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Glee Episode: "Original Song"

Season 2, Episode 16
Episode Synopsis: The glee kids face stiff competition from the Warblers and Aural Intensity (coached by Sue) at Regionals, so to impress judges Tammy Jean Albertson (Kathy Griffin) and Sister Mary Constance (Loretta Devine), they decide to perform original material (six new songs, all told). Meanwhile, Quinn wants Finn back. Covers include the Beatles' "Blackbird" (sung by Kurt and the Warblers), Maroon 5's "Misery" (Blaine, Warblers) and Sonseed's "Jesus Is a Friend of Mine" (Aural Intensity).
Original Air Date: Mar 15, 2011
Guest Cast Ashley Fink: Lauren Zizes Kathy Griffin: Tammy Jean Albertson
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Season 2, Episode 16
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Length: 44:59
Aired: 3/15/2011
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Glee Episode Recap: "Original Song" Season 2, Episode 16

New Directions heads to Regionals in this week's episode of Glee. To get a leg up on their competition — Kurt and the Warblers; Sue Sylvester and Aural Intensity — the club will perform original music. Meanwhile, Quinn attempts to again reign supreme at McKinley High with Finn on her arm.

The episode opens on the Dalton Academy Warblers singing Maroon 5's "Misery," as they rehearse for Regionals, but Kurt seems pretty disinterested. Following the song, Kurt reveals that he thinks Blaine has been doing too many solos.

Meanwhile, Rachel brings Finn into the rehearsal room so she can perform the original song she's been working on. It's called "Only Child," and it's about, well, being an only child. "It's better than my headband," Finn says, adding that she needs to really access her pain to come up with a good song. Quinn is irked seeing Finn and Rachel bonding. Really, she reasons that the only way she'll win prom queen is by being with Finn. "They say keep your friends close, but your enemies closer," Quinn ponders, kicking off her reign to become Rachel's best friend.

At the Warblers' meeting, Kurt reveals that Pavarotti, the pet Warbler bird he was meant to take care of, has died. To honor the bird's memory, Kurt sings The Beatles' "Blackbird." During which, Blaine realizes how great Kurt is as a singer. This song has always been a favorite of mine, and Kurt really just cemented that for me.

At rehearsal, Will reveals to the glee club that My Chemical Romance has placed a cease and desist order preventing them from performing "Sing" at Regionals. Rachel suggests they sing original songs, and while everyone wants to vote that down, Quinn supports Rachel's idea and says they'll write the music together. Santana interjects, saying they should all get a chance to write.

Brittany approaches Santana to inquire why they aren't close anymore. Santana is obviously upset that Brittany blew her off, so she plans to sing a "heterosexual song" with Sam. Sue stops by to taunt the girls since they betrayed her. Following which, they open their lockers to a mound of dirt that spills out on them.

Back at another Warblers' meeting, Blaine tells the group that they're going to lose at Regionals if he's the only one doing solos. He would rather do a duet with Kurt, and the rest of the club agrees.

During their song writing seminar, Santana performs her original song called "Trouty Mouth," which is all about Sam's lips. While everyone enjoys the blues tune, Sam jumps in, asking Will to make sure they don't do the song at Regionals. Puck steps up next to sing "Big Ass Heart," which is dedicated to Lauren. It has a fun beat and it's a sweet song compared to when he did "Fat Bottomed Girls."

Quinn talks to Finn about getting back on top of the social order at McKinley High. She says to become prom king and queen, she needs to announce that they're back together after Regionals. He reluctantly agrees, unaware that Rachel has heard the whole conversation.

While Kurt is building Pavarotti's casket, Blaine comes in to practice for Regionals. After Kurt questions why he was chosen to sing the duet, Blaine says that Kurt's voice moves him and made him realize he wants to spend more time together. The two share their first kiss. Swoon.

Back at McKinley, Mercedes performs her original song, which is called "Hell to the No," which references her once lost tots. However, Will says it's not Regionals material and asks the club to dig into their pain to write songs. All of their pain actually comes from Sue Sylvester, who has called them losers. "Guys, I think you may have just found your song," Will says, as he circles the words "Loser Like Me" on the white board.

Rachel approaches Quinn to ask if they're actually friends and whether she's been dating Finn. After she says yes, Rachel retorts that what she and Finn has was real, but Quinn says it didn't really last. "Do you want to know how the story plays out? I get Finn, you get heartbroken," she says, describing their future. "You don't belong here, Rachel." While Rach thinks it isn't over, Quinn yells back that it is and she needs to stop living in this fairytale world. Rachel takes this pain and writes an original song called "Get It Right."

Before Regionals, Sue pops into Will's office to reveal that she forged the letter from My Chemical Romance. But that doesn't matter to Will, since his kids have great original songs. Sue, however, has another trick up her sleeve. Her group has tailored their songs to the judges' tastes — a Sarah Palin type and a stripper-turned-nun — so Aural Intensity sings "Jesus Is a Friend of Mine."

The Warblers take the stage next where Kurt and Blaine sing Hey Monday's "Candles," after which Blaine pushes Kurt into the spotlight to take the praise. The club then sings Pink's "Raise Your Glass," which gets the crowd on their feet.

Just before New Directions hits the stage, Rachel tells Finn to listen to the lyrics of her song very carefully because she really means it. The song, "Get It Right," details how she's made many mistakes and wants to fix them. Off stage, Finn smiles, and Quinn looks pissed.

The group joins her on stage for "Loser Like Me," an upbeat and fun anthem for those who don't think they quite fit in. I was nervous for original songs, but this one definitely lives up to the hype. The crowd waves foam fingers in the shape of Glee's iconic "L." It closes on the group turning the slushie tables, but the cups are actually filled with confetti that shoots into the crowd.

"Before we start, I would like to say I am not a witch," says the Sarah Palin-type judge (played by Kathy Griffin), "but I think it's fair to ask: Do we have written proof that these kids were born in the United States of America?" On the other side of the table, the nun (played by Loretta Devine) asks whether the Dalton Warblers are a gay school. As for New Directions, the only naysayer is the Palin twin.

So guess what? New Directions wins Regionals! We all saw that coming since we've known they'd be going to New York for Nationals eventually! Sue ends up punching the woman who made the announcement.

Later, Kurt and Blaine bury Pavarotti and lament that they don't get to move on in the competition. Blaine says they really did win since the pair came together during all of this.

The episode closes on Will announcing that he's honoring the MVP of Regionals, which is clearly Rachel. She thanks the club for taking a chance on her and making her feel special.

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New Directions heads to Regionals in this week's episode of Glee. To get a leg up on their competition — Kurt and the Warblers; Sue Sylvester and Aural Intensity — the club will perform original music. Meanwhile, Quinn attempts to reign supreme at McKinley High again with Finn on her arm... read more

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