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Latest Episode: Danger's Dinosaurs

Jan 01, 1964 Season 2 Episode 52 watch on Hulu (Free)

Captain Danger has built two gigantic dinosaur robots in his undersea base and launches an attack on Dr. Brilliant's laboratory while Gigantor is being repaired. Could this be the end?

The Robot Arsenal

Jan 01, 1964 Season 2 Episode 51

Mr. Skee Matic kidnaps Jimmy and takes him to his secret headquarters where he shows him his robot collection - the largest in the world. Among them, his newest acquisition, Gigantor!
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The Devil Gantry

Jan 01, 1964 Season 2 Episode 50

The evil Scrag and his henchman Sleek have been building a top secret weapon that uses a Tesla coil to generate lightning - just what they need to get rid of Gigantor for good!
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The Evil Robot Brain

Jan 01, 1964 Season 2 Episode 49

Dr. Nutzen Boltz convinces Brainy, the robot with a dialectronic brain, to let him study his brain. In exchange, he will build a robot for Brainy that can destroy Gigantor!
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The Secret Formula Robbery

Jan 01, 1964 Season 2 Episode 48

Professor Stinger is back and this time he's got Big Fang's robot brother Irontron, who's been built for one purpose only - to defeat Gigantor and jimmy Sparks once and for all!
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The Atomic Whale

Jan 01, 1964 Season 2 Episode 47

When scientists from the Atomic Factory are kidnapped by a giant whale, Gigantor dives into the sea to see what's going down. But the whale is actually a robot submarine form an undersea city!
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Gigantor and the Desert Fire

Jan 01, 1964 Season 2 Episode 46

No country will buy oil from poor Morabia. Rebels from neighboring Togaland have frightened all the customers away by setting oil fires. Can Gigantor take the heat and make everything cool again?
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The Deadly Sting Rays

Jan 01, 1964 Season 2 Episode 45

As Skull Duggery Prison, Goldy Brix is locked up with the monster Big Fang. Big Mistake. They break loose and with help from Professor Stinger's String Ray robots, they can't be stopped.
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The Battle of the Robot Giants

Jan 01, 1964 Season 2 Episode 44

Escaped convict Goldy Brix is attacking luxury liners from his underwater base and using his own giant robot, Blastro. When Blastro disables Gigantor, it's anybody's game!
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The Robot Albatross

Jan 01, 1964 Season 2 Episode 43

Gigantor is sent deep into the ocean to search for a sunken island and buried treasure. Instead, he finds the evil Thermal Updraft, whose hideout is guarded by the unbeatable Albatross robot!
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Magnaman of Outer Space

Jan 01, 1964 Season 2 Episode 42

A robot factory run by a man named Crank unleashes Magnaman, a super robot who's been programmed to destroy all of man's masterpieces, starting with the Eiffel Tower!
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The Robot Firebird

Jan 01, 1964 Season 2 Episode 41

As a reward for rescuing him from the fires of a volcano, a powerful Firebird makes Swami Rivers the most powerful man on Earth. Now only Gigantor can put out his fire.
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The City Smashers

Jan 01, 1964 Season 2 Episode 40

General Shark has a new secret weapon - termites that eat steel and concrete. Now, no city is safe from a Shark attack. Can Gigantor exterminate the growing problem?
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The Insect Monsters

Jan 01, 1964 Season 2 Episode 39

Dr. Buzz Bugaboo is kidnapped by Brany Mantis and forced to turn over his formula for making huge insects. The big bugs are then unleashed on the city, in number too gigantic for even Gigantor to stop.
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Vanishing Mountain

Jan 01, 1964 Season 2 Episode 38

General Ising Nutcake of Beanie plans to take over the world. Using his Wave Image Maker, he take Gigantor, Jimmy and the Inspector prisoner. Can anything stop him now?
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