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Gossip Girl Episode: "The Townie"

Season 4, Episode 11
Episode Synopsis: Adversaries Blair and Dan team up to search for Juliet. Meanwhile, Chuck believes that Lily is not being entirely honest with him.
Original Air Date: Dec 6, 2010

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Season 4, Episode 11
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Aired: 12/6/2010
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Gossip Girl Episode Recap: "The Townie" Season 4, Episode 11

In this week's episode, Blair and Dan team up to track down Juliet to get to the bottom of her obsession with Serena, and Chuck makes sure Lily knows that he is the rightful heir to Bass Industries. 

An Unlikely Duo

Blair and Dan are using their sleuthing skills to track down Juliet to clear Serena's name. Gossip Girl clues them in on her location: Cornwall, Connecticut. They hop in Rufus' old VW Beetle (much to Blair's dismay) and head upstate. Witty banter ensues. They pull up to the address Gossip Girl gave them and find a huge party with no sign of Juliet, however, they do run into their old friend Damien who is there dealing drugs, of course ("the 'burbs do big business over the holidays!"). They enlist his help to track down Juliet. He knows she is a townie from his days at the local Knightley boarding school with Serena. Flash back to a high school Serena partying in her room while her nerdy tutor (Damien!)  tries to get her to focus on her schoolwork instead of socializing. Is Serena to blame for Damien turning to the dark side?! He tells them Juliet made a big drug buy from him in the city last week.

They find Juliet's house and meet her mother, who tells them Juliet is out (maybe she's finally found a hobby that doesn't involve destroying Serena!). Blair suggests they wait inside for her. Damien tells Mrs. Sharp he went to Knightley, and she says he must know her son, Ben Donovan — "he was a damn good teacher no matter what they say." Damien remembers Mr. Donovan, but never knew he was Juliet's brother. He tells Blair and Dan that there had been a rumor that Mr. Donovan and Serena were having an affair and that he had always believed the best in Serena until he saw them at a bed and breakfast together one night.

Truth Be Told

Juliet had seen Blair, Dan and Damien driving away from the party, so she calls Ben to tell him they are onto her and that she's going to finish the job once and for all. Ben tells her she's already gone too far and tries to dissuade her, but it's too late. She somehow manages to get into Serena's room at the Ostroff Center and is waiting for her when she gets back from her counseling session. She tells Serena the truth about everything she's done to her and recounts finding out that her brother had been charged with statutory rape and transporting a minor across state lines ("to go to a library!" he argued). The lawyer said Serena had signed an affidavit saying it was true, and they had a witness who saw them at a bed and breakfast (just getting shelter from the rain!), so he advised Ben to take the plea deal the Van der Woodsens had offered so he could go away quietly and keep his name out of the papers.

Serena tells Juliet she didn't sign the papers, but she has an idea of who did. She takes Juliet to her mother's holiday party and makes a scene confronting her. Lily admits that she was the one who signed the papers. She had wanted Serena back from boarding school, but Constance wouldn't take her with the record she had, so Lily had gone to speak with Knightley's administration. It was then that she heard rumors of Serena's affair with a teacher, so she used the rumors to her advantage to destroy Ben so that Serena could get into Constance — it was "for her future," Lily argued. Lily is suddenly the bad guy and nobody seems to care that Juliet nearly killed Serena to avenge her brother's imprisonment.

And just to kick her while she's down, Rufus announces that he just discovered that Lily planned on selling Bass Industries, which explains her odd behavior when Chuck told her he planned on taking over the family business soon. Chuck is furious and he tells Lily she's not going to get away with it. She argues that the board would never hand the reigns over to him — it was his instability that allowed Lily to take over in the first place.    

A Fresh Start

Chuck heads to New Zealand to enlist the help of his uncle, Jack Bass (isn't he busy solving murders as Detective Quinn on Dexter?!) in getting Bass Industries back. A common enemy might do wonders for their dysfunctional relationship.

 Dan and Blair stay to hold down the fort over the holidays while Chuck is gone and Serena heads upstate to find the judge that can clear Ben's name — could it be? Are Blair and Dan actually turning into (gasp!) friends?

The episode ends with Ben receiving a holiday visit in prison from none other than... Serena.

What did you think of this week's episode? Have we seen the last of Juliet? Can Chuck actually trust Uncle Jack to help him? Will Serena and Ben's non-affair turn into a reality now that she's legal? Until next year... xoxo.



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In this week's episode, Blair and Dan team up to track down Juliet to get to the bottom of her obsession with Serena, and Chuck makes sure Lily knows that he is the rightful heir to Bass Industries. 

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