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Glee Episode: "The Rocky Horror Glee Show"

Season 2, Episode 5
Episode Synopsis: The glee kids perform their version of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" (despite Sue's scheming) after Will learns that Emma's a big fan of the 1975 cult-classic movie. "Horror Show"-movie alums Barry Bostwick and Meat Loaf are in the guest cast.
Original Air Date: Oct 26, 2010
Guest Cast Barry Bostwick: Tim Stanwick James Earl: Azimio Max Adler: Karofsky Bill A. Jones: Rod Remington John Stamos: Dr. Carl Howell Lauren Potter: Becky Jackson Meat Loaf: Barry Jeffries
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Season 2, Episode 5
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Aired: 10/26/2010
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Glee Episode Recap: "The Rocky Horror Glee Show" Season 2, Episode 5

The glee clubbers take on The Rocky Horror Picture Show after Will learns of Emma's newfound love of the risqué classic. While Will tries to prove that high school students should be allowed to perform such adult material (with certain restrictions, of course), Sue sets out to prove him wrong.

Before we begin, I want to start off by saying it's been at least 10 years since I've seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Thus, I will not pretend I know and love this movie like some of you cult-classic buffs (for shame, I know!), so bare with me during this recap. If I miss some movie reference, you're more than welcome to post it in the comments and educate me!

Glee's take on Rocky Horror kicks off with Santana's lips spouting "Science Fiction/Double Feature," before going into a cold open of Rachel, Finn and New Directions singing "Over at the Frankenstein Place" on stage. They're interrupted by Carl, however, who is angry that Will is still going after Emma.

Flash back to a week ago, where Emma explains that Carl took her to a midnight screening of Rocky Horror. Will is flummoxed to learn that Emma is slightly coming out of her misophobic ways. "He's winning," Will says to himself before announcing to Emma that the New Directions are actually doing Rocky Horror as a Halloween show.

Will announces to the club that they're doing the show, though they're worried about the risqué themes of the film. To get past that barrier, he sends home permission slips.

As Rachel is explaining the plot line to Finn, he says, "I have no idea what's going on in this script and it's not in a cool Inception kind of way." I feel you, Finn. He worries about being on stage in his underwear because he's actually insecure about how he looks.

Over in Sue's Corner, the Cheerio coach complains that people have lost touch with what Halloween is really about: fear. "Children must know fear," she says. "Without it, they won't know how to behave. They'll try frenching grizzly bears or consider living in Florida."

While Sue's carving her pumpkin, which is a perfect replica of herself, she's approached by the new station managers (Rocky Horror alums Barry Bostwick and Meat Loaf). They're hoping Sue will do an exposé on how the progressive agenda has hit Lima, Ohio, which, Sue hopes, will guarantee her a local Emmy

The glee clubbers next rehearse "Damnit Janet." Sue calls Will outside and complains that he didn't make her aware of them doing the show. She actually doesn't want to stop them, but rather be involved, so he casts her as the criminologist.

While working out together, Finn learns that Sam barely eats anything in order to keep his rock-hard abs. Finn continues to worry about his body when he can't really keep up with Sam while working out.

Will asks Emma to join the show as the costume designer. "It's going to be a lot of work and we're going to be spending a lot of time together," he says. Mike Chang interrupts, saying his parents aren't OK with him dressing as a tranny, so he has to pull out of portraying Frank-N-Furter.

Meanwhile, Becky is wearing my Halloween costume! She's dressed up in a red track suit like Sue Sylvester, who totally digs it. Will then breaks the news to Sue that Rocky Horror has been canceled because Mike pulled out.

Sue and Carl finally meet in person, and she gets him to join Rocky Horror so they can still do the show. First, he must audition, so he sings "Hot Patootie" while swing-dancing with Emma. (Looks like his years with The Beach Boys paid off.) Unfortunately, they don't need an Eddie, they need a Frank-N-Furter, so Mercedes volunteers to take on the role.

During the first dress rehearsal, Finn decides not to strip down to his skivvies, and Sam fears that his, ahem, "nuttage" will hang out in those tiny gold shorts. Moving on, Mercedes takes her first spin as Frank-N-Furter by singing "Sweet Transvestite." She totally rocks it!

Will complains to Emma that the show really may be too risqué, so he's going to jump in and play Rocky in place of Sam. OK, creepy teacher playing the sex creature? Seriously, Schu, you have issues. Will asks Emma for help with "Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me," while Santana and Brittany watch on from outside the window. At one point, Will is shirtless...but I'd still rather it be Sam. No offense, Matthew Morrison.

Side note: Why has Will become a totally creepy caricature of himself in recent episodes?

Sam is pretty bummed out about not being able to play Rocky, but he nevertheless gives Finn a pep talk about playing Brad. Hmm, there are Sam's abs again. Finn walks through the halls of the school in his boxers to prepare for his revealing stage debut. Unfortunately, this lands him in the principal's office on the verge of suspension, but Will is able to score him just a warning. Principal Figgins also warns Will that if they get any heat for the play, it's all on Will. And we finally come back to the present, where Carl yells at Will for trying to hit on Emma.

Becky goes trick-or-treating at the school, but Will doesn't have any candy because he's been too busy with Rocky Horror. She calls the show an abomination, and says she heard Sue say that in a video in her office. He watches it and discovers that Sue never really wanted to help them. He calls her out, but can't deny that what she said is partially true. He crossed the line in doing this play, she says.

Side note: This is such a fitting argument following the recent hubbub over Glee's racy GQ photo shoot. Will insists that in the internet generation, kids can find anything online. Sue retorts that we shouldn't lead them to it, though.

Will decides to cancel the show and Sue's furious because she needs that Emmy. (Hey, Jane Lynch, you already have one!) Will admits to Emma that he only did the play to get close to her. He apologizes and promises never to use their feelings against each other again. He concedes that Carl is actually making her better, so he's going to back off.

He tells the club that they're not doing the play anymore. He notes that the midnight showings were always for outcasts, which is why it's the perfect show for New Directions to put on. But instead of performing for an audience, it will just be for themselves.

The episode closes on New Directions performing "Time Warp," with Will being the only audience member. This was probably my favorite number of the entire episode because it is so iconic. Glee did a great job with it. However, I will say that Kurt as Riff Raff freaks me out; he's almost too good! Sadly, no more abs from Sam.

What did you think of Glee's take on The Rocky Horror Picture Show? Which was your favorite song? Discuss in the comments below.

Want a second opinion?'s Denise Martin ranks the night's numbers over at AOL TV.

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The glee clubbers take on The Rocky Horror Picture Show after Will learns of Emma's newfound love of the risqué classic. While Will tries to prove that high school students should be allowed to perform such adult material (with certain restrictions, of course), Sue sets out to prove him wrong...

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