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Glee Episode: "Funk"

Season 1, Episode 21
Episode Synopsis: The glee club gets some jarring news; Will gets revenge on Sue (for the time being); and Quinn connects with her "funky" side, with some help from Mercedes.
Original Air Date: Jun 1, 2010
Guest Cast Romy Rosemont: Carole Hudson Dijon Talton: Matt Rutherford Jonathan Groff: Jesse St. James Idina Menzel: Shelby
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Season 1, Episode 21
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Length: 42:34
Aired: 6/1/2010
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Glee Episode Recap: "Funk" Season 1, Episode 21

In this week's episode of Glee, New Directions is shocked to find that Jesse St. James has returned to Vocal Adrenaline. Meanwhile, Will finally gets revenge on Sue, and Mercedes and Quinn connect with their funky sides.

On a high from the news — chat room news, to be clear — that Vocal Adrenaline has lost a step, New Directions is confident they could actually win regionals. Don't count your chickens, chickens. Rachel drags the gang into the auditorium, where Vocal Adrenaline (or VA from here on out) is waiting to prove they haven't fallen in the competition. As Jesse reveals he's jumped ship to VA, the club performs Queen's "Another One Bites the Dust."

New Directions is now in a funk. To top it off, VA toilet-papered their choir room. As they're cleaning up, Will insists that VA only tried to put them in a funk because they're threatened by New Directions.

So how did VA put on such a rousing performance? Sue Sylvester allowed it. Not only that, but she's planning on turning the choir room into her trophy annex once the glee club loses at regionals. Trying to put Sue in her place, Will chucks one of her trophies against the wall. This has no effect on Sue, though, who compares trophies to herpes. "You can try to get rid of them, but they just keep coming," she says.

Will and Teri (where has she been?) finally sign their divorce papers with awkward silence. As the lawyer announces them officially divorced, Teri says she'll always remember Will as the 16-year-old she fell in love with. Remember that for later.

Will uses his divorce as a lesson for the glee clubbers, asking them if they have any regrets. He says they'll all regret letting VA get the best of them before the competition, and suggests they get revenge on their rival glee club. He looks to the clubbers to come up with an idea, to which Puck voiceovers that that revenge is his forte. He enlists Finn's help to slash the tires of the VA members' Range Rovers. Unfortunately, they are caught and must repay the damage, meaning they'll have to get jobs to make the money.

Will is so down in the dumps with the pressure of the upcoming competition, the failure of his marriage, and the constant barrage of hate from Sue, that he turns to Sandy for marijuana. Sandy refuses, offering up a way to beat VA.

At rehearsal, Will gets "funked up" by telling New Directions that VA has never done a funk number. They're soulless robots, so if glee gets funky, they could have a shot at beating them. This week's assignment: Funk. Everyone just assumes Mercedes will bring the funk, but Quinn interjects, saying she'd like to give it a shot as well. Though this brings jeers and laughter from her peers, she's tired of sitting back and holding her anger in.

Rachel explains to Will that VA had plotted out her entire relationship with Jesse just so he could break up with her right before the competition. "They knew if they broke my heart close enough to the competition, I'd lose my will to live," Rachel says. "You destroy the heart of the team's heart, you destroy the team."

Light bulb! Will uses this plan against Sue to get his revenge. He lures her to the choir room late at night and "seduces" her by singing "Tell Me Something Good." (Yeah, I put seduce in quotations marks. Was it just me, or did this whole scene feel awkward?) Though Sue tries to act like she's bored, the next morning finds her journaling that she suddenly has feelings for Will, who enters with flowers and her favorite carbo-gels. He asks her out to Breadsticks, which is apparently the only restaurant in town.

Meanwhile, Puck and Finn have started their jobs at Sheets and Things where Teri works. (To answer Puck's question of whether he can go shirtless under his apron, I say yes.) Explaining that she needs to up her sales due to her divorce, Teri drops the W-bomb: Will. More on that later.

As Puck and Finn help Sandy try to find a specific pink to decorate his house, Sandy notes that the boys are basically losers. Sandy complains that he needs music to shop, so Puck turns on Beck's "Loser," to which he, Finn and the rest of the store sing about their less-than-stellar lives. As the song closes, Teri looks up to see Will asking her how to fold a sham. Oh wait, it's actually Finn, who is 16, the perfect age.

Teri becomes weirdly flirty with Finn, but she's really just lusting after the idea of Will at that age, and what she's lost in her marriage. When Finn starts talking about how stressed out he is because of glee club, Teri freaks out because the club has been such a cancer in her life. She changes her tune, though, and realizes that attitude is exactly what ruined her marriage. She decides to actually help Finn with his "funk" project and even promotes him to assistant assistant manager.

Quinn steps up to the plate to show her funky side, choosing James Brown's "It's a Man's Man's Man's World." She's accompanied by several other pregnant teens from the Unwed Mothership Connection. (Hey, is that Courtney Galiano from So You Think You Can Dance?) I guess what bothered me about this number is that pregnant women cannot move like this! I've never been pregnant, but they all look really pregnant, and I don't think that would be healthy or safe. Just me? And maybe the Lamaze breathing during the number also irked me, but I guess the club liked it.

Poor Sue. A waitress at Breadsticks actually has to point out that she's been stood up by her date. Sue rushes to Will's house to confront him, but he retorts that she's done much worse. "Cruelty was the only way to get your attention," he says. While it's great for Will to finally pull one over on his bully, his selfish quest for revenge has bigger consequences. Since Sue won't get out of bed, the Cheerios are all in disarray. If they don't go to nationals, some of the Cheerios will actually lose college scholarships. Way to drop the ball, Will.

Puck, Finn and Mercedes try to bring the funk with Mary Mark and the Funky Bunch's "Good Vibrations." Sorry boys, that's rap, not funk. But it was a good excuse to get Amber Riley to belt, which is always a pleasure.

Here's where the episode gets confusing: Quinn and Mercedes are meant to share this moment where they can relate to each other, but they're comparing being pregnant for nine months to being a minority. (In fact, it actually took me two replays to figure out this was about being a minority and not about being overweight, which was featured in an earlier episode.)

Will goes to Sue's house to try to get her out of this funk. She explains that despite having five consecutive championships, it's all moot because she doesn't have anyone to come home to. "Though I completely loathe you, you'd make a great trophy husband," she says to Will, which is hilarious because her house is stacked with trophies. Will apologizes to Sue, which pushes her to get back in the game, leading to the Cheerios to win nationals again. 

Jesse finally contacts Rachel and asks her to meet him in the parking lot. Her slow motion run to him is interrupted by VA throwing eggs at her. Jesse even cracks one on her head, but it seems like he's reluctant to do so. I'm hoping he really did like her and he just has to fit in with VA, because if not, this was a predictable storyline. Predictable as in the rest of the glee club called it from the beginning: He was only dating her to infiltrate New Directions.

Finn, Puck and the rest of the boys want to get revenge on VA for egging Rachel, but Will says they shouldn't stoop to their level. Instead, he calls VA to their auditorium. More on that in a moment.

After winning nationals, Sue brings her ridiculously tall trophy to Will's house. She says he has two choices: The trophy can either be installed in the choir room to remind Will everyday that he's a failure, or he has to kiss Sue. Seriously? Just as he's going to do it, Sue declines and moves the trophy to its new home the next day.

The episode closes on New Directions performing "Give Up the Funk,"  while VA watches on. Surprisingly, VA is scared. Yay, New Directions just may have a chance!

P.S. I just want to say sorry for not being able to post a recap last week, though I caught up on all your comments. Last week's episode was quite inspiring and true to the message Glee has always tried to get across. This week, however, I feel as though the storyline was very choppy and, at parts, didn't make sense.

Unfortunate as it may be, the near-kiss between Sue and Will was a jump the shark moment, which I didn't expect from this show. Though many would say the show jumped the shark as soon as it went all High School Musical, with people singing in the halls, that's part of the fantasy and fun of this series.

Maybe we have come to expect too much from the show. I'll be honest in saying that I give this episode a C+. What do you think? Is Glee in a funk? What grade would you give the episode? 

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In this week's episode of Glee, New Directions is shocked to find that Jesse St. James has returned to Vocal Adrenaline. Meanwhile, Will finally gets revenge on Sue, and Mercedes and Quinn connect with their funky sides... read more

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