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Gossip Girl Episode: "The Witches of Bushwick"

Season 4, Episode 9
Episode Synopsis: Chuck throws a masquerade party at his hotel, where Serena behaves erratically and baffles Dan and Nate. Meanwhile, Blair tries to impress Anne Archibald so she can get involved in her foundation, but Blair's association with Chuck works against her.
Original Air Date: Nov 15, 2010

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Season 4, Episode 9
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Aired: 11/15/2010
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Gossip Girl Episode Recap: "The Witches of Bushwick" Season 4, Episode 9

In this week's episode, Serena has to make a decision between Nate and Dan; Chuck and Blair continue to hide their relationship for business purposes; and the wicked witches of Bushwick are still obsessively plotting Serena's downfall.

Woe is Serena

The story about Serena's affair with Colin gets leaked to the Post. The dean, fed up with all the bad press and the paparazzi invading her campus, calls Serena and Lily into her office and suggests that Serena withdraw from the school. Lily fires back that Serena was the victim in this whole ordeal and threatens to give information to the Times for a piece on Columbia's exploitation of female students. The dean backs down and Serena is pleased that her mother is on her side for once.

The mother/daughter solidarity doesn't last long, however. Lily meets with Juliet to tell her to stop dragging her daughter's name through the mud. Juliet promises she is done with the Colin story — if only Colin were the first teacher Serena had dated. Could it be that Serena's affair with Juliet's teacher's brother landed him in jail, and that is what started Juliet's obsession with Serena's demise? Lily pays off Juliet to keep her quiet, and Serena is devastated when she finds out.

Serena is struggling with her decision between Nate and Dan. To make matters worse, Jenny is back in town to help Vanessa and Juliet take down her stepsister. She steals the SIM card from Serena's phone and places it in hers so the girls can intercept all her incoming calls/texts (somehow she still manages to get all the incoming Gossip Girl texts however — now, I'm no tech expert, but this whole setup seems fishy to me!).

Dan and Nate agree that both of them will ask Serena out that night before Chuck's masquerade ball, and whoever's date she accepts is the clear winner of her heart. Juliet and the gang have her phone, however (and apparently no school/work/friends/important projects not revolving around Serena van der Woodsen to occupy their time), and decide to mess with the guys. They accept both their dates, but obviously Serena doesn't show up for either since she never got the message. Dan and Nate show up at her apartment to confront her, but she denies getting their messages. They tell her she has until midnight at the masquerade ball to decide which one she wants. Somebody's been brushing up on his fairy tales!

Three Little Words

Chuck says "I love you" to Blair in the heat of passion and she pretends she doesn't hear. The hatred they had for each other a few episodes back is clearly gone and their relationship seems to be evolving into something real again. They have some obstacles to overcome, however. Anne Archibald, Nate's mother, is considering Blair to be the face of her foundation for girls, but warns that any association with Chuck would be bad for the female empowerment business. Chuck hears the same story from his PR whiz, K.C., who thinks being with Blair will crush his bad boy image and everything his hotel stands for.

Belles of the Ball

Juliet and Jenny see a live Gossip Girl stream of Serena getting into a cab on her way to the masquerade ball and somehow manage to run out and get two of the same Carolina Herrera dress she was wearing, change and get ready, and still make it to the party before Serena. Poor brunette Vanessa is left with the task of submitting Serena's resume to Anne Archibald for the position Blair is going for.

Juliet and Jenny both manage to get past the doorman by telling him they are Serena, but somehow the real Serena gets stopped since she is supposedly already inside. While she waits for someone to rescue her at the door, Doppelganger Serenas are extremely productive on the inside, kissing both Dan and Nate (How very Season 1 of them -- "This isn't my first masquerade party," says Jenny), and dropping the curtain on Chuck and Blair so Anne Archibald can see them together, ruining Blair's shot at being the face of Girls, Inc.

Blair tells Chuck that she needs time to make a name for herself before being known as just Chuck Bass's girlfriend. They agree that if they are meant to be, they will find their way back to each other, and they sweetly part ways.

Serena leaves the party as quickly as she entered, upset that Dan, Nate and Blair are all mad at her for things she didn't do. Before she walks out, Juliet switches out Serena's mask for one that she has lined with some sort of drug. Lucky guess that Serena would put her mask back on for the walk out, Juliet! Serena barely makes it down the stairs without passing out onto Juliet, who throws her in a cab and takes her to what is presumably her apartment, but not before texting the dean from Serena's phone to tell her she has officially withdrawn from Columbia.

What did you think of the episode? What is Juliet planning to do with Serena? How has she gotten this far without being stopped?! Have we seen the last of Chuck and Blair again for a while? Until next time... xoxo.





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In this week's episode, Serena has to make a decision between Nate and Dan; Chuck and Blair continue to hide their relationship for business purposes; and the wicked witches of Bushwick are still obsessively plotting Serena's downfall.

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