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Gossip Girl Episode: "The Freshman"

Season 3, Episode 2
Episode Synopsis: Blair, Dan and Vanessa begin their first day at NYU, where Georgina sets out to make Blair an outcast. Elsewhere, Chuck and Serena have a big fight, and Nate and Bree pursue their relationship, despite the strain it may cause their families.
Original Air Date: Sep 21, 2009
Guest Cast JoAnna Garcia: Bree Buckley
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Season 3, Episode 2
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Aired: 9/21/2009
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Gossip Girl Episode Recap: "The Freshman" Season 3, Episode 2

This week on Gossip Girl, half of the gang headed off to freshman orientation at college, however, Blair and Serena were up to some of their same old high-school tricks as they sought power and revenge, respectively.

Blair in A Different World

Blair Waldorf and college dorms go together about as well as stilettos and plaid flannel — as Chuck tried to point this out to her. But she insisted this move was strategic: She had to live among the peons in order to become their leader. Blair wanted things to be just like they were at Constance, but a large downtown university full of hipsters is very different from a small, elite, uptown private school. And she soon discovered this after she and Dorota gave out Tiffany-filled gift bags and threw a sushi party where only one guest showed. Instead, everyone was down the hall with Georgina, watching Vanessa's documentary about a community garden and scarfing down pizzas. Condescending Blair became known as "the weird girl who threw the fish party."

A desperate Blair had to resort to leaning on Dan to be her date to Georgina's cool rooftop party (how fun are Dan and Blair's scenes together?! Blair: "Dan's a writer?"). Though Dan dislikes her, he did try to help Blair, the kicker being when he took off her headband and threw it away: "No headbands in college, okay." But as Vanessa pointed out (she and Dan are now buds again by the way), Blair was just using him as an inroad because he was liked at NYU, while she was not. And so the tables have turned.

The old Georgina?
As much fun as the Jesus-freak version of Georgina was, she seems to be gone now, perhaps for good. Georgina requested Blair as a roommate and then pretended they just happened to be assigned to room together. Then she befriended Blair's enemies (Vanessa and Dan) and upstaged her at every turn. When Blair tried to retaliate by having Georgina's Bible-camp buddies crash the party, her scheme came off as kind of childish and mean. And then newly popular Dan convinced everyone to stay at the party and drink cheap beer with him, so Blair's plan backfired. Blair was left feeling very alone (well, at least she has Chuck, whom she did crawl home to), while Dan has a bunch of new friends and...Georgina! Those two were last seen kissing, after waking up together on the roof. So where does Dan fit into Georgina's scheme? Is he merely a pawn in her ploy to sabotage Blair, or does Georgina truly like him?

Skipping College
Serena decided she just wasn't up for attending Brown. And Chuck could understand this, because as he explained to her, "For us, sis, a college degree is just an accessory." I'm still a little surprised Bart's will didn't have some sort of stipulation that Chuck needed to graduate from college in order to inherit his billions, but it didn't, and Chuck seems to be doing just fine. At least, he was until Serena screwed things up for him. After deciding to pass on Brown, Serena needed a place to hide, so she turned to her stepbrother. He welcomed her but had one request: that she stay out of his place while he had his business meeting. Chuck's latest venture is converting a bank into a restaurant and the vault into a club, a sort of modern-day speakeasy (I like how the show keeps his business ideas always having a consistent theme). He told Serena his whole plan, but he was keeping the club part of it a secret from potential investors. And then Serena, in full ditz mode, came home when she wasn't supposed to and let the cat out of the bag.

After Chuck appropriately called her a "train wreck," she packed her things and moved to Dan's place. Dan suggested she go to Rufus for some fatherly advice on the skipping college matter, only Chuck beat her to the punch. Serena interpreted this as tattling, but we later found out that Chuck was generally concerned for her. What followed was a really good scene between Serena and "stepfather" Rufus, in which he tried to force her to go off to Brown and she accused him of being "more afraid of my mother than I am."

But Serena wasn't done wrecking things. Feeling the need to get even with Chuck, she called up Carter and sabotaged another one of Chuck's business meetings. Realizing he was being used, Carter finally stood up for himself and told Serena off. In the end, Serena and Rufus did have a heart-to-heart and came to an understanding about her decision to defer Brown for a year. And Serena apologized to Carter, telling him he's not her bad habit but someone whom she trusts and wants. But while Serena and Carter kissed and made up, she never did patch things up with her stepbrother.

Nate and Bree and Scott

Classes didn't start at Columbia yet for Nate and Bree, so they decided to spend 24 hours together in their "not really dating" relationship and...yawn. I'm sorry, but every time this plotline came on I couldn't wait to get back to the NYU gang or Serena and Chuck and Rufus. There's potential here, if we actually get to witness some feuding between their families, but until then...

As for Scott, he acted a little weird when someone questioned him about his recommendation of a professor, so he tried to right that wrong with Vanessa.

So, do you feel this week's episode packed more of a punch than last week's tame outing? Will this show survive the transition to the college years, or will it be a creative stumbling block the way it was for Beverly Hills, 90210, Dawson's Creek and others?

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This week on Gossip Girl, half of the gang headed off to freshman orientation at college, however, Blair and Serena were up to some of their same old high-school tricks as they sought power and revenge, respectively. read more

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