Grandpa John Says Goodbye
04:05 — After celebrating his 96th birthday, John Schnabel has some final words of wisdom for his grandson.
Excavator Lessons
01:57 — Learn how to run an excavator with Rick Ness.
John Schnabel Tribute
03:08 — Remembering a great grandfather, father, gold miner and friend. February 11, 1920- March 18, 2016
Who's the Best Shot?
03:08 — The Beets decide who is the best shot in the family once and for all. Will it be Tony, Minnie, or one of the kids?
Season Finale Sneak Peek
01:07 — With snow on the ground, it's almost quitting time for all three crews. But nothing comes easy in the Klondike.
Million Dollar Pay Pile
01:40 — Team Hoffman is running out of time to reach their season goal when winter descends on the Yukon.
Diverting a Stream to Find Paydirt
02:20 — With Parker running out of thawed pay, foreman Rick Ness has a new plan to get gold out of the ground.
No Regrets for Tony and Minnie Beets
01:55 — Tony and Minnie speculate about what their lives would have been like if they stayed in their Netherlands hometown for the past 40 years.
Inside Monster Red
02:02 — Expert Freddy Dodge shows us why Monster Red is the biggest, baddest washplant in the Klondike.
What's So Great About Derek?
02:22 — Getting to the bottom of Parker's crew war on The Dirt.
Is Rick Ness Gone for Good?
01:49 — Tensions are running high between Parker Schnabel and his crew. Will his foreman, Rick, and Parker be able to put the past behind them, or is Rick gon (more…)
Double Pay Dirt at Paradise Hill
02:14 — Tony and Monica get to work on a new cut that promises double the gold.
Gold 101 With Freddy Dodge
02:20 — How do you find different kinds of gold? Join expert Freddy Dodge in Jack's gold shack to find out.
Parker’s New Stacker
02:17 — To meet his ambitious season goal, Parker is bringing in new equipment to Scribner Creek.
Ask Grandpa: Making Your Marriage Last
02:54 — After 65 years of marriage, John Schnabel has learned a few things. Plus, tips from Grandpa on keeping your family close and staying healthy.
Grandpa Schnabel's Final Wish
02:50 — Before beginning chemotherapy last fall, Grandpa John Schnabel's last wish was to mine Smith Creek with his grandsons Parker and Payson.
Will Tony Beets' Dredge Sink or Float?
04:29 — After months of work, it's finally time to find out if Tony's dredge will sink or float. With the weather quickly turning, Tony and team will have pre (more…)
Shocking News for Next Season
01:59 — One key miner isn’t coming back next season. Watch to find out who, why, and what this miner'’s future holds.
Re-tracking an Excavator On the Fly
01:56 — Watch an extended scene of how the Scribner Creek crew fixed the excavator track.
Come Hell or High Water: Dredge Build Recap
02:50 — Take a look back at the dredge relocation Tony Beets has working on throughout Gold Rush Season Five.
The Dogs of Gold Rush
01:33 — Get to know the dogs running around Scribner Creek during Season Five of Gold Rush!
Don't Miss a Single Grain of Gold
01:27 — In this bonus scene, step inside the Hoffman's Gold Room as Jim Thurber and Jack Hoffman slow things down to find grains of gold missed by the bigger (more…)
Cracked Dredge
02:38 — Winter is closing in, and Tony Beets is running out of time to repair his dredge before the season is over.
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