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Gossip Girl Episode: "Easy J"

Season 4, Episode 6
Episode Synopsis: Jenny returns to the Upper East Side when she gets a chance to meet Tim Gunn (appearing as himself). Elsewhere, Serena learns something about Colin that may force her to end things with him.
Original Air Date: Oct 25, 2010
Guest Cast Sam Page: Colin Ivanka Trump: Herself Isaac Mizrahi: Himself Tim Gunn: Himself
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Season 4, Episode 6
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Length: 42:17
Aired: 10/25/2010
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Gossip Girl Episode Recap: "Easy J" Season 4, Episode 6

This week's episode has the much-talked about return of Little J (and her bad extensions), which keeps Blair and her disciples busy. Serena faces a dilemma when she finds out her cab-stealing neighbor/love interest is her new professor, and Nate bumps into Juliet in the most unlikely of places.

Jailhouse Rock

Nate acknowledges to Dan that his and Juliet's first night together may not have gone as well for her as it did for him. She bolted early the next morning with the excuse that she couldn't miss class, and Nate thought it would be a given that she would want to stay in all day with him and cuddle (somebody's needy!). Dan convinces him that he's overanalyzing things and that actually wanting to go to class isn't such a crazy idea.

Nate's doubts about Juliet's whereabouts are confirmed, however, when he runs into her at the prison, which is clearly not class. He admits he's there visiting his father, and she pretends she doesn't have news articles about Daddy Archibald's imprisonment posted all over her creepy bulletin board. He gives her the perfect opportunity to tell one truth in the midst of all her lies when he asks her if her problematic brother is inside, but she doesn't take the bait. She quickly comes up with the excuse that she volunteers for the prison literacy program and had been ashamed to admit that that's why she had bailed on Cuddlefest.

Ben calls Juliet upset because she didn't visit him that day. She explains that she had to take a detour because she had run into Nate and that she was tired of having to lie to him. Ben is intrigued by the fact that Nate's father is in the same prison as him, and it doesn't take him long to find him.

Juliet shows up at Nate's place to finally break the truth about her family, but they are interrupted by an emergency call — Nate's dad had been jumped and was in the hospital.

Hot For Teacher

Serena wakes up next to her cab-stealing neighbor, who she's apparently not repulsed by anymore — who saw that coming?! She sneaks out and hurries to class, where she finds out her new psychology professor is none other than... Cab-Stealing Colin! Surprisingly, Blair is the voice of reason when she suggests that Serena stop the inappropriate relationship before it starts. Serena's "breakup" talk with Colin, however, turns into her being convinced to drop his class so they can make their public debut as a couple at a party where he is being honored.

Serena gets cold feet about making the tabloid headlines with Colin after Lily tells her how proud she is of her for putting boys on the back burner for once and focusing on school. She leaves the party in the midst of his sappy speech about putting an end to his bachelor ways for the right girl. Later, they agree that Serena should remain enrolled in his class, where they promise to keep things professional... at least until the seven-week class is over.

Son of a Gunn

Little J is back in town for her Parsons interview with Tim Gunn. Blair stops by to remind her she is not welcome on "her island." Jenny swears she's not there to cause trouble and is only in town for the day. Blair tells her she is only allowed to leave her parents' property to go to her interview. She is not to see anyone or go anywhere else.

Chuck stops by, supposedly to apologize to Jenny, but Dan won't let him get any further than the foyer. Chuck shows himself out, but not before taking Jenny's design portfolio. Once he gets back to the hotel, he calls her to tell her he's taken it by mistake and that he has to run out, but he has left it at the front desk for her to pick up. She puts up a fight, knowing that by going to the hotel, she will be violating Blair's rules, but Chuck wins this one. It seems he is using Jenny as a pawn in his war against Blair.

Jenny gets busted by Blair's minions coming out of the hotel, and Blair is so mad that she calls Tim Gunn's studio. Tim is impressed with Jenny's work until her models come out with red paint scrawled on their dresses spelling "whore." Jenny is immediately escorted out of the interview before she has a chance to protest. Checkmate.

Chuck swoops in to the rescue, getting the Van der Woodsen/Humphrey clan into a party that night where Tim Gunn is on the guest list. When Jenny approaches him at the party to plead her case, he agrees to give her another chance, but not before he lets slip that it was Chuck who got her the interview in the first place. Jenny is furious when she realizes she has been used and finds it peculiar that even B's hangers-on don't know the real reason Blair hates her. She sends out a Gossip Girl blast saying that she slept with Chuck. She tells Chuck and Blair that although she may have won this match, she will never truly beat them so she is going back to Hudson.

Chuck shows up at Blair's later that night to call a truce. They shake on it, and the electricity that forms at their touch is too much, so B dramatically pulls away and closes the door. Both are left pining for each other on opposite sides of the door. Cue sappy love song.

Nate calls Juliet, who is in tears over what her brother did to Nate's dad. He asks her to come over, but she says she can't. Nate thinks it's because of the stigma attached to his father being in prison and hangs up on her before she gets a chance to explain. Juliet is left sobbing, when none other than Colin (!) walks in to comfort her. He writes her a check and tells her to be patient; that "all good things are worth waiting for."

Whoa, curveball! What is Colin's role in Juliet's war on Serena? How long until Chuck and Blair are back together as a scheming, manipulative team? Is Little J gone for good?

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This week's episode has the much-talked about return of Little J (and her bad extensions), which keeps Blair and her disciples busy. Serena faces a dilemma when she finds out her cab-stealing neighbor/love interest is her new professor, and Nate bumps into Juliet in the most unlikely of places.

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