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Latest Episode: Save the Last Chance [HD]

Nov 26, 2012 Season 6 Episode 7 watch on (Paid)

Serena and Dan decide to make amends with those they have wronged. Chuck is close to getting the evidence he needs against his father, but a close ally reveals his plan.

Monstrous Ball

Nov 12, 2012 Season 6 Episode 5

After Blair's mother, Eleanor (recurring guest star MARGARET COLIN), gives Blair an ultimatum, Blair is even more determined to remedy Waldorf Designs' problems by making a splash with a dress at the upcoming Cotillion - but a shocking revelation at the ballaffects everyone. Serena becomes worried about Steven's (recurring guest star BARRY WATSON) attitude toward her, but after some investigating she discovers the surprising reason why. Chuck finds an unlikely ally as he tries to drive a wedge between Bart (recurring guest star ROBERT JOHN BURKE) and Lily's relationship to help expose his father's secret. Meanwhile, Dan publishes another article, but the effect is just the opposite of what he was hoping for.
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Portrait of a Lady Alexander

Nov 05, 2012 Season 6 Episode 4

Chuck's continued investigation into his father's dealings leads him to an unlikely event with Manhattan's elite, where he hopes to find the one person who can tell him the truth about Bart (recurring guest star ROBERT JOHN BURKE). Serena and Steven (recurring guest star BARRY WATSON) decide to reveal their romantic histories so they aren't surprised by anything, but neither is prepared for what is uncovered. With The Spectator in jeopardy after Dan decided to publish elsewhere, Nate must make a difficult decision to keep it in business. Meanwhile, Georgina (recurring guest star MICHELLE TRACHTENBERG) pushes Dan to choose a worthy person to date in an effort to boost his image, but he finds himself drawn in a different direction.
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Dirty Rotten Scandals

Oct 22, 2012 Season 6 Episode 3

Blair relies on help from an unlikely source to make her first Waldorf Designs fashion show a success, but unexpected scheming causes a scandal on the runway. ALEXA CHUNG appears.
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