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Glee Episode: "Throwdown"

Season 1, Episode 7
Episode Synopsis: Sue makes the Glee kids compete against each other to sow seeds of dissension, then gets called into Principal Figgins' office, along with Will. Meanwhile, the kids rally to show their support for Quinn.
Original Air Date: Oct 14, 2009
Guest Cast Amy Hill: Dr. Chin Dijon Talton: Matt Rutherford Ken Choi: Dr. Wu Jennifer Aspen: Kendra
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Season 1, Episode 7
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Length: 43:26
Aired: 10/14/2009
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Glee Episode Recap: "Throwdown" Season 1, Episode 7

In "Throwdown," Will and Sue split up the glee club, as the cheerios coach tries to divide and conquer. Rachel attempts to keep Quinn's pregnancy from going public while Terri tries to keep Will from finding out she actually doesn't have a bun in the oven. Let's get started, shall we?

Hell has frozen over. Sue Sylvester is part of the glee club. She starts her reign off right, with a huge smackdown on Will. He's turning into Sue, joining in on the screaming fest.

Flashing back to a few days before, Principal Figgins calls Sue and Will into his office to find out how the glee club is doing. They both lie through their teeth saying it's going well. Figgins wants to make sure one leader is not trying to gain favor in the club over the other. Will already tried that by asking glee what they'd like to sing for a change. Also, the principal wants to make sure neither is pitting the kids against each other. That, of course, is Sue's department, using the cheerios as spies. Sue plans to make the group as toxic as possible, so no one will want to be in it.

The meeting concludes with a hug after Will and Sue decide that they're each going to direct one piece for sectionals. Unfortunately, it's a very mean-spirited hug. "I'm about to vomit down your back," says Sue.

Over at the doctor's office, Quinn and Finn find out their bundle of joy is a girl. However, Quinn still hasn't decided what will happen with their little girl once she's born. Finn tells Will the news, but he's worried about what will ultimately happen to their child. He doesn't want to give her up for adoption. Another thing Q & F will soon have to worry about? Our favorite nerdy gossip monger, Jacob, tells Rachel he's going to reveal Quinn's pregnancy.

At glee, Sue and Will flip a coin to decide who will go first at sectionals. Sneaky Sue gives Will a double-headed coin, ensuring she goes first. One point Sue-Will zero. Sue announces the special elite glee club called "Sue's Kids." She chooses the minority students, so it looks like Will has kept them out of his group. Sue two-Will zero.

After being berated by Sue, Will finally goes off on Terri, saying he's upset that he has no say in the major decisions regarding their baby. Poor guy even says he hasn't felt the baby kick. Earth to Will: There is no baby!

On "Sue's Corner," Sylvester kicks off her evil campaign to get Will fired by telling the world she's all about minorities. Sue three-Will zero. Sue assigns Jill Scott's "Hate On Me" to her portion of the glee club. Amber Riley is so underrated on this show. Girl can belt a tune!

Even though that song was rocking, Will is not pleased that Sue has been undermining him in front of the students. Will says they need to get their problems out in the open, so it won't mess up the club. She admits to trying to sabotage the club, and says the sole reason she does it is because she doesn't trust men with curly hair. Sue has a legacy to protect, which means glee needs to win at sectionals. Sue won't rest until she gets Will fired. Sue four-Will zero.

Later, Sylvester shows up to cheerios practice, but most of the girls are missing in action. Why's that, you say? They're not academically eligible to be on the team because they flunked Will's Spanish class. Point goes to Will, finally! Sue goes off on Will in front of the principal, accusing him of sexism. Figgins points out that most of the cheerios are actually illiterate. Figgins finally sides with Will. Sue four-Will two. After Will leaves, Sue threatens to release the principal's video on youtube, but he already uploaded it. He's off the hook. Point Figgins.

In class, Finn passes Quinn a note with name ideas for their child. He wants the name to be original and poetic. Drizzle. No, seriously, he wants to name the child Drizzle, like a light rain. Quinn thinks he's a moron and says they aren't naming the baby anything, since they aren't going to keep it. She says her parents would burn her alive if they knew her secret. Finn tells her she should be more like Rachel, who selflessly gave the nerd her underwear to keep him from revealing Quinn's secret. Quinn finally puts her foot down and says if Finn's going to cheat, at least don't do it with Rachel.

In an impromptu jam session, the two halves of the glee club come together to sing Nelly's "Ride with Me." Kurt says they are not supposed to mingle and they break up to go to their respective practices. In juxtaposition to Sue's song, which is filled with hate, Will's side sings "No Air," by Jordin Sparks. Quinn's not pleased that Finn and Rachel are singing the leads of this lovey-dovey song. She's also not happy that Puck, Brittany and herself are playing second-fiddle to Finchel (can we call them that?), leading the former to think Will really is racist. Five points Sue.

Now that Will has stood up to Sue, he takes charge in all aspects of his life. He's made an appointment at the doctor for Terri and he plans to be there. Terri goes to Dr. Woo's office early with her sister, who threatens to sue him unless he helps Terri fake her pregnancy. Later, Dr. Woo sets up an elaborate ruse to trick Will into thinking he's seeing his child on the screen. He then tells Will and Terri that their child is not really a boy, it's a girl. Ahem — because Quinn is having a girl. A single tear falls down Will's face. He couldn't be happier.

Will confronts Sue about stealing two members of his side of the club. She says she'll give him back his team if he passes her cheerios. Quinn also does some confronting, telling Rachel to back off from her man. Rachel knows Quinn is Sue's mole and tells her that her betrayal is going to come back to haunt her. Cue Quinn belting Kim Wilde's "Keep Me Hanging On." I'm not one for a musical montage, but Dianna Agron does rock it.

When Will's group -- now only consisting of Rachel, Finn and Quinn -- showcases their song, Sue tries to make the other half of the club walk out on them. Finally the fight from the beginning  of the episode catches up to them. The club storms out, saying they're more than minorities and don't want to watch their leaders arguing.

In the climax of the episode, Will goes to Sue's office, who tells him that she's stepping down as the co-chair of glee. She still wants to contribute to the club, just not be involved. Sue did one thing right, says Will. She shined a light on the minorities, but he thinks the entire glee club is a minority. That's just what makes them special.

In the final moments, Sue reveals that she knows Quinn is pregnant. She told Jacob to run the story, so very soon, everyone will know. Final point to Sue. As Quinn's world is falling apart around her, the club takes on one last number, "Keep Holding On," by Avril Lavigne.

Sniff. While I find myself a tissue, why don't you discuss tonight's episode. Can Terri keep up this charade? Will Finn and Quinn's relationship hold? What will happen when everyone finds out Quinn is pregnant? Sniff.

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In "Throwdown," Will and Sue split up the glee club, as the cheerios coach tries to divide and conquer. Rachel attempts to keep Quinn's pregnancy from going public while Terri tries to keep Will from finding out she actually doesn't have a bun in the oven. Let's get started, shall we? read more

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