Ghost in the Shell

  • 2004
  • TV Show
  • TV-MA

International espionage is thwarted by augmented humans enforcing the law in virtual environments.

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23:29 — Kuze escapes and Section 9 suffers heavy damages from the confrontation; Kuze leaves for Nagasaki harbor with the Russian package.
22:29 — Togusa is brought up on charges after he becomes involved with a murder while off duty. But during the course of the trial, it becomes clear that who (more…)
23:30 — A group of terrorists identifying themselves as the 'Individual Eleven' barricade themselves within the Chinese Embassy. Section 9 is called in to eli (more…)
22:33 — The Tachikomas and the Major continue to investigate Gohda and his motives, while the rest of Section 9 are out to stop a string of suicide bombings.
Fabricate Fog
23:30 — After being ambushed by Kuze's followers at a false location, Section 9 is alerted to his true location, and his intentions of purchasing nuclear mate (more…)
23:29 — A seemingly run-of-the mill hit-and-run turns into anything but when Togusa investigates. While in Tokyo, he discovers a secret from the past the GSDF (more…)
Fake Food
24:15 — While on a stakeout of a Taiwanese vegetarian restaurant, Section 9 finds out that someone is pulling strings and feeding misinformation to the Public (more…)
239 Pu/94
23:16 — Plans have been leaked to terrorists that the plutonium recovered from the underground nuclear facility in Tokyo is to be moved. Section 9 is called i (more…)
Red Data
22:26 — The Major heads to Taiwan to investigate a lead on Kuze, and ends up getting involved with local gangs and a troublesome kid.
24:30 — Batou and the Major are sent to Berlin in an international effort to help track down the terrorist Angel's Wing.
Chain Reaction
25:17 — While tensions rise in the Dejima refugee camp, the Major hacks the refugee cyberbrain hub to determine Kuze's location.
23:29 — An assassination threat has been made against Prime Minister Kayabuki; Section 9 is called to serve as bodyguards Meanwhile, investigation on the Indi (more…)
Natural Enemy
22:30 — A routine live-fire exercise goes wrong, leaving a fleet of AI controlled helicopters flying above a refugee area, firing on anyone who comes near. An (more…)
Cash Eye
22:31 — A hacker and thief by the name of Cash Eye plans on infiltrating a vault during a party, and Section 9 is called in to prevent it. But there are a nu (more…)
Night Cruise
22:24 — This episode focuses on the life of a refugee living in Japan. He has plans to 'reset the world' and change things. But are his plans merely violent d (more…)

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  • Premiered: November 12, 2004
  • Rating: TV-MA
  • Premise: International espionage is thwarted by augmented humans enforcing the law in virtual environments.