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Gossip Girl Episode: "Dr. Estrangeloved"

Season 3, Episode 19
Episode Synopsis: Serena's father (William Baldwin) arrives in town. Meanwhile, Nate and Serena struggle through some issues, so Jenny happily comforts Nate; and Dan gets a rejection from the Tisch writing program, along with a confession from Vanessa.
Original Air Date: Apr 26, 2010

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Season 3, Episode 19
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Length: 42:28
Aired: 4/26/2010
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Gossip Girl Episode Recap: "Dr. Estrangeloved" Season 3, Episode 19

This week on Gossip Girl, we finally got to meet the often talked of but previously not seen Dr. William van der Woodsen (William Baldwin)! And his arrival coincided with many characters getting territorial: Rufus thought William was moving in on his new family; Jenny made a move on Nate; Vanessa took Dan's spot at Tisch; and Chuck tried to stop Blair from moving on.

The Good (?) Doctor
Serena and Rufus were both shocked to see William in town, and then Lily dropped a bomb on them: She's been sick (and was just been pretending that Cece relapsed as a cover). Lily mentioned "the c-word," but we still don't know many details about her illness other than it being some type of cancer. William's been secretly treating her. (William is a doctor — he's not to be confused with music producer Keith, presumably his brother whom we met in last year's '80s flashback episode. In the books, Serena's dad was named William.)

Serena and her dad tried to reconnect (Eric was conveniently in Andover with the debate team), but their 14-year gap between visits made things difficult. After William asked Serena if she wanted to go out for ice cream, he admitted that he didn't really know her too well. Serena thought he just left one day, and William explained that the plan years ago was for the whole family to move to Tibet with him, but that didn't work out and Lily opted for a divorce. Despite the awkward distance, William said he hoped to work on things, and Serena was willing to give him a second chance.

Rufus and William's feud goes way back to the grunge era, and there was no thawing on this front. Rufus kept suggesting that Lily start seeing a new doctor and he came off as being very threatened by William. It wasn't Rufus' most attractive side on display, but the man may be onto something. After bad news came that Lily had relapsed, Lily and Serena both favored Lily staying under William's care. And William then revealed his shady side while on the phone with a mystery person: William said things weren't working and asked this person to write Lily another prescription, threatening blackmail if the person didn't do as told.

The Bad Stepsister
Serena was so busy with family issues that she had little time for Nate. This left him wide open to Jenny's advances, and she wasted no time. She crashed at his place, she slept in his shirt, and then she followed Chuck's advice (keep in mind that post breakup, Chuck was in spoiled billionaire bachelor mode, not sage advice mode). Jenny took Nate's shirt as evidence and Serena found it; later Jenny was with Nate at a party when Serena called. Whenever Nate and Serena did speak, they argued, and issues of trust were at the forefront of their disagreements. Finally, as Serena went to Nate to apologize, she witnessed Jenny telling him that he deserved better than Serena. Then Jenny leaned in for a kiss and Nate pulled away. The best part came when Nate told Jenny to leave (yay!). Serena explained that she never wanted to take Nate for granted again, and then she broke the news to him that her mother was ill.

The Secretive Girlfriend
Is there any current plot more exciting than Dan and Vanessa both trying to get into Tisch?! OK, every other story line going on beats this one...hey, I wonder what's happening with Eric and the debate team? But back to Dan: He got rejected from Tisch's writing program, and Vanessa got the single spot they hold for NYU transfer students. She finally had to admit to Dan that she applied and got in, and he pretended to be cool with it (but of course he wasn't). He vented to Willa, whose daddy just happened to be on the admissions board. Dan was the runner-up, and when Dan explained that Vanessa's submission was based on his short story, Willa said this disqualified her. Despite Dan's protests, Willa set things in motion for Vanessa to lose her spot. But then Dan found out Vanessa did indeed submit an original piece. He ran to Willa and explained his misunderstanding, but she really didn't care and hit on Dan. Eventually Vanessa and Dan had a fight in which Dan admitted he wasn't fine with her getting in and him not. He later tried to apologize on the phone, but Vanessa wasn't interested in hearing from him.

The Exes
Blair tried to move on by packing up all of her memories of Chuck in a box and hosting a party for a dozen eligible Upper East Side males. Chuck took a different approach and regressed to his drunken, man-whoring ways (though he admitted to Nate that he was miserable and his actions were all a smoke screen). When nobody showed up at her party, Blair was convinced that Chuck had put a curse on her attempts to move on — and she was sort of right: He did have a spy on her that gave him intel on both her "little rebound reception" and the art party in Brooklyn she learned about from Dan (Blair and Dan's scenes together are never anything short of comical). Blair borrowed some Brooklyn threads from Vanessa and met a guy at the art party who suggested they kiss in order to make Chuck jealous.

But Blair didn't do that. Instead, a mature-sounding Blair told Chuck that hooking up with some random guy wasn't going to help her get over him. She said that some day she will kiss another guy, and it will be for her, not to make Chuck jealous. Then she said good-bye to him again (at least they're on speaking terms!). At home, Blair took her memory box back and told Dorota she realized Chuck will always be a part of her past and there's no escaping that (and as she reflected on her memories, Chuck and Blair fans got some nice flashback scenes of the pivotal first time they got together).

So why was Chuck helping Jenny try to break up Nate and Serena? Does he really miss hanging out with Nate, or is he just jealous of their relationship now that he and Blair are broken up? Has Jenny permanently ruined her friendships with Nate and Serena? Do you like William Baldwin in the role of Serena's daddy, and how devious do you think his character will wind up being?

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This week on Gossip Girl, we finally got to meet the often talked of but previously not seen Dr. William van der Woodsen (William Baldwin)! And his arrival coincided with many characters getting territorial: Rufus thought William was moving in on his new family; Jenny made a move on Nate; Vanessa took Dan's spot at Tisch; and Chuck tried to stop Blair from moving on.
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