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Latest Episode: The Art Contest

Aug 01, 1979 Season 6 Episode 21 watch on (Paid)

J.J. has some fast decisions to make when he mistakenly enters an important art contest...with someone else's painting. J.J. wants to admit the honest error, but to point out the mistake may cost him far more than he can afford.

The Lunch-Money Ripoff

Mar 18, 1975 Season 2 Episode 24

A small fry extortionist bullies Michael into handing over his lunch and milk money on a daily basis, a disturbing situation Michael tries to keep from his family.
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Thelma's Scholarship

Mar 11, 1975 Season 2 Episode 23

It's like a dream come true when Thelma gets a scholarship offer from an exclusive girl's school -- until a visitor from the school gives the family reason to re-evaluate.
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The Enlistment

Mar 04, 1975 Season 2 Episode 22

The Evans family faces an economic crisis after both James and J.J. lose their jobs. J.J. takes some drastic steps in hopes of helping his family, but neither his father nor the world is ready for his solution.
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My Girl, Henrietta

Feb 25, 1975 Season 2 Episode 21

The Evans family's joy at finally getting to meet J.J.'s girl Henrietta is shrouded by J.J.'s declaration that his immediate future could include Henrietta and matrimony.
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The House Guest

Feb 18, 1975 Season 2 Episode 20

Flashy threads and tales of wealth and influence accompany Ernie Harris as he visits his boyhood pal, James Evans, after some 30 years, but James soon fears there is more to Ernie and his visit than meets they eye.
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The Dinner Party

Feb 11, 1975 Season 2 Episode 19

Would you eat meat loaf made from pet food? That's the question bothering the Evans family when an elderly neighbor comes to dinner and brings a main course which they assume is made from pet food.
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The Debutante Ball

Feb 04, 1975 Season 2 Episode 18

J.J.'s being snubbed by snobs -- he doesn't know it, but his family does and they don't like it. While J.J.'s floating on cloud 9 over being asked by the lovely and wealthy Clarissa Robinson to escort her to a posh dance, her snooty parents are looking down their noses at J.J. and his family.
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The Family Business

Jan 21, 1975 Season 2 Episode 17

After being turned down for a loan, the Evans family risks eviction to open a fix-it shop in their apartment. Events now take on a cloak-and-dagger aura as the family tries to keep the building's nosey janitor from finding out about the business.
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The Nude

Jan 14, 1975 Season 2 Episode 16

Budding artist J.J. gets a chance to earn money by painting a portrait, but there's something about the subject that makes Florida says "No!" When J.J. threatens to give up his painting, Florida and James are torn between letting him do the picture and their misgivings about the prospective model.
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Florida Goes To School

Jan 07, 1975 Season 2 Episode 15

A minor disagreement turns into a marital impasse when Florida's dream of finally getting her high school diploma is clouded by James's unexpected negative opposition to the idea.
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Florida's Big Gig

Dec 31, 1974 Season 2 Episode 14

James is sure the good job he's been promised is the answer to the family's inflation woes, but, far from being over, his troubles are only beginning and this time they're in the shape of Florida.
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Sometimes There's No Bottom In the Bottle

Dec 10, 1974 Season 2 Episode 13

Christmas spirits are riding high in the Evans' house, but unfortunately, they're from a bottle being emptied by a teenager. Thelma grapples with one of the nation's largest drug problems -- teenage alcoholism, when she catches her cousin nipping at the family liquor supply.
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The Gang: Part 2

Dec 03, 1974 Season 2 Episode 12

Although J.J. only received a flesh wound when he was shot in a gang war, and in spite of Florida's fears of more violence. James is determined to press charges in court against J.J.'s would-be assassin, Mad Dog, in the conclusion of a two-part story.
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The Gang: Part 1

Nov 26, 1974 Season 2 Episode 11

When the "Satan's Knights" street gang insist J.J. join them in a gunfight with a rival gang, even J.J.'s ready wit and instinct for self-survival fail to keep him out of the rumble in the first part of a two-part story.
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The Windfall

Nov 19, 1974 Season 2 Episode 10

It takes pressure from Florida to persuade James that the right thing to do is to return the $27,000 in stolen booty he's found, but after he does, Florida discovers his true feelings aren't all he's hiding from her.
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Florida, The Matchmaker

Nov 12, 1974 Season 2 Episode 9

Should every woman be married? Florida says yes, especially if that woman is her best friend Willona. When Willona says no, Florida sets out to be a matchmaker -- in spite of James' warning that no good can come of it.
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Thelma's Young Man

Oct 29, 1974 Season 2 Episode 8

Florida and James are worried about Thelma. She's been dating the same person for over two months and the family has never met him. When she brings home a diamond ring and tells the family she's engaged, her father hits the ceiling.
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The I.Q. Test

Oct 22, 1974 Season 2 Episode 7

Michael thinks the standard I.Q. test given to schoolchildren is unfair to minorities, so as a protest he walks out on the test. Michael's refusal to finish the I.Q. test results in a low score, jeopardizing his chances for higher education.
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The Encyclopedia Hustle

Oct 15, 1974 Season 2 Episode 6

Five dollars down and two dollars a week almost buys the Evans family an encyclopedia of black history -- and the fine print at the bottom of the "easy-payment" contract buys them a lot of trouble.
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J.J. Becomes a Man: Part 2

Oct 08, 1974 Season 2 Episode 5

J.J. is in jail on an alleged armed robbery charge and the Evans family is frantically searching for a way to get him out. Though they know their son is innocent. Florida and James don't know how they can come up with the $500 bail -- unless they deal with the friendly neighborhood loan shark.
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The Man I Most Admire

Oct 01, 1974 Season 2 Episode 4

Young Michael's school assignment to write about the man he most admires sets off a chain reaction of events in the Evans' household.
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J.J. Becomes a Man: Part 1

Sep 24, 1974 Season 2 Episode 3

It's J.J's 18th birthday and he's expecting a lot of expensive gifts for his big surprise party, but he's in for an even bigger surprise -- and so are his parents.
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Crosstown Busses Run All Day...Doodah, Doodah

Sep 17, 1974 Season 2 Episode 2

"To bus or not to bus" starts another Evans family fuss when young Michael gets a chance to attend a better school -- across town.
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Florida Flips

Sep 10, 1974 Season 2 Episode 1

A totally different Florida storms through the family apartment, and promises to burst into a full-fledged hurricane. Not even J.J.'s artistic charms can work any magic on his mother and the rest of the family doesn't make out any better.
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