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Gossip Girl Episode: "The Goodbye Gossip Girl"

Season 2, Episode 25
Episode Synopsis: In the second-season finale, a scandalous e-mail is sent out by Gossip Girl as the gang's high-school graduation ceremony takes place, prompting Serena to retaliate. Elsewhere, the mean girls dare Jenny to try to claim the Queen Bee throne; and Lily and Rufus attempt to fix their relationship.
Original Air Date: May 18, 2009

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Season 2, Episode 25
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Gossip Girl Episode Recap: "The Goodbye Gossip Girl" Season 2, Episode 25

This week on the Gossip Girl finale, as the gang graduated, Gossip Girl sent them a surprise gift in the middle of the ceremony: an unwelcome, mean-spirited e-mail, which she later followed up by divulging a stockpile of long-kept secrets. Meanwhile, Blair tried to get Chuck to tell her what she's been waiting to hear all season.

Almost everyone seemed happy during the early part of graduation day. While Serena didn't like that she still had to deal with paparazzi from the fallout of her arrest, she looked at it as temporary, because, as she explained to Blair, "The end of high school means the end of me on Gossip Girl!" We learned from their conversation that Gossip Girl didn't report on college happenings, and that Serena was Gossip Girl's first blast, back in the ninth grade.

As this sunny morning continued, Nate ran into Vanessa and apologized for how badly he handled his breakup with her (it was about time he did that). He also informed her that he and Blair had broken up — news that Blair kept chickening out of telling Chuck. So, things were a little less sunny for Blair as she faced moving on without Yale, Nate and Chuck. And the clouds were moving in for Dan as well when he discovered that his name was left off the graduation program. Meanwhile, Dan's dad regretted his reserved seat location as chipper Cyrus and Eleanor tried to pressure Rufus and Lily to follow their lead and get married soon. (Speaking of the gang's parents, Alison, Harold and Ann were conspicuously absent from the graduation ceremony — I guess we can pretend they were there, but simply out of our view.)

The boys were decked out in blue gowns and the girls in green ones as the class of 2009 filed into the auditorium (note that Serena was the only one too cool to wear a cap). Though they were indoors, storm clouds moved in as the graduates received a text from Gossip Girl in the midst of the ceremony. Gossip Girl bestowed the gang with unflattering labels as follows: Nate: class whore; Dan: the ultimate insider; Chuck: coward; Blair: weakling; and Serena: "After today, you are officially irrelevant." All sat dumbstruck, unable to rise for the ceremony, because, as Gossip Girl said, labels stick.

Dan was basically indifferent about the e-mail and ready to put high school (and Serena) behind him. However, the fab four were angry, especially Serena, who declared war by saying, "Gossip Girl is going down." First, Nate tried to do some damage control by coming clean to gramps about his affair with the countess. When Grandfather Vanderbilt heard the details that she was an older, married woman, he laughed it off as a boys will be boys thing. When he heard that boys will be prostitutes, he wasn't laughing quite so much, though he was still forgiving. And then it was time for Nate, Serena, Chuck and Blair to seek revenge by trying to uncover exactly who Gossip Girl was. After quickly gathering intel and stats, they were able to deduce that she was most likely in their grade and a student at Constance. Chuck thought it was Nelly Yuki, but Serena dismissed that idea. Then Serena set a trap, which Jonathan fell into. However, Eric's boyfriend soon revealed that he was not Gossip Girl — he merely hacked into her server while he was bored over spring break, and now he was privy to all of Gossip Girl's e-mails.

By the time Nate's post-graduation bash rolled around, Gossip Girl was so angry Serena couldn't leave things alone that she unleashed her stockpile of secrets: Dan sleeping with Ms. Carr; Dan spending time in jail; Jenny having questionable pictures taken with a photographer while Nate was present; Blair sleeping with Chuck's uncle (so she did sleep with Jack on New Year's!); and Chuck sleeping with Vanessa. Tempers flared the moment the secrets got out and everyone confronted each other. But then, Chuck and Blair turned their anger toward Serena because Gossip Girl said Serena was the reason she dropped the bomb on all their secrets. Blair then directed some of her venom at Dan, saying he really was "the ultimate insider." (And Nelly Yuki echoed her statements, revealing for the second time that night that she had been harboring a secret crush on Dan)

Serena was upset and felt she had to make everything right on this final night of high school. Nate tried to convince her to let things just blow over, but she was determined to fix things. So, she told Gossip Girl to meet her at a bar, or else she would reveal her true identity to everyone. Gossip Girl called her bluff and arranged for the whole class to meet Serena in the bar. Via e-mail, Gossip Girl then pointed out that she had given them all the perfect graduation present: a clean slate, as all their secrets were now out. She also told them to look around at each other — without their tips and their thirst for gossip, Gossip Girl would be nothing (Gossip Girl's very wise). Here was the kicker: She revealed to them that she's following them to college (good thing, otherwise they'd have to change the name of the show!).

While all this was going on, another important event was being played out: the battle for Blair's queen bee throne. The decision was not Blair's to make, but instead it was an honor to be won by whomever brought the reigning Mean Girls the juiciest piece of gossip. Jenny didn't want the position, but then she decided to go for it because she sought change in the form of a "high school without hierarchy." Nevertheless, she faced stiff competition from transfer student Emma (the young girl Blair tried to help earlier this season as a favor to a dean at Yale).

At first, Blair made things especially difficult for Jenny, even when Jenny was sensitive toward Blair and hesitant to use the Uncle Jack info. Blair was rude to Jenny and basically spit in her face by saying, "I'm sorry I wasted my time on you...you don't have what it takes." Later, a softened and more composed Blair approached Jenny in the bathroom and gave her dirt she could use to win, but Jenny wouldn't take it. Blair explained, "You need to be cold to be queen," then went on to talk about Queen Elizabeth I and how you can't make people love you, but you can make them fear you. Finally, Blair declared, "For what it's worth, you're my queen, I choose you." Later, she went farther and actually made this happen by having Jenny share dirt on the Mean Girls with Gossip Girl (this was the old dirt Jenny had obtained months ago while helping Nelly). In a fun scene, Blair then grabbed the crown (a headband) from Emma and shooed her down the sofa. As for Jenny's first order of business as queen? No more headbands (except for the crown).

As Jenny prepared for next fall, Nate made a change of plans for summer: He ditched his internship at the mayor's office (where the deputy mayor made a pass of him) and begged Vanessa to let him go backpacking with her, just as friends. Meanwhile, Serena's friend Carter got in touch with her and found that info on her dad, which she requested. (Apparently Serena's secretly been looking into her dad for some time) In addition to Carter, Georgina made a brief appearance. She called Dan and informed him she got his Yale money back, and he replied thanks, but I'm all set to go to NYU now. She said she would see him there, then hung up and requested Blair as her roommate. (My question: Isn't Michelle Trachtenberg going to be busy on NBC's new series Mercy next fall?)

So not only will Georgina be at NYU, but Scott as well. Yes, Scott — Lily and Rufus' son who apparently knows all about them. He made friends with Dan, then lied to his mom about being in Portland. This guy seems to have an agenda. As for his birth parents, after some tension, they got past their problems, thanks in part to Lily's surprise visit to Rufus. Not one to arrive empty-handed, Lily brought drinks and some pot she found in Chuck's room (Rufus' response to her find: "Well then it must be good"). After some reminiscing, Rufus impulsively proposed to her with a makeshift ring, and she accepted.

So Lily and Rufus worked things out, but could Chuck and Blair do the same? As Blair prepared for the graduation party, she shared a rare, sweet moment with her mom, and they talked about her and Chuck. Then Blair carried out her unoriginal plan: She tried to seduce Chuck (yet again) and get him to say he loved her. This (again) did not work, which I have to say I was glad about, because if it happened this way it would have felt a little forced. They were interrupted by Gossip Girl's e-mail revealing all the secrets, including the secrets that Blair slept with Jack, and Chuck slept with Vanessa (it was good they revisited these two story lines, because for a while, they were looking like random plots that had been abandoned). Ultimately, this was a positive move, because at least these secrets were out.

After things were now on a level playing field, Blair pulled Chuck aside, her bottom lip quivering as she poured her heart out to him (again), saying, "I love you so much it consumes me." And Chuck left her (again). Honestly, this was getting painful, making Blair out to be something of a masochist who kept getting her heart trampled on. She shouldn't have been the one going to Chuck anymore, he should have been coming to her. Instead, he ran away (again), this time to Europe.

Then, out of the blue, Chuck came back to her, presenting her with flowers and presents he bought for her from all over Europe. He didn't set out to buy her the presents, but he couldn't help it, because everywhere he looked he saw things that reminded him of her. And then, after admitting that he had indeed been a coward, he (finally!) said it — those "three words, eight letters," that Blair had been waiting to hear all season long: "I love you (too)." An apology for being so mean to her would have been nice, but that didn't happen (with Chuck, you have to be grateful for baby steps). Instead, Blair made him say those words again, and him saying them repeatedly was...wonderful. And adorable. He was up to saying those words aloud four times by the time the episode was over. It closed on Chuck kissing Blair on a New York City sidewalk, the two of them together and happy at last. They deserve it, and we Chuck and Blair fans deserve it. Hopefully the writers won't immediately break them up next season. I'm not saying that we need to see Chuck and Blair holding hands as they skip through Central Park (though that may be fun for one of Blair's movie dream sequences), but it will be nice to see them take a real shot at having a relationship, Chuck-and-Blair style.

So, what did you think of the season finale? Do you like how Chuck and Blair finally got together? How will Constance be different with Jenny as queen bee? And any theories about the many loose ends (Scott attending NYU, Serena searching for dad, etc.) we're left hanging with until next year?

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This week on the Gossip Girl finale, as the gang graduated, Gossip Girl sent them a surprise gift in the middle of the ceremony: an unwelcome, mean-spirited e-mail, which she later followed up by divulging a stockpile of long-kept secrets. Meanwhile, Blair tried to get Chuck to tell her what she's been waiting to hear all season.

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