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On this episode of Ghost Hunters, TAPS travels to Sylvan Beach, New York where the new owner of a historic amusement park is desperate to find answers to widespread paranormal activity occurring on the premises.

Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse

Dec 10, 2008 Season 4 Episode 27

The lighthouse consists of 44 stairs that lead up to the Watchroom, a circular room with three portholes. Many strange happenings have occurred in this room, one being a female lighthouse enthusiast, who heard voices, only to find she was alone inside. Another witness to this paranormal activity heard a man ask, "What are you doing?" only to discover there wasn't a person in sight. Many believe Joshua Card, the former lighthouse keeper, who preferred to go by the name "Captain," haunts this place. Fort Constitution mainly served the country as a lookout and supply storage unit through many wars since the 1630's. The fort was one of Paul Revere's first stops on his way to warning colonists about the impending Revolutionary War. The fort consists of a lookout area, a powder magazine, a sentry room where prisoners were held, and sally ports on each side that served as entryways. On July 4, 1809, disaster erupted at Fort Constitution. Gunpowder that was reserved for a fireworks display accidentally exploded killing 14 people, most of whom were children. Some believe it is the residual ghosts of the 1809 explosion that haunt the structure today. Members of the Coast Guard are afraid to go into Fort Constitution at night because of the general noises they hear and its eerie nature.
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Spirits On the Water

Dec 03, 2008 Season 4 Episode 26

The Star of India was built back in 1863, originally christened as the Euterpe. On her first voyage to India, the iron windjammer suffered a collision and her crew mutinied. This wasn't the only tragedy on the Euterpe. The ship fell into disrepair over the years until a restoration effort began in the 1950's. Fully restored by 1976, the Star sails at least once a year with a fully-trained volunteer crew, making her the oldest active ship in the world. The history of the ship makes it a landmark for San Diego. The paranormal experiences on the ship make it a landmark for investigators. Across the port from the Star of India rests the Berkeley, the 1898 steam ferryboat that is a National Historic Landmark. During the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, the Berkeley carried thousands of survivors to safety. Her captain and crew, not knowing the fate of their own families, worked night and day to help victims escape the burning shores of San Francisco. In the early part of the 20th century, mining was still a vital component of the northern California landscape. You could buy mining supplies at any store, and pure nitroglycerin was available at any chemist's shop. This is why it was not a total surprise when one day, the entire side of Berkeley was blown out by a massive explosion.
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Recycled Souls

Nov 19, 2008 Season 4 Episode 25

TAPS explores the Clovis Avenue Sanitarium, a sixty-six year-old, 8,000 square foot mansion and former sanitarium that opened in 1942, staying in service up through 1992. In that time, countless patients passed through the halls, and thousands eventually died. Unfortunately, not everyone who met their fate at the Clovis Avenue Sanitarium did so peacefully. There are stories of alternative and experimental treatments that were more akin to torture than healing. It is said that while their bodies were disposed of, their spirits still remain. Visitors to the Clovis Avenue Sanitarium experience all kinds of paranormal activity, incidents that have left the staff terrified. A former guide was pulled into a closet by an invisible force, the owner has felt breath on the back of his neck, and recently, perhaps strangest of all, the Clovis police department has received 911 calls from this address on several occasions. That wouldn't seem so odd except for the fact that the building has no phone. As a result of its reputation for paranormal activity, the former Clovis Avenue Sanitarium draws expert ghost trackers and recently attracted the attention of TAPS. After a preliminary investigation, the results were off the charts. TAPS west coast has called in Jason and Grant to confirm initial paranormal findings by performing a detailed investigation of their own.
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Ghost Hunters: All Access

Nov 12, 2008 Season 4 Episode 24

The TAPS team takes a look back at their most memorable cases.
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Halloween Results Show

Nov 05, 2008 Season 4 Episode 23

TAPS shares details about the live event at Fort Delaware this past Halloween.
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USS Hornet

Oct 29, 2008 Season 4 Episode 22

TAPS returns to investigate another legendary haunted naval landmark—the aircraft carrier USS Hornet in Alameda, CA. The Hornet, the eighth vessel to carry her name, was commissioned at the height of World War II in 1943. She quickly became one of the most highly decorated ships in the Navy. She destroyed 1,410 Japanese aircraft and destroyed or damaged 1,269,710 tons of enemy shipping. Ten Hornet pilots attained "Ace in a Day" status. Later in its life, the Hornet was given the honor of recovering the Apollo 11 astronauts on their return from the moon. The USS Hornet‘s flight deck alone is 894 feet long -- basically the size of three football fields. The aircraft carrier was built primarily by women -- think Rosie the Riveter -- and weighs 41,000 tons. All told, in her 27 years of active service, more than 300 people lost their lives aboard ship. The majority claimed during combat, others from horrendous shipboard accidents, still others from suicide. After being decommissioned, the Hornet was turned into a Bay Area museum. Almost immediately after its arrival in Alameda, staff began reporting strange phenomena. The USS Hornet is considered the most haunted ship in the Navy, past or present.
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Hometown Haunts

Oct 22, 2008 Season 4 Episode 21

Springfield, MA: THEODORE?S/SMITH?S -- TAPS investigates a landmark pool hall in team member Steve Gonsalves? hometown. Over the years, the first floor fronted several retail clients, but is now a tavern called Theodore?s. Though two separate establishments, Theodore?s and Smith?s have a common problem?they both experience intense paranormal activity. Now, their owners are working together, asking TAPS to diagnose their decades-old problem. In the basement, employees of Theodore?s have reported sudden temperature drops, and objects falling off the walls and shelves. Upstairs on the first floor, they hear the distinctive rattling of pool balls dropping into pockets but Smith?s is closed and empty. They think the source of all this activity may be an unusual decoration that hung over the bar of Theodore?s until recently. Leominster, MA: HAUNTED VICTORIAN II -- A local TAPS family group went in to investigate claims of activity in this 19th century Victorian home. They left with the belief that something was sharing his home with the owner. The owner, Troy, is dealing with what he feels are two separate entities?a child that he has seen several times in his bedroom, and a large adult shadow figure that he has seen. On one occasion, Troy?s dog actually chased the boy?s apparition out of the bedroom. Troy says his face is so vivid that he could pick the child out of a lineup.
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Bottled Spirits

Oct 15, 2008 Season 4 Episode 20

Dayville, CT Tracy house -- A frightened, young mother asks TAPS to help her terrorized son. Heather Tracy and her family moved in to her ancestor's property two years ago. There had always been reports of odd activity and it soon became apparent to her that there was something more to the stories. The first time Heather brought Aiden her son home, she heard the whisper of a man coming through on his radio. Her son began to scream terribly. Shortly after the screaming started, Heather and other family members began noticing strange scratches on his back and on his legs. Jason and Grant always put the needs of children first. Being parents themselves, they have a vested interest in this case. Appleton, NY Haunted Winery -- TAPS searches for spirits on the Upstate NY Wine Trail. Several previous owners saw their wives die in the house from illness. One of them accidentally shot and killed his son while another died under suspicious circumstances. By 1933, the Sisters of St. Joseph became the new owners and used the estate for decades as a nuns retreat, a camp for girls and a training school for the deaf. Now, the winery has become part of an eerie lore. This will be the first time TAPS has ever investigated a winery.
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Oak Alley Plantation

Oct 08, 2008 Season 4 Episode 19

TAPS returns to New Orleans to investigate an historic sugar plantation. Jacques Telesphore, the businessman who built the house, died of tuberculosis in 1848. His family could not maintain his business holdings and had to sell their property in 1866. Several movies have been filmed at the Plantation, including “Interview With the Vampire.” Staff and volunteers have reported frequent activity at the plantation for years. Some tour guides hear horse drawn carriages coming up the drive, even accompanied by a cloud of dust moving towards the house—but nothing is there. In one room, a house manager with several other staff members saw a figure matching the description of the last resident owner of Oak Alley in the window. The lights were on after everything had been shut off. Frightened, they drove away. Stopping after a distance, they looked back to see the lights off and all quiet. During a tour, a candlestick flew across the room in full view of 35 tourists.
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Ghosts of the Sunshine State

Oct 01, 2008 Season 4 Episode 18

TAPS is in Florida to investigate an inn that is a hotbed of paranormal activity. This unique St. Petersburg property consists of two multi-story Victorian manors: the Pink House and the Purple House. They were both built in the late 1800s, and are believed to house more than just customers. Many soldiers died after excruciating injuries on the land where the Pink House sits. Apparitions of men, women and children have been reported throughout the house. Recently, one of the innkeepers was on his way to the 3rd floor when he spotted a pair of children's shoes at the top of the stairs. He stopped and peered down the hall and saw a little girl dressed in white peeking at him from around a corner, disappearing afterwards. The Pink House was also the sight of a few terrible fires. Elsewhere in St. Petersburg, TAPS investigates the legendary Renaissance Vinoy hotel, Major League Baseball's favored paranormal getaway. Built in 1924, the Vinoy has always been a preferred vacation spot for the rich and famous. Today, the facility is the visiting-team hotel for the Tampa Bay Rays. The Cincinnati Reds pitcher Scott Williamson had just turned out the lights when he got a tingling sensation, like he was being watched. Then he rolled onto his stomach and felt pressure on him, like he couldn't move or even breathe. He rolled over onto his back and saw a man standing by his curtains. Other reports from players on other teams include faucets that turn on and off as well as toilets that flush themselves multiple times, flickering lights, and locked and chained doors that swing open.
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Speaking With the Dead

Sep 24, 2008 Season 4 Episode 17

TAPS visits the abandoned (and skeevy) remains of an art-deco masterpiece, Buffalo Central Terminal. The terminal, a 14-story combination office tower/train station, opened in 1929 and closed 50 years later. After falling through the hands of various owners, the Central Terminal Restoration Corp. acquired it in 1997. In the years since the Terminal's abandonment, it has become a potent source of paranormal stories. Local urban explorers and less respectable paranormal investigators would break into the property to look around, leaving in a hurry and with numerous scary experiences. One volunteer was alone in third-floor offices, and saw two people (described as being dressed in old-fashioned clothing) standing at a water fountain. When he stepped closer, the people and the water fountain disappeared. The experience shook the volunteer so badly that he will not enter the building alone. There are cold spots widely reported throughout the terminal, especially on the train platforms. Some who have visited have asked the darkness for a response, and gotten a loud bang.
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The Boy In the Brothel

Sep 17, 2008 Season 4 Episode 16

The Carriage Inn was originally built in 1760. Now a busy banquet facility called Hoof, Fin, and Feathers, it is the center of mysterious sightings. A woman in period dress (late 1700s-early 1800s) has been seen in the main house, in the main dining room. In the bar, people have seen a man dressed in black, carrying a book. The most disturbing sighting by far happened in the barn, which is now the banquet hall. There, people have reported seeing a young girl who had been burned. Both the cellar and attic inspire feelings of great dread several employees have refused to enter them alone. The owner/head chef, Linda Wadensten does not feel threatened. She wants TAPS to come in and find what is haunting the Carriage Inn. Later, TAPS comes to help a military family living in the Navy town of Groton, CT: The Stitelers -- husband, wife, and three kids. Their four-year-old son saw a ghost of a child in his room, with black hair and black eyes, but did not tell his parents. Instead, he mentioned it while he was in the hospital with a brief illness. His mother was surprised that he knew what a ghost was, and wrote it off as an imaginary friend until she told her husband. William went white. He had seen the same figure in their home, and it had terrified him.
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So She Married an Axe Murderer

Sep 10, 2008 Season 4 Episode 15

TAPS goes to Connecticut to unravel the mysteries at the historic Pettibone Tavern. Built in 1780, the Tavern originally served as a carriage stop between Albany and Boston during the late eighteenth century. During this time, it was also supposedly the site of a brutal axe murder and throughout its years since, employees have consistently reported activity that they cannot explain. Opening managers have come in the morning to find furniture stacked up or rearranged. A closing manager reported turning off a row of decorative candles, one by one and when he got outside to his car, he turned around, shocked, to find them all switched back on. Having survived a recent fire, the restaurant is renovated and preparing for a reopening with new owners and a new name but before it does, TAPS gets a crack at this local legend. Then, Jason and Grant are called in to investigate a haunt hidden in their own neighborhood the Slater Mill. In its early years, almost all of the employees at the Mill were children, and the workers were often pushed to their limits. Working conditions were difficult and unhealthy respiratory ailments and diseases were rife, and the Mill was home to many grisly accidents. Now, TAPS sets out to debunk the long list of paranormal claims by employees and visitors alike.
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Iron Island

Sep 03, 2008 Season 4 Episode 14

When the local preservation society took over this property in 2000, they discovered over 30 boxes of unclaimed human remains tucked away in the basement bathroom. Renovations unearthed remnants of the Episcopal church light fixtures and stained glass that were hidden behind the walls and ceilings as if the original funeral director built a building within a building. Now the building has become a small museum that honors the legacy of the town. Many women who work at the museum complain of being followed around the building by someone who isnt there. One in particular believes this feeling has increased 100% since they received an old artifact, an altar from another century-old church. Temperature fluctuations from extreme cold to uncomfortable heat are found throughout the structure. Furniture and doors have been heard moving and the sounds of shuffling footsteps are common. The original funeral director even admitted that doors that he had closed and locked would be found open. Floral arrangements were found rearranged. And on a few occasions he had heard strange voices in the building when there was no one else around.
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Fort Delaware

Jun 18, 2008 Season 4 Episode 13

Fort Delaware - Delaware City, DE- After capturing a full-body apparition on the thermal camera, TAPS declares this historic fort haunted. This Halloween, the team returns to Fort Delaware for another chilling investigation as part of the 3rd annual Ghost Hunters Live special.
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Garden State Ghosts

Jun 11, 2008 Season 4 Episode 12

TAPS heads to New Jersey to investigate the oldest Governors mansion in the 13 original U.S. Colonies. The Proprietary House occupies an important place in American history as the residence of the last appointed Royal Governor of New Jersey, William Franklin the son of Founding Father Benjamin Franklin. During the period leading up to the Revolutionary War, Ben Franklin often visited the house, unsuccessfully attempting to convince his son to join the colonists cause. Over the past 200 years, the house has undergone extensive additions and numerous restorations and through it all has maintained its reputation as a bona fide haunted hotspot! From there, its off to central New Jersey, where 19th century spirits inhabit an historic mill and quarry. Built in the 1800s, this 10-acre site houses a water-powered mill, a schoolhouse and various other buildings. Today, the grounds and structures serve as a time capsule of what rural life used to be - but visitors and employees alike believe there are long-dead villagers still working and living on the property.
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Widows Watch

Jun 04, 2008 Season 4 Episode 11

For the first time on Ghost Hunters, TAPS travels to Cape Cod, where they hope to debunk claims of the paranormal at the historic Colonial Inn. Built in the eighteenth century, this sea captains house is now a popular getaway for both locals and vacationers and a quite a few ghosts! Supernatural activity has been reported all over the grounds; the most frequent sighting is of a phantom woman in numerous places about the inn. Guests have also heard the sounds of a baby crying (with no children in the immediate vicinity), phantom footsteps and the inexplicable sounds of running horses near the carriage house. From there, Jason and Grant head to California to pay a visit to one of the most notorious locales in the Bay Area: the Moss Beach Distillery. Once a bustling speakeasy, this old haunt still hosts many faithful patrons though some visitors seem to be more spirited than others.
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House of Spirits

May 28, 2008 Season 4 Episode 10

Jason, Grant and the TAPS team head to New England to answer a call from a terrified family plagued by mysterious apparitions. During their investigation, TAPS uncovers some shocking evidence of paranormal activity in the home. From there, they take on claims at the Palace Theater in Manchester, NH, a former vaudeville stop that hosted performances by Bob Hope, the Marx Brothers, Jimmy Durante and Harry Houdini. Today, staff at this historic playhouse report endless paranormal claims, ranging from apparitions to the sounds of footsteps and slamming doors.
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Haunted Asylum

Apr 30, 2008 Season 4 Episode 9

In a TAPS team first, the team travels to West Virginia to investigate the Weston State Hospital, once one of the largest psychiatric hospitals in the country. Construction on Weston State began in 1858 and was finally completed in 1882. The first patients were admitted in 1864 and the facility housed patients until 1994 when a modern, state of the art facility opened just a few miles away. The main hospital building is believed to be the largest hand cut stone building in the United States. Running almost a quarter mile long and 4 stories tall with 9 acres of floor space and over 2 miles of hallways, the impressive structure was also, at times, a house of horrors. Severe and often inhumane methods of treatment were common during the first few decades that the hospital was in operation. Most of the people who were brought to the facility never left and were probably buried in one of four cemeteries found on the property.
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Spirits of the Old West

Apr 23, 2008 Season 4 Episode 8

In this episode, TAPS heads to Nevada to search for spirits of the Old West. First stop is the old mining town of Goldfield, where Jason, Grant and the rest of the team investigate one of the most requested locations in Ghost Hunters history the Goldfield Hotel. This 100-year-old hotel was built over a dry mine shaft and at the time was considered the most luxurious establishment between Chicago and San Francisco. However, by the 1930s the hotel was nothing more than a boarding house, and by 1945, the Goldfield closed forever but many believe that it is far from empty. Various apparitions have been spotted around the hotel, including that of a young woman with long, blonde flowing hair in a white gown and a tall, thin man with a flat-topped cowboy hat. Then the team travels north to Virginia City, once a thriving metropolis with a population of over 30,000. Now, the city is a ghost of its former self. The team investigates claims at two of the towns remaining relics, the Old Washoe Club (a saloon that originally opened in 1860) and St. Marys Art Center (formerly St. Marys hospital). Both sites are home to many paranormal claims no doubt fueled by their lurid histories.
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Ghostly Conversation

Apr 16, 2008 Season 4 Episode 7

TAPS investigates claims at the Ruff Stone Tavern, in North Providence, RI. In operation since 1792, it is the second oldest operating tavern in Rhode Island. During Prohibition, it was a speakeasy -- a tunnel in the basement (since boarded up) leads into downtown Providence. The tunnel has also led to speculation that the place was a stop on the Underground Railroad. Now, this centuries-old building is a paranormal hotspot, with claims ranging from shadows, the sounds of moaning and inexplicable fog and mist indoors. From there, the team travels to New Hampshire for a case at the Mount Washington Resort. This historic retreat, completed in 1902, has hosted such notables as Joan Crawford, Babe Ruth and Thomas Edison. In the past 20 years, staff and guests alike have reported frequent paranormal activity in the main hotel. On the third floor, guests report lights turning on and off, doors opening and closing. Objects left on nightstands have moved across the room over night. All around the building, staff members have reported frequent spots of extreme cold.
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Haunted Air Force Base

Apr 09, 2008 Season 4 Episode 6

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base - Dayton, OH - In response to a call from the U.S. Air Force, TAPS investigates this active base and officially declares it haunted after capturing numerous pieces of evidence - including a flashlight that turned on by itself!
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Ghostly Bounty Hunter

Apr 02, 2008 Season 4 Episode 5

Jason and Grant head to Trinway, Ohio to investigate an estate with a deadly past. Built in 1856, Prospect Place was known as a haven for runaway slaves during the Civil War era, but despite the good intentions of its builder, death has never been a stranger to this property. Today, there are many reports of paranormal activity that come from the now dilapidated barn on the property: a male figure can be seen walking back and forth on the 3rd floor; a shadow figure is seen lurking on the grounds around the barn; tapping sounds have been reported and some people claim to have been touched. In the basement, many people report seeing the figure of a woman sitting at the bottom of the steps, hearing a voice whisper their name, being pushed or touched or grabbed around the neck. The staff has seen apparitions of a woman walking on the stairwell between the 2nd floor and the ballroom; footsteps and voices have been heard coming from the empty floors of the main house and the sounds of singing and a harmonica being played can be heard in the hallways and stairs. Phantom smells of old perfume, cigars and cherry tobacco have all been reported. From there, TAPS comes to the aid of a Massachusetts family plagued by shadowy figures that haunt them throughout the day and night.
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The Fear Cage

Mar 26, 2008 Season 4 Episode 4

TAPS travels to historic Gettysburg, PA for a case at the Cashtown Inn, a quaint bed and breakfast that served as headquarters to Confederate General A.H. Hill and as quarters for Confederate officers and their staffs. A stable located next to the Inn (but no longer standing) was used to shelter the wounded, as were many of the homes in the vicinity. Cashtown itself was transformed into an armed camp for several days in late June and early July 1863, while the battle of Gettysburg raged just eight miles to the east. When its current owners purchased the property, they immediately began noticing unusual activity. Every room in the inn has had reports of noises and apparitions of soldiers, and guests and staff have experienced being touched or even pushed when no one else is present. Some guests check out of the inn and refuse to return, while others, more brave, request the more infamous rooms in order to experience the paranormal for themselves.
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Words from Beyond

Mar 19, 2008 Season 4 Episode 3

TAPS responds to a call from the night custodian at the Clapp Library in Belchertown, MA, whose solo shift has been graced by a few unearthly visitors. Over the years, he has witnessed a myriad of odd activity in the deserted building, including books sliding in and out of the library shelves on their own, an apparition of a woman dressed in a 19th century-style gown walking up stairs, blistering cold spots in a building with no air conditioning (even in summer conditions that top 90 degrees) and disembodied voices. Then, the team investigates a house that sits on a 300 year old Massachusetts property where strange activity has plagued four generations of a local family. Over the past 60 years, the house has provided no shortage of frights for its owners. All of the family members attest to seeing doors unlatch and open and hearing mysterious knocking on bedroom doors in the middle of the night. In addition, they have all been plagued by numerous apparitions one of a woman in a long dress, one of a man walking down the stairs and several ghost children. One of the daughters has heard a Jack-in-the-box being played - despite the fact that none of the children owned the toy. Now, its up to TAPS to attempt to debunk the claims and put the familys fears to rest.
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Two to Tango

Mar 12, 2008 Season 4 Episode 2

The TAPS team heads to the Burlington County Prison Museum (formerly the Burlington County Jail), a national historic landmark located in the heart of historic Mount Holly, NJ. Completed in 1811 and in constant use until the mid-1960s, the jail served as the last home to countless prisoners condemned to execution. The prisons grisly history has made it a current hotbed of paranormal sightings. In addition to the footsteps and shadowy figures heard and seen by the museums curator, visitors claim to have seen a maintenance man at work in the basement but the building has no maintenance staff. In another spooky turn of events, staff workers in the museum once reported to work to find all the windows on one side of the building open despite the fact that the windows had been both locked and painted shut for years, and most were behind locked doors. From there, the team heads to Connecticut to investigate a house where family members claim that several apparitions are plaguing their youngest member. In addition, they have witnessed a number of unexplainable incidences, such as childrens voices when there are no children in the house and objects moving on their own - neighbors have even reported loud noises coming from the house when the family is away.
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Fort Mifflin

Mar 05, 2008 Season 4 Episode 1

The new season kicks off with a harrowing investigation of the legendary Fort Mifflin in Philadelphia, once the site of bloody battles in both the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. Today, both visitors and employees of the Fort tell chilling tales of their brushes with the afterlife. Some claim to have seen apparitions of soldiers, while others report hearing a womans terrified scream coming from an empty room. Now, the TAPS team has the opportunity to conduct the first investigation into newly discovered Casemate 11, an underground holding cell for those condemned to hang. There, Jason and Grant experience a bizarre series of events and uncover some of the shows most compelling paranormal evidence to date.
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