`Would you believe,' as Maxwell Smart would say, this spy spoof was for a time all the rage (and an Emmy winner to boot)? Baby Boomers can never hear that phrase, used by the inept agent when caught in a ridiculous situation, without recalling this series (co-created by Mel Brooks), which is filled with James Bond-style capers featuring Smart; his sexy partner, Agent 99, at the C.O.N.T.R.O.L. agency; and K.A.O.S., the sinister organization they battled, invariably with chaotic results.


Guest Stars

Kirsch, Markovitch, Starker
Hargarde, Hargrade, Kibbee
Stacy Keach
Carleton, Carlson
Marco, Midget, Upper Gemini
Kipek, Werewolf
Bediyoskin/Smith, Dr. Fish
Lin Chan, The Claw
Beastmaster, Borgia, Dietrick
Finster, Rico
Bruce, Guard, Turk
Armstrong, Chuck
Adm. Chrichton, Agent 38
Bohrman, British Agent
Delivery Man, Dietrich
KAOS Agent, Texan
Archer, Valentine
Belasco, Zukor
Big Eddie, Mondo
Felix, Hercules
Otto, Wolenska
Preminger, Waiter
Bronzefinger, Harvey Satan
Lopez, Valdez
Man, Phineas
Natz, Spinoza
Fu Yung, Yamasaki
Gino, Prof. Dante
Farley, Jacoby
Agent 498, Dr. Madre
Hathaway, Psychiatrist
Rinehart, Toulouse
Cortez, Mondebello
Johnny Carson
Train Conductor
Upjohn, Whitaker
Dr. Canyon, Mrs. Neal
Miss Magruder, Rhonda
Le Mans, Schroeder
Brady, Foster
Corrigan, Schulman
Sen. Wheelwright
Windy Vasquez
Badeff/Mr. Big
Kinsey Krispin
Miss Hoskins
Prof. Sontag
Mrs. Van Hooten
Princess Ingred
Mrs. Dawson
Lower Gemini
Miss Smith
Miss Parker
Prof. Pheasant
Tom Poston
Mad Scientist
Miss Transmania
Air Force General
Gen. Christian
Dr. Ratton
Little Man
One-Handed Man
Otto Cronin
Second Sailor
Mrs. Waterhouse
Mrs. Dickey
Mme. Verna
Miss Cleveland
Mrs. Macklin
Dr. Von Schikel