Ghost Hunters - Bonus Scene - Once in a Blue
01:36 — S10/E13: Jason and Steve capture a rare thermal image and have some other chilling experiences.
Ghost Hunters - Bonus Scene - Open Sesame
01:29 — S10/E13: Dave and Sam solve the case of the swinging doors, by doing some good old-fashioned debunking.
Ghost Hunters - Bonus Scene - The Office
00:57 — S10/E13: Dave and KJ survey Edith Wharton € s home office and realize that she might be in the room with them.
Ghost Hunters - Bonus Scene - Rest & Real Live Ghost Hunting
00:59 — S10/E12: Steve pulls double duty - relaxing in a hammock while investigating with Jason.
Changing Faces
01:46 — S10/E12: Dave and Sam focus on floating heads and disappearing faces. Mannequin or make believe?
Ghost Hunters - Bonus Scene - Floating Jacket
01:34 — S10/E12: A paranormal with a keen fashion sense? The Ghost Hunters never disappoint - we € ve officially seen it all.
Ghost Hunters - Bonus Scene - Silent Hunters
01:02 — S10/E12: Dave and Shari listen closely to contrast between natural noises and paranormal sounds.
Up In Smoke
02:50 — S10/E11: What starts out as debunking quickly turns into solid evidence building. Voices and footsteps all around! Who is out there?
Ghost Hunters - Bonus Scene – Worker's Comp
01:08 — S10/E9: Dave tries his hand at karate ghost hunting.
Ghost Hunters - Bonus Scene – Little Children
01:17 — S10/E8: Is it a low giggle or the wind? Dave and KJ investigate.
Ghost Hunters - Bonus Scene - Ghost Sarcasm
00:46 — S10/E7: Entities try to outsmart KJ and Dustin.
Ghost Hunters - Bonus Scene - Trading Places
00:49 — S10/E7: A ghost pretending to be Jason startles Steve.
Ghost Hunters - Bonus Scene - A Minor
01:12 — S10/E10: Dave Tango uses music therapy to inspire a little paranormal activity.
02:33 — S10/E9: Can TAPS get to the bottom of things so the Freemasons can resume their meetings in peace?
Split Second
02:09 — S10/E8: The guys do a recreation and stumble upon some awesome debunking in the barracks.
“Need a Lift?”
01:27 — S10/E8: Something invisible lifts the back of KJ's shirt.
Clap Twice For Haunted
02:09 — S10/E7: Clap if you see a ghost. While Dustin and KJ encounter strange happenings in the Stadium Building, Steve has Jason clapping about the basement (more…)
Spirit Hounds
02:17 — S10/E6: Tango calls in a team of cadaver dogs to sniff out the corpse behind what could be a lost soul.
01:37 — While debunking a noise, Dave breaks a 300 year old artifact.
A Haunted House is Not a Home
01:49 — S10/E5: The Eberland family feels uncomfortable in their own home! Now Jason and Steve begin to understand some of the experiences the kids are report (more…)
Hellevator Going Up
01:02 — It € s not the ghosts KJ and Dustin have to worry about - it € s the hellish elevator ride that has them rattled.
G is for Grrrrr!
02:13 — S10/E3: Is Mr. Gallaher € s ghost mad about what happened to his estate? KJ and Dustin may have gotten through to him.
The Itsy Bitsy Spider
00:40 — Jason and Steve encounter spiders that could pass for extras in an alien movie.
Up Close and Personal Spirits
02:27 — S10/E3: Can a guy get some privacy in the john? It seems something wanted to get into the restroom when Dave Tango was using it!
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