Ghost Stories

1997, TV Show

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Latest Episode: I Heard You Call My Name

Jun 08, 1998 Season 1 Episode 44 watch on

Just as it's true that the love of a child for his mother never dies... reaching across the void, from death to life, calming her anguished heart.

Parting Shot

Jun 01, 1998 Season 1 Episode 43

Every action has a consequence. Fran Rayburn made a living stealing pictures of unwilling subjects. But in her eagerness to turn a profit, she neglected to calculate the cost ?? to her own sanity.
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Winner Takes All

May 11, 1998 Season 1 Episode 37

Croft International... resting securely on the Fortune Five?hundred. Thanks to CEO Blane Croft, it offers unique advancement opportunities to hungry young executives ?? unlike those of any other corporation.
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May 04, 1998 Season 1 Episode 34

For Alicia Barry, home carries a special meaning. Growing up in foster care all her life, she never had a place to call her own. Then came a legacy from a Great Aunt she never knew. A gift from the family she always longed for: a house.
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Resting Place

Apr 27, 1998 Season 1 Episode 33

Love can work miracles, bring the dead back to life... in our minds, in our hearts. Sometimes, we show love best by leaving our dearly departed in peace... In the end, there's no reason to rush the inevitable. We'll all be reunited soon enough.
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Scream House

Mar 02, 1998 Season 1 Episode 31

Sometimes, in order to go forward, we have to go back, even if it means unlocking doors that have long been sealed shut, but once opened the light of truth can free us to put away childish things and move on with our lives.
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Jan 31, 1998 Season 1 Episode 25

Sheryl Bruder is about to embark on an unexpected journey. A non-stop voyage to the darkest corner of her heart.
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State of Grace

Feb 02, 1998 Season 1 Episode 22

His name is Andy Hill. His age: Thirty?five. His occupation:... well, he's never had one. You see, Andy has spent the last 15 years of his life in prison. And tonight is the beginning of a new dawn.
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