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Gossip Girl Episode: "Panic Roommate"

Season 4, Episode 14
Episode Synopsis: Blair needs Nate's help to score points with her boss. Elsewhere, Damien causes turmoil; and Chuck struggles to draw a line between his personal and professional life. Florence and the Machine perform.
Original Air Date: Feb 7, 2011
Guest Cast Caitlin Fitzgerald: Epperly Florence and the Machine
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Season 4, Episode 14
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Length: 41:58
Aired: 2/7/2011
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Gossip Girl Episode Recap: "It-Girl Happened One Night" Season 4, Episode 14

This week proves a Valentine's Day to remember for the Gossip gang with Serena and Ben navigating their new relationship, Blair and Dan continuing their will-they-or-won't-they, and Chuck throwing a lavish party to woo Raina and save Bass Industries.

Chuck and Lily host the Thorpes for lunch in hopes of promoting enough camaraderie between the two families to save Bass Industries. Chuck wants to prove to Russell that the Bass name has enough clout that the company is best left under the Bass name with Chuck's involvement. Russell says he will cancel his meetings regarding the disbanding of the company and give Chuck a chance to prove his worth with a lavish party at a mansion outside the city.

Meanwhile, Blair is trying to prove she is worthy of her new promotion at W and suggests that Raina be the subject of the magazine's "It-Girl" piece. Never one to miss an opportunity to get close to the enemy, she proposes that she and the camera crew follow Raina around at Chuck's party — which just happens to be on Valentine's Day. When Serena finds out that Chuck actually has real feelings for Raina and is not just faking it to get his company back like Blair thinks, she warns Raina that it would kill Blair to see she and Chuck together on such a romantic night, so Raina comes up with an excuse to bow out of the interview.

Nate's father tells Chuck that despite his promises otherwise, Thorpe is moving forward with the dissolution of the company. When Raina tells Chuck that Lily left Thorpe for Bart Bass, Chuck realizes Thorpe's vendetta against the Basses is far more personal than he originally thought. He pays Thorpe a visit, and to prove that his loyalties lie with the company and not Lily, he calls the board and has her removed immediately. Thorpe is impressed and promises Chuck that Bart's legacy will be preserved.

Blair finds out that Serena is the one who convinced Raina not to do the W interview, so she reverts back to her scheming ways. She plans to use Serena for her It-Girl piece since Raina fell through, so she calls the catering company where Ben is working (he lied to S and told her he was tutoring) to request that he be the server at Chuck's party that night, therefore ensuring that Serena's public humiliation when she finds out her boyfriend is a bartender will be caught on camera (how are these two even still friends after all the hateful things they've done to each other?!).

Lily confronts Chuck about getting her thrown off the board and says despite Thorpe's promises, he is not to be trusted. Chuck fires back that she is not his family and that he will take down anyone who stands in the way of him preserving the Bass name. Raina scolds Chuck for his treatment of Lily and storms out.

Thorpe thanks Nate's dad for falling into his trap and leaking the information to Chuck, setting his plan into action. He fires him before he has a chance to quit (not knowing that he still has the company keycard and all the network passwords) and swoops in to thank Chuck for being so predictable. He can finally dismantle the company now that Lily is out of the picture. He mocks Chuck for losing everything — Lily, the company, and now Raina. Can't this middle-aged bully pick on someone who is at least old enough to drink legally?

Serena doesn't understand why she is once again the beneficiary of Blair's devious tricks. Blair enlightens her by telling her she knows Serena canceled her appointment with Raina because she was jealous of B's budding career. Serena tells her that the reason she persuaded Raina to cancel was because she realized Chuck's feelings for her were real and she didn't want Blair to get hurt. Blair promises that's not the case and runs off to find Chuck to prove it. She and Dan overhear Chuck apologizing to Raina, and Blair is devastated to find out Serena had been right. Dan reaches for her hand to console her, and she waits a couple seconds before slapping it away.

Back at their apartment, Blair takes a page from the ill-behaving boyfriend's handbook by apologizing to Serena with a box of chocolates, and everything is magically better. Serena leaves to meet up with Ben as Blair gets a text from Dan, asking for a chance to re-write an article he had begged her to submit to the editor at Details that she told him was not good enough for her to risk her reputation at Conde Nast. She calls him and tells him that it wasn't as awful as she had claimed it was, and she had submitted it to Vanity Fair without telling him. B suppresses her pseudo-disdain for Dan long enough to watch Rosemary's Baby, a decidedly un-Valentine-like movie, together over the phone. 

Damien tracks down Eric and tells him that since Dan and Nate ratted him out to his father, he has been under a microscope and has not been able to make a living. He threatens to leak information about Lily forging the affidavit that put Ben in prison if Eric doesn't help him.

What tricks do you think Damien has up his sleeve? Will Chuck get his company back? Will Dan and Blair ever seal the deal? Until next week... XOXO.






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This week proves a Valentine's Day to remember for the Gossip gang with Serena and Ben navigating their new relationship, Blair and Dan continuing their will-they-or-won't-they, and Chuck throwing a lavish party to woo Raina and save Bass Industries.

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