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Gossip Girl Episode: "The Unblairable Lightness of Being"

Season 3, Episode 18
Episode Synopsis: Chuck hosts a traditional wedding for Dorota, and he and Blair participate in the ceremony. Meanwhile, Serena lies to Nate and meets with Carter; and Rufus realizes Lily hasn't been truthful about where she's been.
Original Air Date: Apr 12, 2010

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Season 3, Episode 18
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Length: 42:21
Aired: 4/12/2010
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Gossip Girl Episode Recap: "The Unblairable Lightness of Being" Season 3, Episode 18

Wedding bells rang in New York City this week, and this time the happy couple was Dorota and Vanya. Naturally, the joyous event went off without a hitch. Oh, who are we kidding? In true Gossip Girl tradition, the nuptials were surrounded by drama, including a hookup, a breakup, lies and schemes.

The Happy Couple
Dorota was in hysterics as the episode began because her parents were going to be visiting her soon and they had no idea she was pregnant and unmarried. Eleanor suggested a quick trip to city hall, but Dorota explained that she did this for her first marriage in Poland (Dorota revealed that she's a divorcee!), and because she did not follow tradition, that marriage was cursed. Chuck stepped up to save the day and offered to throw Dorota and Vanya a traditional Polish-Russian wedding (despite my last name, I have no insight into whether the traditions on display were indeed accurate). Of course, Chuck's motives were more about repairing his fractured relationship with Blair than helping Dorota, but it was a nice gesture nonetheless.

Cyrus was also in a very generous mood: He got Dorota and Vanya an apartment in Queens as a wedding present. Initially, Eleanor balked at this because she felt such a gift was too extravagant for her maid. Cyrus pointed out that Dorota was more than just a maid and that she practically raised Blair. This was obviously a sore spot with Eleanor, however, after Eleanor witnessed a warm moment of Dorota comforting an upset Blair, she told Cyrus that he was right, Dorota was indeed family — and she even went so far as to admit that she herself could have been a better mother to Blair.

The Not-So-Honest Couples
Blair wasn't ready to tell Serena what happened with her and Chuck and Jack, but she did question why she and Chuck couldn't be as honest as Nate and Serena were, and she envied how Nate and Serena didn't play games. Blair had no idea that Serena lied to Nate that very morning: She told him she was having breakfast with the Humphreys, when really, she was meeting with her ex-boyfriend Carter. Nate soon found out about this after running into Carter and getting confirmation from Jenny, who was of course eager to tattle that Serena had not had breakfast with her family.

When Nate started to confront Serena, she admitted to seeing Carter (though she still lied and made it seem like she bumped into him out of the blue), but Nate pointed out that she was only admitting to things because she got caught. After Serena stormed off, Jenny was right there to chat with Nate and "suggest" that they see what was in the envelope Carter gave Serena (Jenny grabbed the envelope out of Serena's purse and opened it, finding a hotel-room key). Before the wedding ceremony, Nate confessed to finding the key and Serena finally admitted the truth: Carter was helping her find her dad, and she was too nervous to tell Nate this from the outset. Nate then told her to stop seeing Carter, and Serena didn't appreciate him trying to tell her what to do. Once Carter secured the info about Serena's dad, Serena headed to the airport with him. However, she soon realized that Carter had been sitting on this info for a week and that he was trying to win her back. So she threw him out of the car and headed to find her dad on her own.

Serena was by no means the only one in her family keeping secrets. Eric didn't want to tell his new crush, Elliot, that he was gay, because he was worried that Elliot wasn't. Elliot showed up at Dorota's wedding — with his girlfriend in tow. This crushed Eric, until he learned that Elliot's girlfriend left because he was talking about Eric too much. Elliot then admitted to Eric that he likes both boys and girls. And Serena and Eric's mother also got caught in a lie: Rufus found out Lily wasn't with Cece at Canyon Ranch. Cece wouldn't tell him where Lily was, but Serena accidentally found out: The person who opened the door at Daddy Van der Woodsen's place was none other than Lily.

The Sick and Twisted Couple
As if we needed further proof that Chuck and Blair belong together, we now know that like Blair, Chuck also has dreams that resemble old movies (in the opening sequence, Blair was being taken away from him in a black-and-white dream). They both deal with being sad and hurt the same way, too: They lock themselves in their rooms and don't come out for days (though only Chuck's self-imposed seclusion includes lots of drinking). Thanks to Nate and Serena, both emerged from hiding, and Chuck did his best to win Blair back.

Chuck brought Blair flowers and a necklace; he helped Dorota; he apologized; he talked about how they were "magnetic" as a couple; and he again professed his love for her. Though he did all of this sincerely, it just wasn't enough. Because Blair not only had trouble forgiving him, she had trouble forgiving herself and the role she played in last week's incident. (It's true, they both crossed a line in their scheming with Jack, but one person's motives were more selfish: Blair did it for Chuck, and Chuck did it for himself.) Dan, one of Blair's least favorite people, tried to give her a pep talk in which he said if there was ever a pair that was meant to be together, it was Blair and Chuck. Blair interpreted this to mean that she and Chuck were so "sick and twisted" as a couple that they deserved each other, because who else would want them. When she shared this opinion with Chuck, he didn't agree with it — he didn't want Blair to view being with him as a form of settling.

Blair did her best to try and put on a happy face for Dorota's wedding, but eventually she broke down. She told Chuck that she loved him too much — that her love for him had her cross a line that made her ashamed, and that she wasn't happy with who she had become with him. Chuck was elated when he discovered that Blair hadn't slept with Jack last week, and he thought that would make a reconciliation easier, but that was not to be. Blair envied the "real love" Dorota had found, even if she would grow bored of it as Chuck predicted. Chuck protested that "We have to see this through till the end," but Blair replied, "This is the end."

Blair was seen being almost civil toward Dan in this episode — are you among the fans hoping for a Dan and Blair hookup, even a short-lived one? Did you enjoy seeing Dorota all dressed up and in the spotlight for a change? And what secret has Serena stumbled onto involving her parents?


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Wedding bells rang in New York City this week, and this time the happy couple was Dorota and Vanya. Naturally, the joyous event went off without a hitch. Oh, who are we kidding? In true Gossip Girl tradition, the nuptials were surrounded by drama, including a hookup, a breakup, lies and schemes. read more

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