’t be graduating after all and is therefore throwing herself back into ZBZ. Much to Casey’s chagrin, Frannie does everything she can to undermine or outright sabotage Casey’s candidacy, but it’s apparently not enough (or too much?) and Casey is victorious. Afterwards, Frannie drowns her sorrows and threatens that, like Al Gore, someone can win the popular vote but not be elected president.Meanwhile, Rusty and Jen K. are enjoying their young love, but having Dale as a roommate makes for an awkward sexile situation. Hurt that Rusty is ignoring him, Dale lashes back with passive aggression and then outright hostility through closet-hiding, milk-buying and the usual. ... read more

"Separation Anxiety" Season 1, Episode 8

Best line of the night: "I’m also growing out my bangs, which requires extra sleep," a peeved Ashleigh tells Casey, explaining why she’s too busy to help her plan the ZBZ community service project. For when Frannie announces that the sorority needs to up its philanthropy hours, Casey helms the service effort, even without the support of Ashleigh, who’s still bitter over Casey’s perfidy in the Travis breakup sitch last week. Casey dons her best twinset and headband to volunteer the girls to perform some sort of weird "edutainment" play at the Christian after-school program run by Dale, who's now crushing on Casey. In the mean time, Ashleigh gets busy befriending Rebecca, who exhibits a bit more of a human side this week with a little backstory about her parents and friends at home in D.C. Meanwhile, after Jen K. tells Rusty that her old high school boyfriend never took the lead in their relationship, Rusty decides to up his game by blurting out "I love you" over t... read more

"Multiple Choice" Season 1, Episode 7

After last week’s detour we now return to our regularly scheduled plotlines, and it’s midterm time here at Cyprus-Rhodes. At Chi Omega, midterm season means Calvin and Evan continuing their blossoming friendship by studying together like the upright students they are, while the Kappa Taus are busy distributing old test files as “study aids.” Rusty is incredulous about the cheating and says he’s never gotten less than an A before. With students ranging from Rusty-quality to, say, Beaver, what caliber school is Cyprus-Rhodes meant to be, anyway?In any case, Rusty’s plotline involves the question of whether he should cheat or not after the professor springs an unmanageable amount of new work on the honors physics class. With even pious Dale doing uppers to keep his A-game, Rusty wonders why college is turning out to be “just a four-year course on how to get by and beat the system.” He tries studying and in the end buys a set of candy bars with fo... read more

"Freaky Friday" Season 1, Episode 6

Tonight, on a very special episode of Greek, it’s Teen Slasher Night! Apparently, our regularly scheduled plotlines will resume next week. So, we’ve got three separate horror-movie-themed plotlines. Random much?At Zeta Beta Zeta headquarters, Casey has planned a sleepover for the pledges as some sort of ploy to get them to like her and thus to support her bid for president. Ah, the magical bonding power of Trust Falls. But with Rebecca’s discovery of a ouiji board, Casey’s plans take ta back seat. Turns out there was a ZBZ named Virginia Horton who lost the sorority’s presidential election by just one vote and subsequently hanged herself. “Pathetic!" deems Rebecca, who gets her comeuppance when the peeved “ghost” and the other girls turn against her. Casey saves the day with a mock election to prove the late Virginia as the rightful winner of the presidential election, and everyone happily resumes the sleepover festivities. Super!Meanwhile, at... read more

Liquid Courage Season 1, Episode 5

Rusty's science background becomes invaluable to Kappa Tau when its volcano for a Mount Vesuvius bash fails to blow its top. Meanwhile, Casey meets Evan's parents, but she's overshadowed by Rebecca's surprise appearance. read more

Picking Teams Season 1, Episode 4

A fraternity floor-hockey tournament causes Evan to doubt Casey's allegiance to his Omega team; Dale devises a plan to help the awkward Rusty play for the Kappas. read more

The Rusty Nail Season 1, Episode 3

Casey sees trouble ahead when Cappie sets Rusty up on a date for a fraternity mixer. Meanwhile, Ashleigh misjudges Calvin's intentions after he volunteers for Zeta's party-planning committee. The band Plain White T's perform. read more

Hazed and Confused Season 1, Episode 2

During initiation week, Casey gets back at Rebecca by saddling her with a difficult scavenger hunt. Meanwhile, Rusty deals with a scheduling conflict involving a physics exam and a fraternity beer-pong tournament. read more

Pilot Episode Season 1, Episode 1

Rusty gets caught up in fraternity rush, but a chance encounter alters his final decision; Casey tries to land a prospective Zeta member while adjusting to her brother's presence on campus. read more

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