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Glee Episode: "Home"

Season 1, Episode 16
Episode Synopsis: Kurt fixes up his dad (Mike O'Malley) with a date in hopes of having a regular family; Sue demands that the Cheerios diet in preparation for a magazine interview; and April Rhodes (Kristin Chenoweth) returns to help Will save New Directions.
Original Air Date: Apr 27, 2010
Guest Cast Kristin Chenoweth: April Rhodes Lauren Potter: Becky Romy Rosemont: Carole Jonathan Groff: Jesse St. James Dijon Talton: Matt Rutherford
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Season 1, Episode 16
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Aired: 4/27/2010
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Glee Episode Recap: "Home" Season 1, Episode 16

In this week's episode of Glee, Kurt's plan to set his father up with Finn's mother backfires when Finn and Kurt's dad get along better than Kurt expected. Elsewhere, Sue demands that the Cheerios lose weight for an upcoming magazine feature, which pushes Mercedes over the edge. Plus: April Rhodes (Kristin Chenoweth) returns for Round 2 with Will Schuester!

The episode opens on Sue Sylvester telling Mercedes that she isn't allowed to wear pants with her cheerios uniform anymore. Splits! Magazine is doing a feature on Sue, so Mercedes has to lose 10 pounds before the reporter arrives or else she's off the squad.

From weight to weather, Sue is just pushing everyone's buttons at McKinley High. Because it's a bit chilly outside, Sue has booked the auditorium for the entire week so the cheerios can practice indoors. However, that prevents the glee club for rehearsing as well. Will breaks the news to the glee club and says he'll try to find somewhere for them to practice.

As the glee clubbers are leaving, Kurt stops Finn and asks him for his help with decorating ideas. Little does Finn know, Kurt has an ulterior motive up his sleeve. (We'll come back to that.) Kurt later finds Mercedes in the cafeteria, but chides her for her lunch choice since she has to lose weight.

As Mercedes goes to ask Brittany and Santana how they are able to stay so skinny, we get this week's first Brittany-ism: "I'm pretty sure my cat has been reading my diary." The girls suggest the Sue Sylvester Master Cleanse to Mercedes, which is just like the regular one, but Sue adds ipecac and sometimes Brittany adds a spoonful of sand. 

Back at Finn's house, his mother has been moving things out of the house, which really upsets Finn. As she tries to sell the recliner chair, Finn completely loses it. He ponders why his mother is trying to get rid of everything that has connections to his father, and why she's dressing nicer and has a new 'do. She reveals that she's dating Kurt's dad, and we now know what Kurt's ace was.

While tracking down a place to rehearse, Will checks out a roller rink that happens to be owned by April Rhodes. Before he can get the dish on why she's there, April kicks off a duet of "Fire" from Bruce Springsteen. So it turns out that April met an old millionaire on her way out of town, and she became his mistress. "I'm nothing but a washed up dreamer," she says. "That's all I'll ever be." The one thing she can do? Offer a place for the glee club to rehearse.

Before Will leaves the bar, he reveals that he's getting a divorce, which means he's planning on renting out his apartment. April jumps on this offer for two reasons: She always loves to squat, and she'd really love to have sex with Will.

Back at school, Sue is weighing the cheerios to make sure they'll make their weight loss goal. Mercedes actually gained two pounds, so Sue says to do whatever it takes to loss the weight.

Finn confronts Kurt on how their parents started dating. Though Finn is upset, Kurt points out that his mother is finally happy and he should be too. Kurt is preparing for them to move in together, which is why he had asked for decorating advice earlier. "I like my house, I'm not moving and she's not selling that damn chair," Finn yells.

While New Directions is upset with all the changes going on, Kurt says they should explore the idea of having a sense of place, so he sings "A House Is Not a Home," from Dionne Warwick. This gives Will pause as he thinks about his impending divorce with Teri. Finn joins in on the song at home as he sings to his father's ashes sitting in the recliner chair. He knows his house is still a home, despite his father's absence.

April swings by to check Will's place out, but she's brought an overnight bag. She wants to get a real feel for the place. Though she says she's not looking for a hookup, she does end up sleeping in Will's bed, as they sing "One Less Bell to Answer" from Burt Bacharach, which leads into a mashup with "A House Is Not a Home."

Kurt and Finn's families join together for dinner, but Finn still insists they are not one big family. He quickly changes his tune when he finds common ground with Kurt's dad when it comes to sports. Kurt's face falls quickly once he realizes his plan is backfiring. His father approaches him afterwards, asking him not to take his new relationship with Finn personally.

After a few days of not eating solid food, Mercedes loses it on Artie and Tina. She starts to hallucinate and yells, "Stop trying to get me to eat you!" after seeing Artie as a piece of cake and Rachel as a cupcake. Quinn stops by the nurse's office to talk some sense into Mercedes. She was once in the same position as Mercedes, but her eyes were opened once she had to eat right for her baby. "You are so lucky, you've always been at home in your body," Quinn tells her. I start to cry as Mercedes starts to cry in embarrassment for becoming this person. "You are beautiful," Quinn says. I smell foreshadowing!

As glee rehearses at the roller rink, Will tells April that they shouldn't make a habit of sleeping in the same bed. He tells her that she deserves to be more than someone's mistress, so April decides to go and break up with Buddy. She also wants to sell the roller rink and try her hand at achieving her dreams.

Kurt approaches Finn on breaking their parents up and they put their plan into action. Finn pushes the limit though when he tells his mother he's going to flush his father's ashes down the toilet. She pushes back by telling him that he's not respecting her feelings. She cries to Finn telling him that she takes his father's urn to bed and talks to him about her day, but she now needs a real man to be there for her.

The cheerios gather to perform for the reporter who is covering Sue's feature for Splits! It doesn't go off to a good start for Sue, though. Mercedes makes a speech in front of the whole school, saying that the cheerleading squad shouldn't be about being popular. She asks the students to raise their hands if they feel ugly or if they have no friends. She admits to feeling the same way, and proceeds to ask them to join her in singing Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful" if they feel up to it. And once again, Mercedes make me cry. Bravo Amber Riley.

Also something to note: I love when shows take the villain (Quinn) and turn them into someone we grow to love. Thanks Dianna Agron for bringing the bitchy cheerio-turned preggers sweetheart to life.

The following morning, Sue meets with the reporter in her office. He reveals that the story was meant to expose Sue as a coward and a cheat. "I could not have been more wrong," he says to Sue's surprise. He notes that her squad is so diverse that it makes Sue a visionary. And if you actually think about it, Sue really does have a diverse squad, even if she is a Grinch. (And that is a How I Met Your Mother shout out, if you know what I mean.)

Later at Finn's house, Kurt's dad makes a plea to Finn saying that he'll be there to take care of his mother and that he truly cares about her. It does have an impact on Finn, who asks Burt to sit down with him and watch the game, even letting him relax on the recliner chair. Kurt, watching from outside, sheds a single tear.

The episode closes on April telling Will that she's once again leaving town. While telling her lover that she was no longer going to be his mistress, he died. In fear of April revealing who she was to the press, his wife had paid her off with $2 million, so now she's heading to Broadway to start the first ever all-white production of The Wiz. On top of that, April bought the auditorium for the glee clubbers. April and the clubbers sing "Home" from The Wiz as the episode ends.

What did you think of this week's episode? Might we start seeing a softer side of Sue? Will Kurt and Finn's friendship continue to be strained? Do you want Chenoweth to return for Round 3? Sound off in the comments.


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In this week's episode of Glee, Kurt's plan to set his father up with Finn's mother backfires when Finn and Kurt's dad get along better than Kurt expected. Elsewhere, Sue demands that the Cheerios lose weight for an upcoming magazine feature, which pushes Mercedes over the edge. Plus: April Rhodes (Kristin Chenoweth) returns for Round 2 with Will Schuester!

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