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Gossip Girl Episode: "The Wrath of Con"

Season 2, Episode 23
Episode Synopsis: Blair plays on Georgina's guilt over her checkered past and ropes her into helping with a scheme. Meanwhile, Chuck and Nate's competition over Blair heats up, and Lily finds a covert way to assist with Dan's college tuition.
Original Air Date: May 4, 2009
Guest Cast Armie Hammer: Dorota
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Season 2, Episode 23
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Length: 42:33
Aired: 5/4/2009
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Gossip Girl Episode Recap: "The Wrath of Con" Season 2, Episode 23

This week on Gossip Girl, everyone wanted to get revenge on the scheming Gabriel and Poppy — well, almost everyone. Georgina simply wanted to make amends for past transgressions, while Lily just wanted all traces of a possible scandal to go away quietly. Meanwhile, Nate, Blair and Chuck continued to do that dance that the three of them do.

After admitting she had been naive, Serena apologized to Chuck for not believing him and Blair about Gabriel. The Southern schemer was then quickly dealt with during the first few minutes of this episode. Serena lured him back with an "I think I might be pregnant" ploy ("cliché but effective," according to Chuck). Gabriel was oh-so sorry, and no threats were needed to get him to spill the beans that Poppy was the mastermind behind the swindle. It seemed like Gabriel was even trying to win Serena back, but luckily she wised up enough not to give him a second chance.

The next target was Poppy. As Blair said, the only way Serena's plan was going to work was "by some act of God." Cue the religious music (nice touch) and in walked the newly pious Georgina. She became integral to this plan because the gang needed someone Poppy didn't know. At first, Georgina was opposed to participating in such a devilish scheme, because as she explained to Blair, "I gave up my old ways when I let Jesus take the wheel." Blair's retort: "That is a Carrie Underwood song, not a life choice." It took quite a bit of manipulation on Blair's part, but she managed to convince Georgina that participating in this revenge scheme was the only way she could make amends to Blair (and making amends was the whole reason Georgina got in that cab back to NYC with Chuck in the first place). For good measure, Blair even had Georgina quoting Bible verses about vengeance.

And so the plan was all set... except for a few little wrinkles, who went by the names of Lily and Dan. Serena was wrong when she initially backed off from telling Lily the truth about Gabriel as soon as she found out. At the time, Lily was laying it on thick about how proud she was of Serena, so naturally Serena didn't want to disappoint her. But Lily was deeply involved in this swindle, so she deserved to know what was up. And soon enough, Lily did find out, thanks to Dan the tattletale. Dan was worried about his dad's investment and his college fund, but the way he went behind Serena's back and told Lily when Serena specifically asked him not to — you just don't treat a friend that way.

Nor do you treat you possible fiancé the way Lily did, which involved devising a scheme where she would give money to Rufus behind his back every month, pretending the money came from his investment with Gabriel. Rufus, of course, found the papers spelling this out, just as he had found that second page of her list of lovers a few months ago (Rufus is a little snoopy). And Rufus was pissed that Lily planned to deceive him in this way! Pissed enough to refer to the staging area for his proposal as "a big mistake."

But before walking out on Lily, Rufus made a couple of really good points. First, he called her out on being a hypocrite by having Serena arrested, when it was she who prevented Rufus from doing the same thing to Jenny last fall. And when Lily claimed she had to stop Serena from creating a scandal and from embarrassing her, Rufus hit the nail on the head when he said, "You sound exactly like your mother!" As much as Lily wanted to protect Serena, she wanted to protect herself from a scandal even more. Serena expressed concern that Poppy was just going to scam more people in Miami, but that thought was of little concern to Lily, whose motives were of a more selfish nature.

So Serena refused to follow Lily's orders to stop with her revenge scheme, and not only did Serena get arrested (on Lily's false stolen jewelry claims), but her arrest caused her plan to self-destruct. The gang got confused and thought the cops were there to arrest the "faux-cialite" Poppy (it turns out she's not even a real socialite!), and Poppy made off with even more money: the cash from Georgina's Bible camp. This triggered some sort of switch in Georgina, and suddenly the old G returned. Or to put it in her words, "You can tell Jesus that the bitch is back." Damn! She's mad and she wants her Bible money back. And at this rate, an angry Georgina may be the only one who can take Poppy down.

As for non-Poppy related plots, there were some developments in the Nate-Blair-Chuck triangle. Nate stopped alternating between being polite and territorial and got honest, finally calling Chuck out on his crap: "You're lying to yourself. ... You had your shot and you blew it. ... If you want her, then man up and tell her. Otherwise, you gotta cut her loose." Chuck needed to hear that. Then in the next breath, Nate told him, "I want her," which I only sort of believe. I mean, up until a little while ago, Nate really wanted Vanessa. And a little while before that, he kind of wanted Jenny. And before that...I could go on, but the point is that Nate wants lots of things. He's fickle and moves on quickly.

As for Blair, Nate's clearly her number two choice, as she told Chuck that she couldn't give Nate an answer until Chuck gave her one (and that's not right to string Nate along like that — he doesn't deserve to be someone's backup choice). Chuck finally did give Blair her answer: He lied and told her it was all just a game, and that she was free to go. Even Serena, who proved again last week that's not the brightest bulb, could see that he was lying, so surely Blair saw that too, right? And then Chuck admitted that he loves Blair — he couldn't say it to her face yet, but he said it to Serena. Poor Chuck — it's like he needs therapy or something, as he thinks of himself as so incapable of making someone happy and so undeserving of love.

A "free" Blair then went to Nate and told him no, she wasn't ready to move in with him. And thankfully, he agreed that it was too big a step for them, so they're setting their sights on prom.

Next week, it's time for a trip back to Lily's reckless youth in the '80s! But the episode's not a total flashback — some present-day story lines will also take place. Until then, do you think Lily did the right thing by going so far as to get Serena arrested, or should she have let Serena handle things on her own? Is Serena right to be annoyed with Dan, and Rufus with Lily? And was it noble of Chuck to let Blair go, or did you want to slap him and tell him to admit his true feelings to her?

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This week on Gossip Girl, everyone wanted to get revenge on the scheming Gabriel and Poppy — well, almost everyone. Georgina simply wanted to make amends for past transgressions, while Lily just wanted all traces of a possible scandal to go away quietly. Meanwhile, Nate, Blair and Chuck continued to do that dance that the three of them do.
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