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Glee Episode: "Comeback"

Season 2, Episode 13
Episode Synopsis: Rachel tries to get back into McKinley High's social swing, with the help of Brittany; and Sam forms a tribute band. Meanwhile, Sue is suffering from depression following the Cheerios' rare loss. Music includes Justin Bieber's "Baby" (sung by Sam) and "Somebody to Love" (ensemble); "Take Me or Leave Me," from "Rent" (Rachel and Mercedes); My Chemical Romance's "SING" (Sue, New Directions); "This Little Light of Mine" (Will, Sue); and The Waitresses' "I Know What Boys Like" (Lauren Zizes).
Original Air Date: Feb 15, 2011
Guest Cast Ashley Fink: Lauren Zizes James Earl: Azimio Max Adler: Karofsky
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Season 2, Episode 13
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Length: 13:07:12
Aired: 2/15/2011
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Glee Episode Recap: "Comeback" Season 2, Episode 13

In this week's episode of Glee, Rachel tries to reinvent herself in order to climb the McKinley High social ladder. Meanwhile, Sam starts a Justin Bieber tribute band and Sue suffers from depression over the Cheerios' loss.

The episode opens on Emma discovering a note in Sue's office that says, "Goodbye, cruel world. That's right, I'm committing Sue-icide." She and Will rush over to Sue's house to find that she's downed several bottles of pills. Just when they think she's dead, she wakes up, having only ingested gummy vitamins. Because the Cheerios have nothing to do for the rest of the year, Sue goes into a downward spiral, pushing kids around in the halls and totally losing it.

Meanwhile, Sam is worried that he's losing Quinn. Even though everyone is telling him that Quinn kissed Finn, she says she just gave him CPR after he choked on a gumball. Sam thinks that starting a Justin Bieber tribute band will win her heart. He starts out by singing "Baby" at a Bat Mitzvah, where the little girls go crazy.

Elsewhere, Rachel has made a deal with Brittany: Start a fashion trend and attribute it to Rachel, who hopes this will boost her popularity again. However, Brittany wore Rach's legwarmers on her arms.

To lift Sue out of her depression, Emma suggests she join the glee club. The club isn't too pleased with the idea, but Sue says she is no longer a threat to them; she just wants to stop being depressed. (Of course, she must be plotting her revenge. I mean, it wouldn't be Sue Sylvester if she didn't have something up her sleeve.) Will announces that there will be a theme at regionals. This year, it's "anthem."

Sam steps up with an anthem idea, and he performs Bieber's "Baby" again. Quinn, initially weirded out, seems to dig it, which worries Finn. "Gotta get that girl on my Cheerios," Sue says of Sam's performance. (Note: How weird is it that Puck was singing along? I feel like that was totally out of character.) Then, Mike, Artie and Puck ask to join his tribute band because their relationships are in a lull following Valentine's Day.

"You guys do realize that Justin Bieber sucks, right?" says Finn. And with that one line, Finn has completely redeemed himself in my eyes.

Rachel notices that all the girls at school are wearing legwarmers on their arms, but they all attribute it to Brittany. Rachel insists that Brittany has to dress like her — "sexy schoolgirl librarian chic" — so the new trend will take off. Later, everyone is wearing Rachel's outfit, but again, they say it's Brittany's, who has become a fashion icon overnight.

Writing in her journal, Sue reveals that she does have a plan to take down the glee club. Her pity-party was just a way of getting behind enemy lines. She plans to splinter the club person by person until they turn on each other. She starts by asking Mercedes how to be a diva, then the same question to Rachel. Sue then tells each girl that the other was bad mouthing her, which sparks a fight between the two. Cue the classic Sue smirk.

Sam, Artie, Mike and Puck (with a wig) sing Bieber's "Somebody to Love," which is dedicated to their girlfriends. All the girls are screaming like they have Bieber fever. The only one not impressed is Finn, but not because he doesn't like Bieber, but because he knows Sam is winning in the competition for Quinn's heart. Quinn tells Finn that she has chosen Sam because he's an artist, which really turns her on.

First, Mercedes and Rachel do a diva-off by singing Rent's "Take Me or Leave Me." This is one of my favorite Broadway numbers, so I'm pleased they did it well. Plus, Idina Menzel originated the role of Maureen, so it was perfect that her on-screen daughter sang this. However, Sue's plan has backfired and Mercedes and Rachel come out friends.

To fix Sue's attitude, Will brings her to the pediatric cancer ward. He asks her to sing with him, and she agrees as long as it's not Journey. With the children, they sing "This Little Light of Mine," and we see a genuine smile from Sue.

Lauren takes a spin at the anthem project with "I Know What Boys Like," but she can barely look everyone in the eye, so she imagines them all naked. Lauren then turns into a bit of a freak, but that's OK, she's still my favorite character.

Sue decides to perform My Chemical Romance's "Sing" with the glee club, since their previous interpretation of anthems was way off. Sue's flannel track suit is made of win. However, Sue later admits that she's the new coach for Oral Intensity, New Directions' competition at regionals.

Later, Santana offers to be Sam's mistress and convinces him that Quinn really did cheat with Finn. Sam decides to break up with Quinn and says that he's now dating Santana.

Rachel says "Sing" won't be good enough to win regionals, and they need to write some original music for the competition. After a vote, she's shot down. Finn tells her that she should still write the music, and that Rachel really is making a comeback.

What do you thinking of Glee pairing Santana and Sam? I'm not a fan personally, but I want to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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In this week's episode of Glee, Rachel tries to reinvent herself in order to climb the McKinley High social ladder. Meanwhile, Sam starts a Justin Bieber tribute band and Sue suffers from depression over the Cheerios' loss...

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