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Gossip Girl Episode: "Ex-Husbands and Wives"

Season 3, Episode 21
Episode Synopsis: Serena makes it clear her loyalties lie with her father, causing Rufus to feel like an outsider; and Jenny tells Will something that puts Rufus' marriage in jeopardy. Elsewhere, Chuck thinks big while attempting to patch things up with Blair.
Original Air Date: May 10, 2010

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Season 3, Episode 21
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Aired: 5/10/2010
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Gossip Girl Episode Recap: "Ex-Husbands and Wives" Season 3, Episode 21

This week on Gossip Girl, the gang was up to its usual sleuthing and scheming. Only this time, those at the center of the conflict and lies were the parental figures in their lives, and the kids were working to expose the truth.

Nancy Drew and the Scooby-Doo Gang
At one point, Blair referred to Jenny as Nancy Drew, and the nickname fit. As the episode began, Jenny (who was grounded for dealing drugs) attempted to whisper to Chuck on the phone about Lily's questionable prescription from William. But Jenny's not too stealth and Rufus confiscated her phone. However, that wasn't going to keep a good sleuth down, and soon Chuck and Jenny were at Blair's, asking for expert assistance in getting to the bottom of Lily's medication mystery. Despite her love for scheming and sleuthing, Blair turned them down.

Meanwhile, Serena was acting bitchy toward Rufus because she believed he cheated on her mother with Holland. Boy Scout Rufus was confused, so he had Holland come over. She arrived just as Lily, William, Eric, Dan and Nate all gathered in the same room, and when asked point blank in front of everyone, Holland said that she and Rufus slept together. Rufus stood there in shock at this lie, but he wasn't alone — Dan and Nate believed him. Serena then got mad at Nate for taking Rufus' side.

So as Chuck and Jenny were looking into Lily's medications, Blair, Nate and Dan were trying to save Lily and Rufus' marriage by doing some digging on Holland. As fate would have it, Nancy Drew and her Hardy Boy ran into the Scooby gang at the same place: Holland's office. That would be Dr. Holland Kemble, psychiatrist (and blackmail victim of William's).

The gang began putting the puzzle pieces together, but needed more proof. It was up to Jenny to find it, and she did find something connecting William and Holland in Lily's medicine drawer — but Jenny then lied and told the crew she found nothing. So everyone headed out to the library benefit that Holland, William and Lily were attending. The sting went well at first: Blair and Chuck did some role-playing in front of Holland, and then convinced her that Dan was talking to someone on the AMA disciplinary committee. Furthermore, they would tell him about Holland prescribing mislabeled prescriptions to Lily, who wasn't even her patient (in reality, Dan was talking to a cater waiter). Soon Holland spilled to them and Rufus that she owed William a favor, and her lies about the affair and the prescriptions she wrote Lily both stemmed from this. Everything was working out, but there was a traitor among them: Jenny.

Fathers and Daughters
Serena was quite happy to have her family back together, and she didn't want things ruining that. Similarly, Jenny longed for the days when she, Dan and Rufus were a happy threesome in Brooklyn, and she wanted to be rid of their Park Avenue Van der Woodsen ties. So Jenny went to William and basically offered him a get-out-of-jail-free card, letting him know his secret was out.

William then jumped into an escape-route plan with a tale about some sick patient in Palm Beach he needed to get to right away — and he wanted Lily, Serena and Eric to come with him. Serena ignored Nate's call (out of all her friends, she was mad at him the most), but took Dan's. He told her about how William got Holland to lie and prescribe unnecessary pills — and he planted a seed a doubt in Serena's mind. Then Rufus showed up and confronted William, who offered to prove he was telling the truth by getting Lily's files from his bag. At this point, his family needed proof. So William went to get the files...and didn't come back.

The Scooby gang finally put everything together in the limo: Lily really was sick last summer, and William saved her. Then he wanted to win his family back, so tried breaking up Lily and Rufus with the letter he sent Lily (Plan A); got Holland to befriend Rufus (Plan B); then finally had Holland prescribe Lily antibiotics which had side effects that would mimic her cancer symptoms, so that he could be her hero in front of everyone this time, and save her life once again (Plan C).

The gang then realized that someone tipped William off to get out of town, and Jenny admitted it was her. She explained her reasoning to Rufus, but she didn't win his sympathies. Eric then told Jenny that no one was forcing her to stay with this family she seemingly didn't want to be a part of. As for Serena, she went after her dad and told him that though she didn't forgive him, she didn't want to see him punished, so she suggested he leave before the cops caught him (Boy Scout #2, Nate, called the police). After Serena said goodbye to her dad, we learned that she had brought someone along with her for support: Dan (not Nate). Meanwhile, who showed up at Nate's looking for a place to crash? Jenny. And Nate welcomed her in.

Back In Sync
Blair initially was too busy getting ready for her date with Nate's rugby pal Cameron to join in on any scheming alongside Chuck. (Bland Cameron wore an ugly sweater throughout the episode and talked about rugby.) It didn't take long for Blair to relent, and while role-playing, she and Chuck chose to share their real-life relationship material with psychiatrist Holland. Even while arguing, their banter was so in sync (they even thought of the role-playing idea at the same time).

At the end of the evening they were alone together, and Chuck told Blair, "I know you felt it...it was real, and I know you feel it right now." Blair said that they weren't safe together, and Chuck explained, "We're never going to be safe." He asked her to take that leap into danger again with him, just as he did when he finally admitted he loved her last year. Then he borrowed a page from her old-movie handbook and made her a proposition: If she loves him, meet him at the top of the Empire State Building by 7:01 tomorrow. If she's not there, he'll close his heart to her forever.

Are you glad to see William go? Are Serena and Nate headed toward a breakup? And what do you think will happen in next week's big season finale? Will Jenny reconcile with her family? Will Blair show up at the Empire State Building?!

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This week on Gossip Girl, the gang was up to its usual sleuthing and scheming. Only this time, those at the center of the conflict and lies were the parental figures in their lives, and the kids were working to expose the truth.
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