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Latest Episode: Ireland's Celtic Demons

Oct 31, 2014 Season 12 Episode 5 watch on (Paid)

Ghost Adventures investigate Ireland's haunted countryside.

New Orleans

Feb 07, 2014 Season 8 Episode 13

Zak, Nick and Aaron visit 3 New Orleans locals haunted by Hurricane Katrina
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Sailors' Snug Harbor [HD]

Jan 31, 2014 Season 8 Episode 12

The guys are joined by ABC's Nightline to investigate a haunted harbor.
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Battle of Perryville

Nov 15, 2013 Season 8 Episode 11

Zak, Nick & Aaron return to KY to examine former Civil War field hospitals. The guys experiment using reenactment actors to emulate the original battle, and they hear a spirit utter the name of a fallen Civil War soldier.
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Thornhaven Manor

Oct 25, 2013 Season 8 Episode 10

Zak, Nick and Aaron travel to the Midwest to investigate Thornhaven Manor, a mansion that's been abandoned for 30 years. Their mission is to get to the root of phantom screams and dragging sounds that others have reported.
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Mustang Ranch

Oct 18, 2013 Season 8 Episode 9

Zak, Nick and Aaron head to Reno, NV, to investigate the bizarre paranormal events at the Mustang Ranch, a modern-day brothel, and the workingwomen report being attacked by the spirit of a former heavyweight boxer.
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Oct 11, 2013 Season 8 Episode 8

Zak, Nick and Aaron finally get their chance to investigate America's most famous prison: Alcatraz. When Zak spots an apparition with beaming red eyes, the guys hope to escape the Rock in one piece.
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Exorcist House

Oct 04, 2013 Season 8 Episode 7

For their milestone 100th episode, Zak, Nick & Aaron investigate the original Exorcist House in St. Louis, MO, site of the most famous demonic possession in paranormal history.
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Haunted Victorian Mansion

Sep 20, 2013 Season 8 Episode 6

Zak, Nick and Aaron pay their respects to the victims of the Boston Marathon Tragedy en route to helping homeowners overcome the intense spiritual energy that has forced them to abandon their Victorian mansion.
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Yost Theatre and Ritz Hotel

Sep 13, 2013 Season 8 Episode 5

Zak, Nick and Aaron engage in a multi-part lockdown in Santa Ana, CA. Conflict arises when they find the Ritz Hotel under construction. So, they add the Historical Society and a former abortion clinic to the night's lockdown.
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Missouri State Prison

Sep 06, 2013 Season 8 Episode 4

While Zak, Nick and Aaron investigate the dark and ominous hallways, dungeons and gas chamber of the infamous Missouri State Penitentiary, Zak suffers from a mysterious stomach pain caused by unseen forces.
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Tuolumne Hospital

Aug 30, 2013 Season 8 Episode 3

Zak and Aaron are stunned when they witness a spirit attempt to operate on Nick inside the abandoned Tuolumne Hospital in Sonora, CA.
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Black Swan Inn

Aug 23, 2013 Season 8 Episode 2

Zak, Nick and Aaron head to Texas to investigate the 150-year-old Black Swan Inn, built on top of an old battlegrounds. The guys watch in awe as they witness a spirit utter a secret word known only to the owner and her dead mom.
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The Pioneer Saloon

Aug 16, 2013 Season 8 Episode 1

Zak, Nick & Aaron journey deep into Nevada's desert to investigate the century-old Pioneer Saloon. Nick descends into a dangerous abandoned mineshaft, and Zak & Aaron work to solve the mystery behind a 1942 plane crash victim.
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