An intern is forced to follow rowdy rock star Aldous Snow on a trip from London to a concert in Los Angeles meant to revive his stalled career. Their trip is further complicated when Snow's arrival coincides with that of a gorgeous model-singer.


Jonah Hill Aaron Green
Russell Brand Aldous Snow
Rose Byrne Jackie Q
Sean Combs Sergio
Elisabeth Moss Daphne Blinks
Colm Meaney Jonathan Snow
Tyler McKinney African Child in Video
Mario Lopez Himself
Pink Herself
Billy Bush Himself
Pharrell Williams Himself
Ray Siegle Paparazzo in Los Angeles
Chad Cleven Paparazzo in Los Angeles
Vero Felice Monti Paparazzo in Los Angeles
Ivan Shaw Pinnacle Executive
Ellie Kemper Pinnacle Executive
Jake Johnson Jazz Man
Davon McDonald Sergio's Security Guard
Karl Theobald Duffy Servant Dude
Gee Sekweyama Aldous' Mate in London
Jamie Sives Aldous' Mate in London
Zoe Richards Club Girl in London
Meddy Ford Party Girl in Limo
Rebecca Kinder Party Girl in Limo
Jim Piddock Limousine Driver in London
Kristen Bell Sarah Marshall
Ryan Shiraki Rianna the Hairdresser
Jose Ramon Rosario Limousine Driver in New York
Kristen Schaal Today Show Production Assistant
Sean Mannion Today Show Sound Guy
David Auerbach Today Show Stage Manager
Howard F. Strawbridge Today Show Lighting Director
Lenny Widegren Infant Sorrow Guitarist
Roger Manning Jr. Infant Sorrow Keyboardist/Guitarist
Sean Hurley Infant Sorrow Bassist
Victor Indrizzo Infant Sorrow Drummer
Ato Essandoh Smiling African Drummer
Bashiri Johnson African Percussionist
Kimati Dinizulu African Percussionist
Gary Fritz African Percussionist
Jelani Johnson African Percussionist
Daoud Woods African Percussionist
Sheldon Goode African Percussionist
Mauwena Kodjovi African Percussionist
Richard Child Today Show Audience Member
Caroline Limata Today Show Audience Member
John J. Schneider Today Show Audience Member
Jennifer Perry Flirtatious Party Girl
Nicole Sciacca Dancer at Nightclub in New York
Thomas Nowell S&M Guy Who Looks Like Moby
Duane Sequira Drug Dealer in New York
Joyful Drake Sergio's Baby Mama
T.J. Miller Brian the Concierge
Neal Brennan Guy at Brian's House
Brian Duprey Frank Look-Alike
Kyle Diamond Sammy Look-Alike
Ava Vassileva Topless Party Girl
Carla Gallo Destiny
Carlos Jacott Navigator Driver in Vegas
Sarah Haskins Girl in Crowd at Standard Hotel
Andrew Burlinson Hipster in Crowd at Standard Hotel
Tom Chadwick Tom the Assistant
Mike Viola Furry Walls Rhythm Guitarist
Dan Rothchild Furry Walls Bassist