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Gossip Girl Episode: "Double Identity"

Season 4, Episode 2
Episode Synopsis: Lily asks Serena to track down Chuck, who has found a new life and a new love interest in Europe. Meanwhile, Blair gets a second chance with Louis; and Juliet devises a plan to help Nate win back Serena, though it involves manipulating Dan and Vanessa.
Original Air Date: Sep 20, 2010

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Season 4, Episode 2
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Aired: 9/20/2010
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Gossip Girl Episode Recap: "Double Identity" Season 4, Episode 2

This week's episode has the gang facing some difficult choices: Will Serena choose Dan or Nate upon her return to New York, and will they choose her back? Will Blair keep playing princess with Louis, or will she forgive Chuck? And will Chuck return to New York and leave "Henry Prince" behind?

Two Princes
Blair tells Serena that Prince Louis is giving her another chance, and she isn't going to let anything cloud her judgment this time. As Blair is leaving to get ready for her date, Serena gets a call from her mother, who tells her about the body that washed up in Paris with Chuck's belongings. Serena offers to identify the body, and she confirms that it is not Chuck.

Chuck is in Paris maintaining his "Henry Prince" identity, and is off to his first day of work at the restaurant his girlfriend's uncle owns, when Blair's car almost runs him over. They make eye contact, but neither can muster up anything to say, so Blair quickly tells her driver to hurry off.

Back at the apartment, Serena tells Blair about the morgue and how Chuck might be in some sort of trouble. Blair acts unfazed, saying she just ran into him, and that she is sure he is fine and is just in Paris to keep tabs on her. Serena decides to go rogue and do some investigating herself, so she wanders the streets with a picture of Chuck, and — what a coincidence — happens upon the bar where he just finished his first day of work. The owner gives her his address, so she shows up at his door as he and his lady friend are packing for India (Paris just isn't big enough for both Chuck and Blair!). He shuts the door in her face when she calls him Chuck in front of his girlfriend, but assuming she would linger, meets her outside later.

Serena tells him he is about to lose the hotel and everything he's cared about and worked so hard for, but he tells her he already lost the only thing he cared about and that they can take everything else. He is on his way to get a passport with his new name on it (it's that easy!) — Chuck Bass no longer exists.

As Blair is getting ready for the royal ball, Serena tells her she talked to Chuck and is worried. Blair looks concerned for a second, but stops herself, saying she has been waiting all summer to feel sparkly again and won't let herself get sucked back into the darkness.

Louis' driver picks up Blair to take her to Harry Winston for the finishing touch before the ball. As she is admiring the only thing that caught her eye in the whole store (hard to believe!), a diamond ring, Serena shows up with the investigator on Chuck's case to claim that same diamond ring as Chuck's property. Serena tells Blair that Chuck was going to propose with it that fateful night at the Empire State Building, and he had been shot trying to protect it. She reveals he signed over all his assets to Lily and is on his way to the train station. She tells Blair she knows she is the only one who can stop him. Just then Louis shows up, and Blair has a difficult choice to make.

Foolish Games
Back in New York, the guys have some choices of their own to make. With Little J banished to the 'burbs, someone had to assume the role of scheming meddler, and Juliet fits the bill. She tells Nate that if he wants a shot with Serena when she gets back into town, he has to take out the competition, i.e. Dan.

With Georgina still at the "spa," Vanessa has been helping Dan with Milo, and Juliet sees her window of opportunity. Nate isn't sure he wants to play this game, but when he sees that Serena sent Dan the same "I need to talk to you" text message that she sent Nate, his emotions get the best of him and he goes along for the ride. Juliet tells Vanessa that Dan still has feelings for her. She looks to Nate to confirm, and his moral compass almost points him in the right direction, but he eventually ends up playing along. You are far too pretty to play so dirty, Nate!

Vanessa and Dan end up sleeping together, and she confesses to him how glad she is that Nate told her about Dan's feelings. Dan tells Nate he is onto him so he comes back to Brooklyn to explain himself, but Vanessa overhears them and runs out after assuming Dan isn't over Serena.

Au revoir, Paris!
Blair ditches Louis and the royal ball in favor of convincing Chuck to come back to New York. She catches him at the train station as he is about to leave. He tells her that when he woke up from the gunshot with his ID gone, he decided to start over and try being a man somebody could love. Blair gives him the Harry Winston ring and argues that somebody did love him, and while she doesn't anymore, it wouldn't be her world without Chuck Bass in it.

Blair bids adieu to the prince by giving him one of her Vivier pumps. She limps away with one heel, putting an end to her Cinderella story. Chuck's fairy tale seems to be just beginning, however — he confesses his real identity to his girlfriend, who surprisingly, doesn't seem at all mad, and invites her back to New York with him.

Serena shows up at the loft to surprise her mother, but ends up being ambushed instead by Dan & Vanessa (he won her back after realizing he was over Serena), Nate & Juliet (Nate was magically over Serena as well, even though he had been plotting to steal her from Dan mere hours earlier), and of course, Milo. She texts Blair to tell her that it wasn't her decision after all; Nate and Dan had chosen for her.

Web of Lies
Rufus finds Milo's baby bracelet from the hospital, and notices he has a different blood type than Dan, which further fuels his suspicions that he is not the father.

Juliet is on the phone back at her apartment, dismembering her corkboard shrine to the Gossip gang — well, all of it except Serena's picture in the middle of the web, that is. "I had to improvise, but it's done," she tells the caller. "I'll see you soon, and we'll talk about what's next... I miss you."

Is Juliet another long-lost relative, a la Scott from last season? Who is her partner in crime, and what is their end game? Do you feel sorry for Serena that she is left alone, or did she get what was coming to her? Are Chuck and Blair over for good? Until next week... XOXO.

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This week's episode has the gang facing some difficult choices: Will Serena choose Dan or Nate upon her return to New York, and will they choose her back? Will Blair keep playing princess with Louis, or will she forgive Chuck? And will Chuck return to New York and leave "Henry Prince" behind?

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