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Gossip Girl Episode: "Southern Gentlemen Prefer Blondes"

Season 2, Episode 22
Episode Synopsis: A changed Georgina (Michelle Trachtenberg) returns to town. Meanwhile, Chuck and Nate's rivalry for Blair's affections puts their friendship in jeopardy again, and things continue to grow complicated for Serena and Gabriel.
Original Air Date: Apr 27, 2009
Guest Cast Armie Hammer: Gabriel
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Season 2, Episode 22
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Length: 42:30
Aired: 4/27/2009
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Gossip Girl Episode Recap: "Southern Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" Season 2, Episode 22

Trust proved to be an important theme on Gossip Girl this week as secrets came out about Serena's charming new Southern boyfriend, Gabriel. And as a triangle began to reform among Nate, Blair and Chuck, trust issues were spilling out all over the place.

After Blair asked Serena about the "foreigner" she's been dating (he's from North Carolina), Serena admitted that she didn't like how Gabriel kept taking off all the time — he wouldn't even stick around to see a movie. A concerned Blair spied on him and ran into Chuck, who knew she was in spy mode because she had her super-sleuth beret on. They caught him with Poppy, but Gabriel was able to "confess" this to Serena before she confronted him. Then he said he told Poppy that he and Serena broke up, because if Poppy found out they were still together, she'd take all of her investors away from his new company. So he was just going to keep seeing Poppy for one more week, and he wouldn't sleep with her. And because Serena's such a pushover, she reluctantly agreed to this.

Then we see the next phase in Gabriel and Poppy's plan. Using Blair and Chuck's sleuthing to their advantage, Poppy accompanied Chuck to Serena's house and confronted Gabriel there: She threw a convincing hissy fit and threatened to take all of her investors with her, just as he predicted. Instead of backing down, Gabriel stood up to her and chose Serena over her. He wasn't exactly full of conviction with his little performance, but it was enough to win over Serena, who totally bought it. And to make up for his lost investors, Serena offered up her mother's co-op party, conveniently  going on at that very moment, which was full of rich potential investors. Gabriel worked his Southern charm (though he doesn't exactly have a Southern accent) and had Lily eating out of his hand. Like daughter, like mother.

Blair and Chuck tried to warn Serena that Gabriel's story of how she first met him wasn't checking out: He claimed they met at Butter the night before the SATs, but Butter was closed that night. Serena chose not to believe them, despite the fact that Blair and Chuck are two of her oldest friends. Then finally Serena tested Gabriel, with a comment about Georgina's hair color. And he completely failed her little test. (The guy later confessed to Poppy that he doesn't even know what Butter is.) Not one to play it cool, Serena left Gabriel a "nervous" voice message, which clued him and Poppy on to the fact that she was slowly starting to wise up.

But how much damage was already done, in terms of the investors? Among those investors was none other than Rufus Humphrey. Gabriel did show a smidge of decency when he tried to talk middle-class Rufus out of investing. Rufus misinterpreted it as Gabriel being condescending, but I think Gabriel was trying to protect an ordinary Joe from losing too much money. And poor Rufus was in quite a financial bind: He wanted to send Dan to Yale, but he had no potential buyers for his art gallery. He was willing to sell the Lincoln Hawk music catalog, but it's worth less now that the band stopped touring. And then he offered to reimburse Dan and Jenny for that antique ring they bought him for Lily. But even if he does wind up penniless, I'm sure his kids will be there for him, just as they were sweetly encouraging him to propose to Lily if that's what he wants to do.

Also on the encouragement front, Chuck insisted that Nate talk to him about his relationship with Blair, just like in the good old days. For the second week in a row, he insisted, "You won, I lost" with regards to Blair — and by him saying this so much, he of course sounded suspicious. But Nate shared anyway: His problem was his impending "long-distance" relationship with Blair. Their colleges are at opposite ends of the city, and Blair doesn't do subways ("Please don't ask this of me," she pleaded with Nate as he asked her to go down the dark, dingy subway stairs).

Nate's completely rational solution: Get an apartment (no dorm life for these Upper East Siders!) for the two of them that was halfway between both colleges. Because moving in together at 18 is such a good idea. Especially since this re-established relationship is now, what, several weeks old? Nate showed the apartment to his buddy Chuck first, who immediately saw Nate's true motivation and delivered my favorite line of the night: "If you needed to mark your territory so badly, Nathaniel, maybe you should just pee on her." Nate responded by giving Chuck an order: "I don't want you to go near her again. I mean that." What the hell? Out of the blue, Nate's now the extremely jealous type — where did that come from? I realize that the writers have never given Nate much of a personality, but now they're just pulling stuff out of the air? And they're unattractive qualities, at that.

The next moment, Blair called Chuck. And he took the call — good for him. These two really perked up every time they discussed their detective work. Not so good: Another go at the Nate-Blair-Chuck triangle was in full swing, with Nate and Chuck's friendship possibly being a casualty once again. Eventually, Blair had to choose between hanging out with Nate and sleuthing with Chuck, and she basically had to ask Nate's permission to let her go and ask that he trust her. She went with Chuck, and after falling asleep in his limo, the two woke up with their heads leaning together, holding hands (funny, Blair commented earlier in the episode that Chuck Bass wasn't the hand-holding type). We Blair and Chuck fans have to take these small moments where we can get them, because soon the two were bickering once again. Chuck just had to make another crack about Blair's fondness for limos, though he did make a good point about the suspicious timing of Nate's proposal to live with Blair coinciding with the timing of Blair and Chuck's renewed friendship. And then Chuck suggested Blair stay behind as he went off to find Georgina on his own.

The return of Georgina Sparks was well worth the wait. Post-boot camp, a changed Georgina found Jesus, and she seemed truly happy and sincere as she talked about this. Her leading Chuck through her camp of "Jesus freaks" was a sight to see. Georgina confirmed the story that she and Serena weren't at Butter the night Gabriel claimed they met. And upon hearing the mention of Blair, Georgina suddenly was eager to take a trip with Chuck into the city. Of course, they would have to take that ride in a cab, as Blair took Chuck's limo and abandoned him at the camp (he so deserved that!).

So, is Serena's gullibility understandable, or is it just too much? How about Nate's jealousy — was it justified, or over the top? And is anyone going to be able to stop Gabriel and Poppy before it's too late, or at least get revenge?

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Trust proved to be an important theme on Gossip Girl this week as secrets came out about Serena's charming new Southern boyfriend, Gabriel. And as a triangle began to reform among Nate, Blair and Chuck, trust issues were spilling out all over the place.
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