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Gossip Girl Episode: "Gaslit"

Season 4, Episode 10
Episode Synopsis: Nate tries to get his parents to make peace and move forward. Elsewhere, a family member's hospitalization affects Chuck, Serena, Blair, Dan, Jenny and Eric.
Original Air Date: Nov 29, 2010

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Season 4, Episode 10
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Aired: 11/29/2010
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Gossip Girl Episode Recap: "Gaslit" Season 4, Episode 10

This week's episode has the gang dealing with the aftermath of Serena's drug overdose and celebrating Thanksgiving in some unconventional places: prison and rehab.

They tried to make me go to rehab

Serena wakes up alone in a seedy motel, liquor bottles and pills scattered about the room. Only as Serena is dialing 911 does her family actually realize that she has been missing for days. They show up at the hospital and are told by the doctor that it was likely an intentional drug overdose that could have proved fatal with the combination of drugs that was found at the scene. Serena swears she had nothing to do with the drugs, but can't remember anything to clear her name. The doctor suggests that the family have her involuntarily committed to a treatment center.

Rufus calls Jenny to fill her in on what's going on, and she seems genuinely concerned. She believes that their plan upset Serena so much that she got depressed and overdosed — she has no idea that Juliet went rogue on them and set Serena up. She heads straight to the city to come clean about her dirty deeds. She gives Juliet a heads up that she is about to incriminate the three of them, and Juliet calls Vanessa to intercept, telling her Jenny is family, so if she takes the fall, she will be forgiven — an outsider will not. Jenny tries to tell Rufus that she wasn't the only culprit, but he doesn't want to hear it. She tells him she never should have come back to the city, and he agrees.

Dan is the only one who believes Serena's innocent, and he somehow manages to bust her out of rehab and take her back to Brooklyn so they can stock up on snacks before they get out of dodge (or "the dodge," as Dorota would say). Great thinking, Dan — nobody will think to look for you two at your own apartment! Next time you're hungry and running from the law, grab some street meat to go!

Lily and Blair show up at the loft for an intervention just as Dan and Serena are about to leave. While there, Gossip Girl sends out a picture of a partying Serena in her masquerade ensemble, and somehow that was enough to make Serena believe she really did have a problem. She tells everyone she wants to go back into treatment.

Prison blues

Nate is starting to repair his relationship with his father, who wonders why Mrs. Archibald has never been to visit him in prison. Nate keeps putting his father off, telling him she just needs more time, and he seems to actually believe that himself, until he comes across the divorce papers she had drawn up. After much effort trying to convince her that his father is a changed man, she finally agrees to visit him in prison and hear him out before she files for divorce.

Juliet is also at the prison, filling in Ben on the progress of Operation Destroy Serena, but he tells her that drugging her wasn't part of the plan and she took it too far. Juliet fires back, telling him she did everything for him and if there was a line he didn't want crossed, he should have told her before she lost everything in the process. On her way out of the prison, Juliet spots Nate with his family. She can't risk running into him here anymore, so she tells the guard she is getting out of town for a while and won't be back.

On their way out of prison, Mrs. Archibald thanks Nate for making her see that his father really had changed. Nate isn't so sure he was right, though, when the guards tell him that Mr. Archibald told them that having a supportive family to go home to will work in his favor when he faces the parole board shortly.

Truth be told

Lily and Rufus decide to bring Thanksgiving dinner to Serena at the Ostroff Center. Lily says she has to make a quick stop first and will meet him there. That quick stop just happens to be a covert meeting in a dark bar with Juliet. She hands her another check and promises to keep them coming every month, as long as Serena's past stays in the past. Looks like Juliet has found another way to maintain her income since Colin cut her off. Real jobs are for the weak!

Jenny shows up at Juliet's place, only to find she's cleared out her apartment and skipped town. She did leave one telltale piece of evidence behind, however — her mask from Chuck's party. Jenny heads straight to Blair's to confess that she was the one who dropped the curtain on Blair and Chuck at his party, Juliet was the one that had kissed Dan and Nate, and it must have been Juliet in the picture Gossip Girl sent out. Blair asks if Jenny would be willing to go double agent to take Juliet down, but Jenny is exhausted from her years of game playing and tells Blair she is leaving Manhattan.  Blair must be especially desperate after Jenny turns her down because she travels all the way to Brooklyn to secure another ally with a different Humphrey — Dan.

What did you think of this week's episode? Is Nate's father using him as a pawn? Are you excited for Team Walphrey, er... Humpdorf, er... Blair and Dan?! Will they be able to take down Juliet once and for all? Until next time... xoxo.



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This week's episode has the gang dealing with the aftermath of Serena's drug overdose and celebrating Thanksgiving in some unconventional places: prison and rehab.

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