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Apr 08, 2014 Season 6 Episode 13 watch on (Paid)

Giuliana offers to host a release party for Colet's risque new book. Plus, is Mrs. Rancic getting cold feet about moving to Bill's hometown of Chicago?

Day of the Duke

Mar 30, 2014 Season 6 Episode 12

Baby Duke is turning one! But will Bill approve Giuliana's over-the-top party plans? Plus, Bill surprises G with a Broadway audition for her birthday!
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Time for Baby Number 2

Sep 17, 2013 Season 6 Episode 11

In the season finale, Giuliana and Bill wrestle with the idea of bringing another baby into the world to be Duke's younger sibling. Whereas Giuliana is full steam ahead, Bill is approaching the topic with intense trepidation, especially considering they're still living in Los Angeles--and not in Chicago where he always wanted to raise a family. However, their current location isn't the only holdout. Giuliana's cancer checkup is right around the corner, and it's always a difficult time for her. Plus, the Rancics would want to use Duke's gestational carrier--but they haven't even broached the subject with their doctor or the carrier.
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Rancic Family Vacation

Sep 10, 2013 Season 6 Episode 10

The Rancics take a family vacation to Mexico with their buddies and reinstates the Rancic Challenge--this time with kids! Even though it's all in fun, Giuliana and Bill go all out to try to win it all. As they're surrounded by adorable tots, Giuliana finds a moment to ask Bill if he's ready for another child.
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One Tough Tot

Sep 03, 2013 Season 6 Episode 9

Giuliana is getting ready to host the Miss USA pageant for the third time, but this year she wants to design her own dress! Bill heads to Chicago to get planning done on their Chicago home. Meanwhile, Giuliana tries to conquer one of her fears after Bill thinks she is being a wimp. Then, she heads to Vegas where her custom dress isn't quite ready and she gets scared it won't be finished in time.
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G's First Mother's Day

Aug 27, 2013 Season 6 Episode 8

Mother's day is around the corner and Giuliana is dropping hints to Bill about the special day. Although Bill acts like he doesn't have anything planned, Bill always has a plan! Meanwhile, he and Giuliana's friends think she has a hoarding problem. And her friend Robbie sets up an interesting intervention. Then, Giuliana takes a stab at whipping up her mother's famous recipes before they decide to put together a cookbook.
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Is Nonna Getting Botox?

Aug 20, 2013 Season 6 Episode 7

Mama DePandi's 70th birthday is in one week and Giuliana's under pressure to throw an Italian toga-themed party for her! But first, Giuliana and Bill embark on a new eatery adventure in Chicago called RPM Juice. Then, the Rancics jet off to New York to do press interviews, and sadly have to leave Duke behind because he isn't fond of traveling. Finally, Giuliana heads back to Los Angeles to try to get the party together for her mom--but things don't go as smoothly as she had expected. However, Bill capitalizes on Giuliana being away by spending some one on one time with baby Duke.
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Baby On the Loose

Aug 13, 2013 Season 6 Episode 6

Giuliana and Bill realize it's time to start thinking about babyproofing their home, but they disagree about the best way to go forward. Giuliana wants to go all out and hire a professional, while Bill thinks that he's fully capable of spearheading the job. Bill wins the day, but quickly realizes he may have bitten off more than he can chew. Meanwhile, Giuliana's commitment to the breast cancer charity Bright Pink takes center stage, as she launches Fab-U-Wish to give a fellow survivor a special wish.
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Duking It Out

Aug 06, 2013 Season 6 Episode 5

With Duke almost six months old and keeping Giuliana and Bill up all night long crying, the couple has become extremely sleep deprived. Giuliana calls upon a sleep specialist to help with the issue. Meanwhile, Giuliana prepares for Duke's sixth-month birthday by throwing him a birthday party that Bill is not thrilled about. Then, the Rancics head to Miami where they are hosting a fashion event featuring Giuliana's line, G by Giuliana. However, the sample pieces don't come without drama attached!
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G-String Surprise

Jul 30, 2013 Season 6 Episode 4

It's time for Giuliana to pass the baby baton to her coworker and friend Monica who is expecting! Giuliana's assistant Sarah helps her organize a baby shower, but she's leaving Robbie in charge of the entertainment--which may either be the best idea or the craziest. Meanwhile, Bill undergoes an extensive physical at a Chicago hospital that yields surprising results. Plus, Giuliana seeks the help of a life coach to balance her new demands as a working mother.
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Duke's Nanny and Pedi

Jul 23, 2013 Season 6 Episode 3

Even though Giuliana and Bill have a pediatrician for Duke in Chicago, they haven't met with any doctors in Los Angeles where they are currently spending most of their time. So they begin the process of getting referrals and interviewing specialists--however, Bill's idea of an M.D. is a far cry from Giuliana's hopes of a more homeopathic approach for her baby. Meanwhile, they're also on the hunt for a nanny to care for Duke while both are working or traveling. Plus, Bill flies back to Haiti to build two new homes for those affected by Hurricane Sandy and Giuliana preps for the first red carpet show of the season.
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Baby Hogs

Jul 16, 2013 Season 6 Episode 2

In the season six premiere, Giuliana and Bill are obsessed with their little baby Duke! The couple can't keep their hands off of him--so much so, there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day to share him. In fact, what's catching both Giuliana and Bill so off guard is their plan to slow down and focus on the baby just isn't happening. The Rancics are just busier than ever--and an end to the madness isn't even on the horizon! Not only is Giuliana working on both "E! News" and "Fashion Police," but she's juggling Mommy and Me classes, photo shoots and more. Plus, Bill already has his sights set on buying a new home in Chicago and the couple is toying with the idea of having a second baby.
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Baby Hogs

Jul 09, 2013 Season 6 Episode 1

In the season premiere, Giuliana and Bill are obsessed with their little baby Duke--so much so, there doesn't seem enough time to share him!
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