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Glee Episode: "Mash-Up"

Season 1, Episode 8
Episode Synopsis: Will is inspired by the kids to create a mash-up for a special occasion. Meanwhile, the cool kids at McKinley High get a taste of their own medicine, and Sue displays her softer side.
Original Air Date: Oct 21, 2009
Guest Cast Zack Lively: Lipoff James Earl: Azimo Dijon Talton: Matt Rutherford Gina Hecht: Puck's Mom Max Adler: Dave Karofsky
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Season 1, Episode 8
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Length: 43:06
Aired: 10/21/2009
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Glee Episode Recap: "Mash-Up" Season 1, Episode 8

Finn and Quinn's rule over the school may have ended, as the pair is forced to gain back their popularity. Meanwhile, Will helps Ken and Emma by giving the latter dance lessons for the pair's wedding, but it turns ugly when Ken forces the football players to choose between football and glee. Also, Sue brings out her softer side — what? 

The slushie war has begun, but it's not just Rachel feeling icy anymore. The school has turned against Finn and Quinn and there's a new world order in place at McKinley high. The glee club is worried that if Finn and Quinn can get slushied, no one is safe.

Elsewhere, Emma and Ken have decided to get married in Hawaii, as far away as possible from their friends and families. The pair approaches Will to ask for his help in choosing a song for their first dance. Emma would like "I Could Have Danced All Night," but Ken wants "The Thong Song." Emma is hoping Will can mash those songs together and also teach them how to dance.

Over at glee, Will preps the club for sectionals. He'd like to keep the mash-up train running. He gives the club some homework: Find a song that can be mashed together with "Bust a Move." When none of the guys step up to take the lead, Will lives up to the song's name and busts a move.

Because of Finn's slushie facial, he and Quinn go to Emma for advice on how to be cool. During Quinn's rant that popularity is like currency, Will walks by and mimes dancing through Emma's window. Unfortunately for F & Q, Emma blurts out that sunglasses are so sexy because the glee club teach was wearing a pair. Now the kids think in order to gain back their popularity, all they need to do is wear sunglasses.

Later, Emma meets Will for her dance lesson in full wedding wear. Emma's in her sister's old school wedding dress to make sure she can bust her own moves during the wedding party. Starting off with "The Thong Song," Will pulls out all of Sisqo's dance skills, but Emma's super long train is his literal downfall. Tripping over the dress, Emma ends up on top of Will, nearly kissing him. Too bad Ken was just outside the window to catch this cute moment.

At football practice, Finn's team is turning against him and won't even take his orders. After a fight with one of the guys, Coach Ken yells at the team, saying they need to work together. Ken adds an extra practice, but it coincides with glee's rehearsals. Which will Finn choose: football or glee club?

Missing out the grueling practice, Puck rehearses with Rachel at her house. After getting tired of hearing her sing, the two spend some time playing tonsil-hockey. Earlier, Puck's mother asked him why he's not dating a nice Jewish girl. He had a dream that night about Rachel coming through his window and he knew he just had to hook up with her. What we assume is another slushie attack is actually just Puck bringing Rachel a drink and asking her to work on some mash-up ideas. We see this is what leads to their makeout sesh. All is not well though, as Rachel imagines she's kissing Finn. She comes up with the excuse that she can't be with a guy who can't sing a solo. 

The next day, Puck decides to step up and sing "Sweet Caroline," trying to capture Rachel's heart. Puck serenading his new crush doesn't sit well with Finn, who definitely notices this exchange. Sadly for Quinn, she thinks Puck is singing the tune to her.

The sunglasses tip finally comes back to bite F & Q in the behind. A brigade of football players shower Finn and Quinn, telling the former that he better choose football over glee.

On Sue's Corner, Sue reveals that she's not into intimacy. Immediately after her segment, newscaster Rod says he needs a woman with some backbone and asks Sue to be his gal. She accepts his offer for a date. Did we just get a glimpse at Sue's vulnerable side?

Cut to Sue and Will doing a rousing Lindy hop, though Will is pretty much the girl of the dance. I'm pretty sure that hell has really frozen over. Why are these two dancing together? Sue wants a few dance lessons for a competition she's entered with Rod. She's in love. She also reveals to Will that Ken has changed the football practice times, which might cause a few singers to drop out of glee club.

Will confronts Ken about why he's turning against him, but Ken turns the tables, saying it's Will's fault because the football coach's future bride is in love with him. Will says he will back off, but Ken isn't changing the football practice time. He wants to know once and for all who the first choice is.

Puck and Rachel have finally gone public with their relationship, but that means Puck must suffer the slushie wrath. As Rachel cleans him off, he apologizes for ever doing that to her, but admits that he's choosing football over glee, effectively ending their relationship.

Later, Will accompanies Emma while she tries on wedding dresses. The pair dances to an instrumental version of Emma's wedding song, which she sings. Yay, Jayma Mays gets to sing! Realizing they're getting too close for comfort, Will immediately leaves to see if the football plays choose singing over sport.

At 3:30 on the dot, the club waits for any of the football guys to walk through the door. Slowly the guys filter in, but Finn is missing in action. He's chosen the team over the club. In the third round of the slushie war, Finn must dump on Kurt to prove to the football guys he's their man. Unable to do the deed, Kurt takes one for the team and does it himself.

When Sue goes down to the TV station to show Rod her zoot suit, she catches him hooking up with another woman. Crushed, Sue goes back to her old ways of hating pretty much everyone. On her war path, she kicks Quinn out of cheerios.

Puck later watches one of the football practices that he's no longer apart of. Rachel says he shouldn't have quit the team because of her, but he says he would've dumped her anyways. It all comes down to both of them not being able to get the people they actually long for.

At the same practice, Will plays catch with Finn and tells him he needs to make his own decisions and asks him to come back to glee. Finn tells the coach that he sees a future where being in glee will be cool and having to choose between glee and football is un-cool. Ken finally folds, enabling the football players to do both activities.

In the final moments of the episode, Will tells Emma he can't mash-up her wedding songs, a metaphor that the pair can never be together. He also joins the club in finally getting slushied, though it's his students who do the deed.

There are no new episodes of Glee until November, so discuss what you'll miss most in the comments below.

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Finn and Quinn's rule over the school may have ended, as the pair is forced to gain back their popularity. Meanwhile, Will helps Ken and Emma by giving the latter dance lessons for the pair's wedding, but it turns ugly when Ken forces the football players to choose between football and glee. Also, Sue brings out her softer side — what? 

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