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Glee Episode: "The First Time"

Season 3, Episode 5
Episode Synopsis: The glee kids rehearse their production of "West Side Story" under Artie's direction. Meanwhile, Finn meets with a recruiter; and Coach Beiste has an admirer.
Original Air Date: Nov 8, 2011

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Season 3, Episode 5
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Length: 42:57
Aired: 11/8/2011
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Glee Recap: "The First Time" Season 3, Episode 5

In this week's episode of Glee, opening night for West Side Story is approaching but the leading stars have yet to really experience the type of passion they're meant to convey in the show. Blaine and Rachel's journey towards their first times are quite different, but both enlightening.

In rehearsal, Blaine and Rachel rehearse West Side Story's "Tonight," but Artie thinks they both lack passion because they've never had sex before. Rachel's chance to do the deed comes quickly when she learns that Finn has a possible future as a football quarterback. Finn decides to invite Rachel over to his house where they'll be alone. Blaine, however, is not as quick to want to have sex. Despite Kurt's protests that sometimes the urges takeover, Blaine wants them both to be ready.

They're not the only ones who haven't had sex: Coach Beiste has yet to find the right man, though the guy she's interested in happens to be the recruiter who's coming to McKinley to check out Finn. Artie decides to help out by cornering the recruiter and insisting he ask her out again. He does later ask her out, and Beiste is initially thrown because she's not a beautiful girl like the ones he would date, but he insists he likes her, and she agrees.

Blaine returns to his old stomping grounds, where the Warblers are singing Billy Joel's "Uptown Girl." New guy Sebastian is very interested in Blaine, who was a living legend in his Warblers days. During their conversation, Rachel and Santana rehearse "A Boy Like That," as Sebastian clearly flirts with Blaine and even asks to meet up with him again.

Since Puck has plenty of experience, Finn asks if he has any condoms. Puck doesn't, however, though that's worked for him 99 percent of the time. (Just that one time with Quinn, and we all know how that ended...)

Learning from West Side Story, Blaine wants to wake up every day and be adventurous. Kurt has similar ambitions that he keeps on a bucket list. Blaine says they should take advantage of being young and adventurous. When Sebastian and Blaine meet for coffee, Sebastian blatantly hits on him, even saying that Kurt wouldn't have to know. Speaking of, Kurt shows up, clearly jealous. Sebastian invites them both to the local gay bar, and though Blaine wants to say no, Kurt insists they go and live a little.

Rachel heads to Finn's house for their private dinner. After they eat, Rachel suggests they snuggle by the fire, which leads to a steamy make-out session. Still, Finn wants to make sure everything is perfect and inquires as to why she wants to do it now. She admits that she wants to do it before the opening night of West Side Story, which upsets Finn because she's doing it to be a better actress. Rachel asks the girls for advice, and though most of the girls say to wait, Tina expresses that she had a great first experience because it was with someone she loved.

Speaking of Tina's first, Mike Chang's father comes to school after finding out that Mike is still in the school musical. Mike expresses that he wants to make a life of the arts, but his father decides to disown him.

Kurt and Blaine meet up with Sebastian at the local gay bar, where it's drag queen Wednesday. Surprisingly, Karovsky is at the bar, and the two share a sweet moment now that Karovsky has begun to accept who he is. When Blaine and Kurt leave the bar, however, the pair gets into a huge fight. Blaine wants to spontaneously have sex in the car, but Kurt says he doesn't want to after spending the whole night watching Blaine dance with Sebastian. Blaine decides to just walk home.

It's finally opening night and both Rachel and Blaine have yet to have sex. Just before the curtain raises, Artie realizes he's made so many wrong choices for the show. Instead of the cast confronting him, they thank him for all his hard work. Their first big number, "America," goes off without a hitch.

The moment of truth for both Rachel and Blaine comes after opening night, as Blaine and Kurt venture home together to share their first time together. Rachel and Finn's night starts out unhappy as Finn admits that the recruiter didn't like him. He realizes that his dreams are dead and he'll never get out of this town. Rachel expresses that he just has to find new dreams, and the two connect by having sex. 

What did you think of "First Time"? Did Finn look like he regretted their decision in the end? Do you hate Sebastian already? Hit the comments with your thoughts.



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In this week's episode of Glee, opening night for West Side Story is approaching but the leading stars have yet to really experience the type of passion they're meant to convey in the show. Blaine and Rachel's journey towards their first times are quite different, but both enlightening.

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