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Is it just me, or is Grey's ...

Grey's Anatomy

Question: Is it just me, or is Grey's Anatomy the third-best show on TV right now (behind Lost and Veronica Mars, of course)? This last episode, "Make Me Lose Control," was amazing, and Ellen Pompeo gave a terrific performance. I love how there are compelling stories for both the main characters and the patients in the episode, unlike the past-its-prime ER. What you think of the second season? To me it is way better than its lead-in, Desperate Housewives, or another one of my faves, Gilmore Girls (which has been under par this season). Why don't you mention it in your column more? It is a perennial Top 10 show. Oh, love the column, by the way. Answer: Well, thanks. I'm also a bit surprised I don't get more questions/comments on Grey's Anatomy, because it's really hitting its stride these days. I was lukewarm on the show when it premiered late last season — the pilot episode overused the voice-over narration, which only exacerbated the "It's hard work being a doctor-in-training" clichés. ... read more

Do you have any information ...

Question: Do you have any information on the book that Jess wrote on Gilmore Girls?

Answer: I've got a title. It's called "The Subsect." And if anyone knows what that means, please e-mail me.

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Too bad Lorelai wasn't there to...

Gilmore Girls

Too bad Lorelai wasn't there to see that one, huh? Her prim and proper, buttoned-up-to-here mother giving Shira Huntzberger the blue-blood bitch slap. No actual contact occurred, just plenty of calmly delivered, sweetly stated, cold, hard insults. My favorite? "You're a two-bit gold digger who got off the bus from Hicksville when you met Mitchum at whatever bar you stumbled into." Go, Emily, go! Someone had to take down that horrible family, especially since Richard clearly wasn't up to the task. (And what took the two of them so freaking long in the first place?) While Richard did push hard for an explanation from Mitchum, he said very little to defend Rory. ("You crushed that girl!" Uh, you tell him, Richie. As if Mitchum actually cared about how Rory felt.) I was hoping he'd actually belt the guy, but that would have been most improper. I was able to forgive Richard's horrible misstep when he got all teary-eyed watching Rory thank her g read more

Can I vent to you for a ...

Question: Can I vent to you for a moment about Gilmore Girls? Will people please stop complaining about the fact that Rory and Lorelai are fighting? I think this is a healthy, natural part of growing up.

Answer: My beef isn't with the estrangement per se. In fact, I actually like the idea of a little mother-daughter conflict, if for no other reason than no one produces better happy-eventual-ending episodes than Team Palladino. My problem with it is that AS-P is bogging down the prereunion shows with too many secondary characters in suddenly primary roles. For instance, I love Kirk, but I don't want to spend half an hour watching him sell engagement rings to Luke. In the same vein, I like (definitely don't love) Luke's brother-in-law, but I really didn't like (hated, even) the major subplot about his inferiority complex as a contractor. That said, last ni read more

When will Lorelai and Rory ...

Question: When will Lorelai and Rory make up on Gilmore Girls? I can't stand them fighting!

Answer: (SPOILER ALERT) You'd be wise to keep mid-November open.

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I am an avid Gilmore Girls ...

Question: I am an avid Gilmore Girls fan, but oh my gosh, the show has sucked this season. Is there any end in sight?

Answer: (SPOILER ALERT) Thankfully, yes. I hear the Oct. 11 episode finds Girls once again in top form. There's apparently a scene where Emily tells off Logan's mom that is classic Kelly Bishop genius. Of course I'm still waiting for the scene where mom and daughter reunite and this show finally gets rolling again! (Just a few more weeks, people!)

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And They're Off!
An early peek at the fall ratings race

Commander in Chief

Can ABC be stopped?

Two weeks into the 2005-06 prime-time season the Alphabet network has taken a commanding ratings lead among viewers aged 18 to 49, the group advertisers covet most. The network's hot new shows from last season, Desperate Housewives and Lost, are even hotter this year. And while none of its new shows look like they'll be breakout hits, they at least show the potential to improve the network's performance on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights.

Of course, the race for No. 1 in the prized demo will tighten once Fox's American Idol rolls in again come January. But here's how each of the networks has performed so far and what they'll need to do to improve.

ABC: With two consecutive weekly wins among viewers aged 18 to 49, the network is off to its best start since the 1994-95 season. read more

I can't believe I haven't ...

Question: I can't believe I haven't seen any questions regarding Supernatural yet. I absolutely loved the pilot. I had the lights turned off while I watched, and it was completely spooky. I think it's filling the void for the part of me that still misses The X-Files. What do you think? I think Jared Padelecki is doing a great job and he and Jensen Ackles make a great pair. They can definitely hold their own as the lead characters. Answer: So far, it's doing OK, certainly by WB's standards. I imagine we'll get to enjoy this one for at least a full season. I'm liking it well enough, but am a bit concerned by the predictability of the fiend-of-the-week formula. As a horror anthology of sorts, Supernatural needs to make us wonder if our heroes (who are, at least for the moment, invulnerable) will always vanquish the demon and save the girl (and assorted others). That said, the episodes I've seen so far have been satisfyingly spooky. I think what I like best about the show right now is its ... read more

Any word on whether Scott ...

Question: Any word on whether Scott Patterson's coming back for a seventh season of Gilmore Girls?

Answer: No, and I just found out that we may not know until May when WB decides whether the show itself is coming back for a seventh season.

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If you give me some scoop on ...

Question: If you give me some scoop on Gilmore Girls, I will come to your book signing on Friday. Promise.

Answer: You better not be bluffing, Carrie, 'cause we'll be checking IDs at the door. Richard and Emily will soon find out that the apple of their eye has been engaging in some, um, extracurricular activities in the pool house. And suffice it to say they will not be happy. See you Friday at 7:30, Carrie. Just a heads-up: Mayor Bloomberg is urging everyone to take public transportation to the event to cut down on what is expected to be record gridlock. (I'm beginning to think maybe I underestimated my own popularity.)

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