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Gossip Girl Episode: "Seder Anything"

Season 2, Episode 21
Episode Synopsis: Serena returns from her adventure in Spain, and Blair makes a secret pact with Nate's grandfather. Nate, meanwhile, uncovers something about the Captain's arrest, and Dan gets a catering job but is not pleased when he realizes he has to serve his friends during a Seder at the Waldorfs' place.
Original Air Date: Apr 20, 2009
Guest Cast Armie Hammer: Gabriel Sarah Wilson: Corrine
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Season 2, Episode 21
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Aired: 4/20/2009
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Gossip Girl Episode Recap: "Seder Anything" Season 2, Episode 21

This week on Gossip Girl, Eleanor and Cyrus hosted a Seder dinner that did not go smoothly, as Serena faced the consequences of her trip to Spain and Dan tried to earn a few bucks for college. Elsewhere, Blair and Nate tried to make decisions about their futures, while Chuck was forced to confront a dark moment from his past.

So Serena was actually grounded for jet-setting off to Spain (who among us hasn't snuck off to Europe once or twice?). But that was the least of her worries, as she thought she accidently married Gabriel one wild and crazy night abroad. Her convoluted solution to this problem was to secretly seek legal council from Cyrus (without telling Lily), and then pretend to still be in love with Dan when Gabriel crashed the Seder.

That well-thought-out plan did not go so well, but luckily Gabriel assured Serena that they were not husband and wife as she had feared. And just as I was starting to think about how the handsome and charming Gabriel was a step up from annoying Aaron (guess he was celebrating Passover with his mom?), we saw that Gabriel is not broken up with Poppy. In fact, they seem to be in cahoots together, trying to pull something over on Serena.

Serena and Lily had a mini powwow in the Waldorf kitchen, with Lily commenting on how good Serena had been for the past two years up until now, and Serena complaining, "I can't live like that anymore!" The poor dear misses "the good parts" of her bad days and no longer feels free. Well, her life might get a lot more adventurous if Gabriel and Poppy have something cooked up for her. But for now, the "good" Serena got into Brown, much to both her and Lily's delight.

Dan and Rufus were still happy about Dan's acceptance to Yale, but they still needed a way to pay for it. Rufus felt it was his responsibility, so Dan secretly took a job as a "cater waiter at a Seder" (Dan's words — he was in top comedic form once again). At first, Dan didn't realize the job would be at the Waldorfs', and he tried to back out when he realized this. He couldn't resist the doubled salary, but he wasn't counting on Rufus being a last-minute guest... or on having to pretend to be Serena's boyfriend once again.

All of Dan's scenes were pretty funny, whether he was "being Eleanor's bitch boy" (I loved when a clueless Rufus thought Eleanor was being rude about Dan's clothes and Dan told Rufus, "I'm just gonna go with it") or pretending to be back with Serena, holding hands very publicly during the Seder. Finally, Dan and Serena confessed it was all a lie, and Lily's plot to set Rufus up with some art buyers worked — sort of. It seems that Rufus won't be selling just his paintings, but his whole gallery! But he's more than OK with this — so much so that he's excited to be moving on to the next unknown phase of his life (guess the producers decided the art gallery scenes were getting boring).

Blair, on the other hand, doesn't do so well when it comes to facing uncertainty in her future. Forced to take a year off from college because she only applied to Yale, Blair set her sights on the Whitney Junior Committee (whatever that is). But she was denied acceptance. Luckily, Nate's grandfather came to her rescue and said he would make a call... if she would convince Nate to go to Yale. (Yes, Nate was accepted to two Ivy League schools — Nate, the non-academic one. He got into Yale thanks to another one of Grandfather's calls, and he got into Columbia on his own, which he was quite proud of.) And Blair, being the selfish person she is, agreed to sell Nate out — albeit at a higher price: She demanded that she also be made a bridesmaid in Tripp's wedding.

As many people pointed out, Blair goes into full Stepford mode when she's dating Nate — and as much as I love Blair, I find her almost intolerable to watch when she's like this. Nate, however, is at his most watchable when he's pissed at people (self-righteous anger just seems to work for him). So this was quite an episode for Nate. First he publicly revealed his latest discovery at a Vanderbilt party: Grandfather was the one who had the Captain investigated. Grandfather then turned on Blair and sold her out to Nate, telling him about their little secret deal.

An angry Nate then sent Blair home, and I would have felt bad for her, if I thought she truly loved him. But if she loved him, she wouldn't have initially agreed to that deal with his grandfather. And if Nate truly loved her, he would have told her what was bothering him about his grandfather instead of keeping it a secret from her until he announced it at the party. But in the end, these two "lovebirds" made up again, thanks to a conversation Nate had with his buddy Chuck. And it looks like they'll be both still be in the city next year, as Blair finally took Cyrus up on his offer to get her an interview with his buddy at NYU (Cyrus saved the man in 'Nam after all!).

Getting back to Chuck — I saved the best for last. Apparently, he's already over Vanessa, as she was nowhere to be seen this week. Chuck, like Blair, had his least appealing side on display this week — in his case, this is when he's in full sleaze mode, bedding nameless girls (or just talking about bedding them as he wears one of his Hugh Hefner robes). But then, Chuck had two scenes with Jenny, which were my two favorite scenes of the episode.

As we all know, Chuck tried to rape Jenny at a party in the pilot. This show has done a good job of not having Chuck and Jenny be buddy-buddy since then. In fact, they almost never talked to one another after that, aside from the masquerade ball when Jenny tried to get back at Chuck. Since Chuck has grown to become an often likable character, I wondered if they would ever address this again, and I give them props for doing so. They went the route General Hospital eventually went with a similar famous storyline. (Backstory: Luke once raped Laura on a dance floor. A few years later, they were one of the most popular soap couples ever and the show referred to the rape as a "seduction." About 15 years after that, as their teenage son was helping his friend cope with her rape, the show finally acknowledged in a plotline that Luke did in fact rape Laura.)

And so as Chuck and Jenny both found themselves momentarily alone at Lily's, Jenny confronted Chuck and referenced the incident at the Kiss on Lips party. She told Chuck he was lucky she never told her dad about it because he would make Lily choose, and Lily would surly pick the Humphreys over him. Chuck went into full defense mode and said he didn't care if Lily kicked him out, and Jenny called him on it and said he did care, because "the only human contact that you have that you don't pay for is the people in this house... and knowing you you'll screw that up, too." As evidenced by Chuck's eyes tearing up, he did care, and he had one of those moments where he turns from a sleazebag into someone vulnerable and relatable. Later that evening, Chuck and Jenny were alone again, and he finally apologized to her for that night, which seemed to stun Jenny. Not that his apology makes up for what he did, but it came across as sincere, and it was certainly a step in the right direction.

So, what do you think Gabriel and Poppy are planning? Are you glad or disappointed that Nate and Blair made up after their little spat? And do you like the fact that the show finally addressed the Chuck and Jenny attempted rape incident that occurred a year and a half ago?

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This week on Gossip Girl, Eleanor and Cyrus hosted a Seder dinner that did not go smoothly, as Serena faced the consequences of her trip to Spain and Dan tried to earn a few bucks for college. Elsewhere, Blair and Nate tried to make decisions about their futures, while Chuck was forced to confront a dark moment from his past.
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