Ghost Stories

1997, TV Show

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Latest Episode: I Heard You Call My Name

Jun 08, 1998 Season 1 Episode 44 watch on

Just as it's true that the love of a child for his mother never dies... reaching across the void, from death to life, calming her anguished heart.

Parting Shot

Jun 01, 1998 Season 1 Episode 43

Every action has a consequence. Fran Rayburn made a living stealing pictures of unwilling subjects. But in her eagerness to turn a profit, she neglected to calculate the cost ?? to her own sanity.
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May 25, 1998 Season 1 Episode 40

Meet Nicole Osborne, the editor of Dazzle magazine... a woman so obsessed with appearance that the cries of her soul long ago became inaudible.
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Winner Takes All

May 11, 1998 Season 1 Episode 37

Croft International... resting securely on the Fortune Five?hundred. Thanks to CEO Blane Croft, it offers unique advancement opportunities to hungry young executives ?? unlike those of any other corporation.
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From the Ashes

Mar 02, 1998 Season 1 Episode 30

When at last the hangman calls, he often wears a familiar face. In the case of Albert Vong, the face of his executioner was all too familiar.
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It's Only a Movie

Feb 23, 1998 Season 1 Episode 28

A good scare is worth more to a man than good advice. Unfortunately, no one advised Joey Howell that the ultimate scare was within his grasp all along.
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Mar 28, 1998 Season 1 Episode 27

We name them after virtues and predators, compare their power to horses. Above all, the car is a personal sanctuary, a shrine to freedom, mobility...and amorous pursuits.
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The Stainless Blade

Jan 17, 1998 Season 1 Episode 21

Magic...Is it all a simple sleight of hand... or is there more to this ancient art than meets the eye?
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