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Gossip Girl Episode: "Touch of Eva"

Season 4, Episode 4
Episode Synopsis: A suspicious Nate asks Juliet what she's hiding from him. Elsewhere, Blair plots to put an end to Chuck's current state of bliss; and Dan is once again conflicted about his feelings for both Serena and Vanessa.
Original Air Date: Oct 4, 2010

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Season 4, Episode 4
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Aired: 10/4/2010
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Gossip Girl Episode Recap: "Touch of Eva" Season 4, Episode 4

This week's episode has Chuck settling into his new do-gooder role, Dan rethinking his decision to ask Vanessa to move in, and Serena and Blair making a swiftly-broken pact to stay away from the now-spoken-for objects of their affection.

Misery Loves Company
Blair and Serena are wallowing in their misery over their Chuck/Nate/Dan sagas after B reads about Chuck's gift to Eva — a Cartier watch that (gasp!) some people are saying is worth more than any gift he ever bought Blair! They agree not to go to Chuck's charity benefit that night (New Chuck is so philanthropic!) and make a pact to stay away from the guys — and any enticing Internet gossip about them — in order to save their sanity.

At the loft, Vanessa seems to have settled into her role as nagging housewife quite nicely as she badgers Dan about his personal hygiene and lack of motivation since Milo left. Dan defends his right to wear the same shirt three days in a row and is irritated when Vanessa ambushes him with a family intervention. He announces he's headed to Nate's place and storms out, only "Nate" ends up looking suspiciously like Serena.

Foolish Games
Blair engages in some unhealthy obsessing by analyzing the Cartier display window, only she unexpectedly hits the jackpot when she sees Eva returning the watch for a sizeable wad of cash. She captures the moment on her phone, and obviously sends it straight to Gossip Girl — what else would Blair Waldorf do with that kind of info? Sit on it? I don't think so! She heads over to Chuck's to present the incriminating evidence, but Eva comes home and explains that she had given the money to Chuck's valet, Ivan, whose family was in danger of losing their house. While she appreciated Chuck's gesture, she couldn't bear the thought of wearing something so extravagant while a friend was in such a dismal situation. New Chuck eats this up, and Blair realizes she has to step up her game.

Blair feigns remorse for the Cartier mix-up and tries to buddy up to Eva in order to uncover damaging dirt. She enlists Dan and Serena to help, the two of whom are in the midst of a friendly hangout session. With the miniscule amount of information Blair texts them from her talk with Eva, they somehow come to the realization that Eva was a prostitute in Prague. They tell Blair, who is shocked that their detective work produced such juicy information.

Nate is discussing Juliet's secretive behavior with her. Chuck has convinced Nate that she's seeing other people, but Juliet swears that's not true. Vanessa shows up at Nate's to smooth things over with Dan, but he isn't there. Nate covers for him, but Juliet later admits that he was never there. They come to the conclusion that he must be with Serena.

Serena invites Dan to Chuck's charity gala, where Blair plans letting Chuck in on Eva's secret in some sort of embarrassing public broadcast — only Nate gives him a heads up beforehand. Chuck confronts Eva, who admits it is true, but their shared dark pasts make them even stronger. Nothing's going to stop these two reformed lovebirds! They show up to the gala arm in arm, and Blair rushes to put an immediate stop to it, only to realize Chuck already knows about Eva and doesn't care! Sheesh — can't a scheming meddler catch a break?!

Serena and Dan are having a heart-to-heart and are about to open up about their feelings for each other when Vanessa shows up. She pulls Dan aside to tell him to wake up — doesn't he see that Serena has feelings for Nate, too? She tells him that for her, he has always been the only one (Wait a second, V — have you forgotten that you were once head over heels for Nate, too?! These kids recycle more than an environmental group!). Dan realizes Vanessa is right when he sees Serena comforting Nate after his fight with Juliet over a text message from "Ben."

Serena admits to Dan that when she returned from Paris, she was still trying to decide between Nate and him. He tells her there are some people who don't have to decide. He comes home later that night to Vanessa packing her things, but he tells her not to leave — he knows now that she is the only one for him. They kiss and make up.

Lily brings a manila envelope of Chuck's personal effects from Prague to the party. She gives them to Ivan, Chuck's valet, to place in his room. Blair sees this as an opportunity. She somehow convinces Ivan to place Chuck's passport into Eva's suitcase to make it seem that Eva knew who Chuck was the entire time he was claiming to be Henry Prince, and that she must have been after his money all along. Blair runs to Chuck to tell him the good news, and he is devastated, saying he knew someone that good would never love him for him. He confronts Eva and tells her to pack her things and leave. Lily tells him a short time later that she had given his things to Ivan to put in his room. Chuck puts the pieces together to realize he was set up. He runs up to the room to apologize and convince Eva to stay, but the damage has already been done. She feels betrayed that he would choose to believe Blair over her, when Blair has done everything in her power to break them up since they got together. Eva leaves.

Later that night, Chuck shows up at Blair's apartment to confront her. He asks if the reason she tried so hard to destroy his relationship is that she still loves him. Blair is too stubborn to ever admit her feelings, so she says she could never love him after what he did to her. Chuck tells Blair she has brought him back to his worst self, and the war is on. I must admit — I loved Chuck and Blair as a couple, but I am definitely looking forward to seeing how dirty they play!

Juliet tries to redeem herself with Nate by telling him that Ben is actually her troubled brother who she hadn't been ready to talk about yet. She admits it's hard for her to open up, but says she is finally ready to show Nate her apartment (the bedroom, perhaps?) They walk into the lobby of an apartment building that looks far too luxurious to belong to her tiny, bland studio apartment that we've seen in past episodes. She tells Nate to go ahead to the elevator as she gets the key from the doorman, who tells her the owners will be back tomorrow. Bold move!

Besides her creepy shrine to the Gossip gang, what else is Juliet hiding in her apartment that she doesn't want Nate to see? When is Nate going to wise up? Have we seen the last of Eva? Are you looking forward to seeing Chuck and Blair duke it out again, or do you miss them as a couple? Until next week... XOXO.

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This week's episode has Chuck settling into his new do-gooder role, Dan rethinking his decision to ask Vanessa to move in, and Serena and Blair making a swiftly-broken pact to stay away from the now-spoken-for objects of their affection.

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