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Gossip Girl Episode: "Juliet Doesn't Live Here Anymore"

Season 4, Episode 8
Episode Synopsis: Nate questions Juliet after her big secret is revealed. Elsewhere, Blair and Chuck agree to a truce and attempt to have a platonic relationship; and Nate and Dan realize they're not over Serena.
Original Air Date: Nov 8, 2010

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Season 4, Episode 8
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Aired: 11/8/2010
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Gossip Girl Episode Recap: "Juliet Doesn’t Live Here Anymore" Season 4, Episode 8

In this week's episode, Nate catches Juliet in another lie, Serena tries to make sense of her ever-complicated love life, and Chuck and Blair continue "hating" each other all over the Upper East Side.

Enemies With Benefits

Blair is still in bed when Serena barges into her room to do what she does best — whine about her boy troubles in a barely discernible mumble. She is having a hard time staying away from Colin and wants nothing more than to be his date to the ballet that night. Blair scolds her for her lack of will power and kicks her out of her room. It seems that Blair has a bad case of will-power deficiency herself, though, as Chuck surfaces from under the covers after Serena leaves the room. They swear this is the last time, but luckily Blair's frustration from trying to keep her distance from the "Bass on the loose" leads her to some of her all-time best one-liners: telling Dorota she needs a "Bassectomy," binging on chocolates in the bathtub while confessing her deepest fears to Serena — "It's harder to chuck Chuck than I thought... what if I need sex rehab like Jesse James?!"

Candid Camera

Juliet has the proof she needs to take down Serena — the pictures of Serena kissing Colin from the camera she planted in his apartment. She doesn't hesitate to take down her cousin in the process, even after Colin threatens to cut her off financially if she continues to have contact with Ben. She makes an appointment with the dean to reveal her evidence, which in a sick, twisted way, might just be the most selfless thing she's ever done — proving her loyalty to her brother, even though her life as she knows it will be destroyed in the process.

Nate is trying to move on by cleansing himself of any remnants of Juliet, so he stops by her apartment to drop off some things she left at his place. Only her apartment isn't actually her apartment — the doorman tells Nate no one by her name has ever lived in the building. Realizing he has been duped by Juliet once again, Nate runs to Vanessa to apologize for believing Juliet over her during the whole who-stole-Serena's-phone debacle at Hamilton House. He enlists her help to get to the bottom of her lies.

Nate keeps Juliet distracted while Vanessa, a modern-day Nancy Drew for the Internet age, uses her social networking skills to find out where Juliet's real apartment is and breaks in to do some reconnaissance in hopes of clearing her own name. Just as she gets inside, however, she gets a text from Nate telling her he got the truth from Juliet, so the mission is off. Juliet told him the real reason she lied about her living situation was that she was ashamed of her tiny studio apartment in a fifth-floor walk-up filled with Ikea furniture, where her closet consists of borrowed clothes and she (gasp!) has to do her own hair! (Sadly, Juliet's nightmare living situation happens to be my New York habitation reality) Nate falls for her sob story and invites her to the ballet with him that night.

Vanessa goes rogue and starts snooping through Juliet's things, despite Nate's orders to stop. She lights up like a kid in a candy store when she comes across the pictures of Serena and Colin kissing. She waits for Juliet to return to tell her that she now has proof that Serena was trading sex for grades. Juliet barely flinches at the fact that Vanessa broke into her apartment! She tells her that she did have a reason to expose Serena at one time, but is not interested anymore. She deletes the pictures from her computer, but Vanessa manages to escape with the camera's memory drive with all the pictures still intact. 

Brotherly Love

Dan realizes he still has feelings for Serena and goes to Rufus and Lily's apartment hoping to get some dirt on her. Rufus tells him he hasn't heard that Serena's seeing someone new — that maybe Dan should take her to coffee. Am I the only one that thinks it's strange that Rufus is giving his son advice on how to pick up his stepsister?

When Dan leaves, he sees Serena getting out of Colin's cab and puts two and two together. He scolds her, saying she should know better than to get involved with Colin — that if he really cared for her, he would leave his post at Columbia so he could be with her. Dan's speech apparently made quite an impression on Serena because she calls things off with Colin and invites Dan to the ballet the second she is a single gal again.

Serena is waiting outside the ballet for Dan when Colin shows up to tell her that he quit his job so they could be together. Apparently forgetting that Colin is not her date that night, they start making out. Dan sees the whole thing and runs off like a sad puppy.

The Takedown

Vanessa shows up at the ballet and is about to give the pictures to the dean when Juliet swoops in to stop her. Vanessa tells her that if her change of heart is due to Nate, she might be interested in knowing that Nate was Vanessa's partner in the sting operation at Juliet's apartment. That was all Juliet needed to hear for her to revert back to her wicked ways — she grabs the file and heads straight to the dean, only by this point, the whole gang has showed up, including Colin. Juliet tells the dean that Colin is the professor Serena has been having an affair with. Blair takes one for the team when she grabs the file and throws it into her champagne, claiming she was the one having the affair. Chuck vouches for her, and the dean forgets the whole thing. Man, these kids are good!

As Juliet is leaving, devastated that Colin has just cut her off for good, the gang feels the need to make sure she really got their point the first time around. They threaten her and force her into social exile — the gang is really at their best when they are one loyal front, aren't they?

When the night is over, Serena tells Colin they are as well (I guess the grand gesture of quitting his job for her was lost on Serena!). Serena hops out of the cab and once again calls Dan, telling him she made a mistake with Colin and will wait outside her apartment as long as it takes for Dan to show up. He doesn't waste any time sprinting out of his apartment, only when he shows up, he sees Nate asking her for another chance. Serena is left speechless, dramatically looking back and forth between the two of them, an age-old storyline that we'll hopefully get some resolution for soon.

Chuck and Blair are recapping the night's events, proud that they were on each other's team again — the sign of friendship, they agree. Chuck whisks Blair up to the bedroom, which is a decidedly unfriendly move.

Juliet is video chatting with an unknown source, saying she has heard they might have mutual enemies and could be of use to each other. The camera widens to show Vanessa giddy next to Juliet, and — surprise! — Little J on the computer screen.

What do you think of the triumvirate of Upper East Side outcasts? Is their collective power enough to take down the gang? Who do you think Serena will choose? And are Chuck and Blair back on each other's side for good? Until next week... xoxo.

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In this week's episode, Nate catches Juliet in another lie, Serena tries to make sense of her ever-complicated love life, and Chuck and Blair continue "hating" each other all over the Upper East Side.

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